Welcome to my space! I’m Yuji. The brain, the slave and the boss at this one and only Joysofyz. This is the space where I express my mind, my ideas, my complaint and every damn thing that happens to an everyday girl.

Before you even begin to figure out who I am, let me share with you a secret...
I am 54% ENTP, 20% INTP, 6% ENTJ, 6% ESTP and 4% ISTP.
Missing another 10%. (Now you look back and count). How the heck will I know?! This is what the results returned to me!

If you have simply no idea what I mean, check this out. In short, I am an extroverted introvert. So, it's better we be internet friends because I am friendly, but I don't show it unless my social batteries are fully charged.

I am generous in sharing my knowledge

In my space, feel free to yell out whatever questions you have. I am willing to lend a hand, as long as your request does not violate my personal philosophy.

Digging into my daily life, I am a UI/UX designer & consultant who spend more than 12 hours at work each day, obviously OT-ing with zero work-life balance. When I am free, I click into my space and share my life with you.

Now, I am focusing on beauty, lifestyle and travel

What you see now is my second blog revamped into my third blog, simply because I am no longer a student so I no longer have any NTU related posts to share. I have shared whatever I could, and you have sort of witnessed 20% of my 18-23 years old life.

I start writing about skincare related post because my skin has become ultra-sensitive and acne-prone over the years juggling between part-time jobs and studies. It takes time to find the best remedy and best products that are suitable for my skin, let alone being able to meet all my quality and price expectations. Therefore, I am trying many products and telling you my thoughts, so that you can make a purchase without much hesitation.

I am a budget blogger

Despite working and earning a salary, I am still quite short of money because I am constantly exploring my product options. I have 80% more products that I wish to share with you, yet I have limited hours per day. As a Taurus, I am calculative in my spendings— I calculate right into the future and bring my calculations back to the present. Thus, what I recommend might not be the cheapest in the market, but they should help you in a long run (or so I hope).

Occasionally, I travel. I need that long-awaited break to recharge myself, to get my hands on that cheap and non-localised food and go for a shopping spree. I do write about my travel experience when I finally edit my travel photos. My travel itinerary might not be the best, but so far, I have only received "complaints" regarding my travel schedule is too packed and that my way of commute is my feet. To me, food comes first when I am travelling. Being caged in a train is a waste of time (unless the destination is too far) when I can get a good deal along the streets.

Be prepare to be engulfed in my life

With that, you’ll be engulfed with a fraction of my budget life – not limited to my whining on things that go wrong in my food, products, life, designs, blah blah blah. Oh, and a fraction of my dogs’ life too!

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