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Popular posts from this blog

Is 美咖 MKUP Real Complexion Cream worth purchasing?

So, MKUP is all hype on Facebook since a couple of months back...

I watched their demonstration video to work, watched their demonstration video in the toilet, and even watched their demonstration video to bed. Every single day. It's like my Facebook feed only got their videos (that autoplay themselves, probably is my own lousy Facebook setting) besides my cute doggy videos. 
Eventually, MKUP good marketing skills managed to drill their brand name and products into my brain such that my brain was filled with the desire to own a tub of MKUP Real Complexion Cream personally. 
Long story short, as summarized in my Facebook posts above, I finally got my first MKUP Real Complexion Cream (50ml) in April 2017. Oh yeah, I know my review was like half a year late, but yes, I am a super procrastinator. And oh no, I did not go through all the searching, I was sick that day so I got my boyfriend to visit multiple Sasa outlets in Singapore just to get me a tub. Don't get me wrong, I am th…

What Electives to Take & Score in NTU?

I know majority of the NTU undergraduates here are facing a common problem during course registration period -- "what elective to choose for next semester?"

Of course, you totally don't have to deny that you are looking for an elective that is:
simple to understand easy to score open book / pass fail module minimum assignments / projects no finals most importantly, PULL UP THE CUI GPA!!!!!  Yeap, since I am currently year 3 (year4 next semester #gradsoonyay), I will share you some of my experiences on electives that I have taken before!

Rating: 1 = does not recommended, 5 = highly recommended
AAA18G: Tabletop Game Design 1| AY2015/16 S2 | UE | B+ | Recommend Rating: 4/5

This is an elective from NIE. The lecturer is a game creator named Mr. Tan, also known as Chub Tan by NTU Fastforward Club. He hosts arena in Singapore sometimes and you cal join the game if you are interested, In which, I went to all events.

At least 1 board game will be introduced in each lesson. Yes, …

Meditamin Snow Cell Beauty Supplement Review

It is such a painful truth that our skin elasticity decreases as we age, making us look old— especially when we pass the age of 20! Some choose to go for botox treatment, while some start looking out for premium skincare products or beauty supplements that can make us more youthful and younger. Regardless of our choice, the price we need to pay to make our skin firm again is high, yet the results might not be promising, not immediately, not permanent and not natural.

Meditamin, a Korea healthcare brand Recently, I found a promising Korea brand that gives me the best skin that I always wish for! Before they contacted me for a product review, I have not heard about Meditamin. Apparently, Meditamin is a young Korea brand that produces different kinds of natural beauty supplements. To date, they have successfully launched Meditamin Snow series, which are the items I have been testing out the past two weeks.
Producing high content and no chemical additives supplements As a background conte…

My good and bad experience with @ iVideo Pocket WiFi Rental

If you have been following my Instagram, you would have known that I am finally back from my 2 weeks graduation trip in Hokkaido, Japan with 4 friends.

For young teenagers like us, WiFi connection definitely tops our must-have list! Since Japan has a relatively high living expenses, thus we tried to cut down our initial budget from WiFi rental, car rental and accommodation. This led me to chance upon iVideo service after a long research.

What is iVideo?iVideo is a Taiwan wireless internet access rental shop that offers a cheap pocket WiFi to Taiwan, Japan, Europe, Asia, North America and Australia since the year 1999. What makes them special is that they do provide a MONTHLY rental deal which is extremely great for a long business trip. 
Honestly speaking, renting from iVideo is like taking a bet for me. This is because I have only read about other bloggers 100% positive experience with iVideo (featured on iVideo website here) with no negative reviews to consider the worst case scenar…

Buyers, use SmartPac for a safer and faster shopping delivery

Recently, I think I am like a preggy craving for online shopping. I have been very generous with my monthly salary and use it to purchase items which I like, regardless of the number of discounts (so unusual for me). Seriously, I am on shopping drug.
However, the main pain point in online shopping is the wait for parcels to arrive! Luckily, SingPost came out with an intelligent solution— SmartPac.

SmartPac is somewhat like a registered mail. It is a postage-paid, trackable doorstep delivery. This mailing method is only for recipients residing in Singapore and is said to have fast local delivery— within 2 to 3 days. SingPost claims that 90% of the parcels will be delivered on the next working day if the seller mails out by collection time.

Therefore, as a buyer, you can expect to receive your parcel from the postman right at your doorstep. Else, if you are not at home, the parcel will be deposited into your letterbox instead. And... if your letterbox happens to be full, the postman wi…