Welcome to my space! I’m Yunzi. The brain, the slave and the boss at this one and only Joysofyz. This is the space where I express my mind, my ideas, my complaint and every damn thing that happens to an everyday girl.

But first, let me brainwash you with “me in a nutshell“.
Start: “Wow, does she talk? Why is she trying to hide in a corner when she is tiny enough to be unnoticeable?!”
Process: “Omg, how can her voice be so soft and polite? She sounds so shy!”
End: “Whoa, she’s so noisy… So unglam! Is this really the same girl?!”
Get it? Proper words.

I am shy to strangers, perhaps a little approachable. But once you know me, you will see my true colours—sarcastic, direct in my speech, fooling around (making a fool of myself to be exact), yet willing to lend a hand when I can. So, let’s be internet friends! I don’t bite, I growl.

I am from Kuala Lumpur, but current working and residing (obviously?!) in Singapore. 20% of my week is spent on editing photos, blogging and whatsoever. Another 80%? Working and coding/designing websites/mobile user interfaces in an office. Ok, I am a UI/UX designer. Side track a bit, if you have an interesting project in mind, you can find me on LinkedIn and we can discuss about our potential project collaboration!

Talking about blogs, I’ve forgotten where the hell is my first blog. You are now scanning through my second blog (college & beauty) which is revamped into my third blog (lifestyle & beauty). Yes, I used to write, do music and draw. Ok, I took a break from my first blog after a family financial crisis in secondary school days. I stopped doing things I love, focused my ass in studies just because that was my only obligation and my chance to be financially independent.

Not anymore. So, I’m checking in here to restart my chapter all over again.

My current worry is still the amount of money left in my wallet (usually $2 left). My next worry is where I can find my next cheap skin care product suitable for sensitive yet acne-prone skin. My final worry will be where is the cheap “somewhere” that can solve my sudden food craving—be it local or overseas (when my wallet gets flexible enough)!

And for that, you’ll be engulfed with a fraction of my budget life – not limited to my whining on things that go wrong in my food, products, trial and error designs, blah blah blah. Oh, and a fraction of my dogs’ life too!

With Loves,

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