Cosmo Prime Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter Review

I have a mild nasal allergy - I sneeze every morning and get irritated by my dogs' fur. However, my love for my babies allows them to roam free in my room and sleep on my bed. Knowing that my choice would aggravate my allergy which could potentially become a health issue, I am overjoyed when I was introduced to Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier— a local product designed in Germany. It is time to start thinking about the quality of air that I'm breathing every day!

What to consider when shopping for an air purifier?

When selecting an air purifier, we need to consider our household's needs:
  • Size and portability: affects your indoor space and coverage area
  • Filtering capabilities: affects the type and size of air pollutants to be eliminated
  • Airflow rate: affects the efficiency of air filtration
  • Filter replacement: affects the frequency, ease of getting a replacement and the maintenance cost
  • Noise level: affects your health and noise pollution
  • Other features offered
  • Warranty period
  • Return policy

Smooth order and fast delivery

I was told that the Cosmo Prime is out-of-stock until 1 Dec 2020. Thus, I didn't get to arrange for same-day delivery. Nonetheless, the delivery arrived within my pre-order scheduled timing, right smack in the middle of my WFH meeting.

Speaking about the order process, I love the smooth and intuitive order form that allowed me to place my order within 3 minutes. One thing that can be improved is to show an "out-of-stock" message if possible, so that users can understand why certain dates cannot be selected.

Compact and sleek design

Upon carrying the bulky box to my room, my first impression was that the Cosmo Prime is unexpectedly light at 4.6KG, as compared to another air purifiers that I bought years ago. Everything is in white, except for the top panel.

Cosmo Prime has a cylindrical minimalistic design of L27 x W30.3 x H49.7 cm - not the smallest air purifier in the market, but compact enough for my room. I love its sleek 360-degree structural design that allows 99.97% air particles to be filtered effectively from all angles, instead of one single front direction.

Easy initial setup

Before power on, remember to follow the instruction manual and assembles the HEPA filter into the back of the unit. Then, it's time to plug in the switch and leave everything else to Cosmo Prime! Easy peasy.

When Cosmo Prime is switched on, the fan speed is defaulted to "Medium" while the touch panel changes colours in sequences throughout the pre-heating process. After 30 seconds, the light indicator emits a soothing blue colour to reflect my surrounding true air quality: blue for clean air. At the same time, circulated air is released back to the environment.

3-in-1 True HEPA filter technology

Now, let's look into the heart of Cosmo Prime— 3-in-1 HEPA filter which consists of 3 sublayers: pre-filter, medical-grade H13 HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.

HEPA stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air” and is the industry standard for air filtration. To meet HEPA standard, a filter has been tested and approved by the nonprofit Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology to clear out at least 99% particles that are 0.3 microns (or micrometres) or larger in size, which is approximately 3% the diameter of a human hair.

HEPA air purifiers are said to help allergy sufferers and people with respiratory issues, eg: asthma and allergic rhinitis. Therefore, these purifiers are widely preferred in many hospitals for trapping the worst airborne microbes: germs, viruses, bacterias and allergens. Some non-verified HEPA devices promise "HEPA-like" or "HEPA-style" filters, but experts have recommended seeking a true HEPA filter for the most effective results. 

Now, Cosmo has designed a 3-in-1 HEPA filter with pores up to 20 times finer than an average HEPA filter! With this revolutionary breakthrough, Cosmo Prime promises to scrub you free from 99.97% of air pollutants effectively, down to 2.5 micros in size.

The first two layers trap both large and micron particles, improving the overall air quality and reducing the chance of illness. They take care of indoor air pollution such as dust mites, germs, viruses (cold and flu), bacteria, tobacco smoke, paint pigments, insecticide, mould spores, pollen, skin flakes, hair, lint, animal furs... 

Majority of the air purifiers do not kill the odour. However, Cosmo has an activated carbon filter to neutralise odours and absorbs formaldehyde. This carbon filter uses an additional antimicrobial agent called Pet Guardian™ to benefit pet owners or people with animal allergies. We can now breathe fresh and clean air, free from pet dander, pet fur and animal odour.

CADR of 400m3, air circulates every 30 minutes

Logically, we should choose a high CADR rating purifier to have faster airflow and more efficient air filtration. Cosmo Prime has a Clean Air Delivery Rating (CADR) of 400m3 and a coverage area of 80m2 every 30 minutes. CADR is a score that is tested and rated by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers against a set of metrics. 80m2 coverage is pretty sufficient for a room in Singapore, since I checked that the floor area of my entire HDB is only 93m2.

For first-time product usage, it is best to adjust the mode to the highest speed to let the unit clean the air between 30 minutes to 2 hours to maximize its performance, depending on the room size. To maintain clean air in the room, do keep your air purifier on 24 hours a day. If you turn off the purifier, repeat the same steps so that the air doesn't stay at pre-cleaned levels.

Intuitive touch panel with PM2.5 counter

On the touch panel. you will notice 5 buttons: power, operating mode, time, light control, and anion mode. The centralised digits accurately feedback the PM2.5 numerical reading — the lower the index, the better the indoor air quality. To satisfy your curiosity regarding the counter, Cosmo is actually using the latest ParticleCount laser technology somewhere inside the device. Try performing a smoke test by blowing smoke into the filter to see the PM2.5 counter shoots up! I didn't experiment with this because I am not a smoker.

Silent like a whisper at 20dB

There are 4 operating modes to control the wind speed: manual "High", "Medium", "Sleep" speeds and the fuss-free "Auto" speed. I usually turn on "Auto" in the day for automatic speed adjustment and "Sleep" mode at night to get my quality and undisturbed sleep.

Thanks to Cosmo’s innovative Silent-VX Motor, Cosmo Prime's "sleep" mode is designed to be barely audible at 20 decibels of noise level— rated as one of the quietest purifiers in Singapore. In fact, my aircon is blasting louder than Cosmo Prime! This feature makes Cosmo Prime a suitable candidate for light sleepers and kids who are sensitive to noise. That said, the soundless experience doesn't apply to "medium" and "high" settings, where noise level can go up to a maximum of 56dB.

Timer, WiFi and Smart Life mobile application

Cosmo Prime has a built-in timer to turn off the device after 2, 4 or 8 hours. Once the timer is up, the air purifier will go into standby mode and turn off all lights.

You can also long-hold the "Timer" button for 3 seconds to activate the WiFi feature. When WiFi is enabled, Cosmo Prime can be connected to the Smart Life app which requires you to log in to a free user account. Apart from seeing the true air quality in a graph form, the app also acts as a remote controller to adjust all the settings available on the touch panel. Basically, this means that you can always laze in bed at night to toggle off the LED light and set the timer before bed. The Smart Life app is available on both Android and iOS and supports integration with Alexa and Google Assistant. But, I have neither so nay, I didn't try the app because I walk pass my purifier every day.

Light and Child lock

You can control your light to a certain extend: "Soft", "Standard" and "Off" modes. Meaning that the colour of the light is determined by the measurement of the air quality, where blue signals good, yellow for average and red for poor. What you can control is the intensity of the light emitting from the panel.  Blue light is proven to enhance sleep quality, thus I usually leave a dimmed blue light on at night and turn off the LED in the day.

Parents would love the "Child Lock" feature to prevent their inquisitive little ones from tampering with the settings. Same as the WiFi feature, all secondary features can be activated by holding the button for 3 seconds. To unlock this function, repeats the same step.

Anion/Filter mode

To reap all the benefits of Cosmo Prime, remember to turn on the "Anion/Filter" mode, which releases negative ions that are abundant in nature but scarce in cities. Anions have proven health benefits in reducing stress, improving mood, enhancing immunity, alleviating allergies and promoting deep sleep. These little particles can also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and reduce airborne pollution particles in the surrounding. Personally, I am not sure how long the purifier has to be switched on to fill your indoor air with anions, therefore I think the benefit from this feature might be minimal - but at least better than none! Do note that "Sleep" mode would auto-off "Anion" mode.

See the one single white dot at the most front row — that's the "Anion/Filter" mode.

Power factor correction to reduce cost

Although everyone recommends running an air purifier 24/7 to maximize its effectiveness, deep down in our heart, we are worrying about the air purifier hiking up out electricity bills. I, myself for example, seldom operates Cosmo Prime in the day, but do switch on Cosmo Prime a few hours before bedtime to recreate the same clean atmosphere for bed.

Although Cosmo Prime doesn't come with an ENERGY STAR® label, it uses power factor correction to optimally adjusts the electrical power needed based on the surrounding air quality.

Comes with a free 3 to 2 pins electric plug adapter too!

$130 Cosmo Prime filter replacement

Cosmo Prime has a filter service indicator that emits flashing light as a reminder. You can press the filter button for 7 seconds to stop the flashing light.

Your purifier mustn't become a source of pollution itself, so make sure to purchase a filter replacement when:
  • The sensor detects the filter is blocked
  • The air purifier is no longer working as before
  • The filter looks dirty and clogged up with debris
  • The filter has moulds or black spots
  • The filter has served 2200 hours of usage (subjective to the frequency of use and indoor air quality)
Cosmo Prime's filter replacement costs $130 each. To prolong your filter life, you can also do some simple maintenance by cleaning the filter with a soft cloth every now and then— even if the filter looks clean visually. Avoid immersing the filter into water or use a vacuum cleaner on it. Instead, sterilise the filter under sunlight regularly. Also, make sure that the filter is completely dry before reinstalling.

Finally, remember to place your air purifier away from any source of moisture or under an air conditioner to prevent the filter inside from absorbing any moisture, growing mould in results. Do note that self-maintenance might help until some extend, and you will eventually need to replace a new filter to ensure performance and effectiveness.

Where to position your air purifier?

According to the manual, Cosmo Prime has to have its own "private space" of 30cm surrounding each side, with at least 50cm of space above the product to allow the 360-degree intake from accessing all available airborne particles. Thus, avoid location that blocks the airflow eg: behind furniture or directly below shelves. Oh, avoid extremely hot areas too. 

Unless there is a most contaminated corner in your home, I would suggest placing the device in your bedroom if you only own one air purifier. Because this is likely the area that you spend the most time out of each day. A good thing about Cosmo Prime is that the device comes with a handle for easy moving from room to room throughout the day. I moved Cosmo Prime from my bedroom to beside my WFH desk in day time, only when the area is stuffy.

It is also advisable to open your windows occasionally to release Carbon Dioxide. Of course, this totally depends on the air quality outside - you wouldn't want to keep windows open if it is near smoking, garbage, cooking or construction areas. For myself, I switch off Cosmo Prime when I am airing my room and switch it on again after closing the window an hour later. This is because air purifiers function optimally when all doors and windows are shut, without interference from other areas - just like an aircon. 

My experience after 2 weeks

In general, all air purifiers are designed to improve air ventilation by cleaning the air. They simply serve as a filter and are unable to cure allergen completely, combat coronavirus, remove pollutant sources, or cool down your room temperature. Thus, make sure to choose the right product according to your needs!

I have been using Cosmo Prime air purifier for 2 weeks, and I guarantee that my room feels much fresher without the aircon gas smell and strong dog odours after 30 minutes of usage! I still sneeze a bit in the mornings, but my condition has improved. When inhaled, the air smells cleaner so I feel psychologically happier knowing that I am one step further from facing alarming health hazards.

One of the best air purifiers in Singapore

The Cosmo Prime®️ Air Purifier goes through 20 tests every 6 months has undergone 7 significant upgrades from the year before. It is now one of the best air purifiers in Singapore: relatively value-for-money for its additional features (silent motor with medical-grade air filter), the minimalistic design fit for any modern home, free same-day delivery, risk-free 20-day trial with free returns and a 5-year warranty!

Therefore, I would suggest smokers, pet owners, roommate household, parents of kids, and people suffering from allergies or respiratory issues to consider investing in Cosmo Prime. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can always return it and request a full refund during the trial period.

26% final year-end sale at $399

If Cosmo Prime®️ Air Purifier sounds like an ideal purifier for you, catch the ongoing final year-end sale at $399 (UP: $538) now and get the first free HEPA filter inside the box! To inspect the product before purchasing, visit the showroom at Kallang Pudding Road. Else, you can always checkout directly online and receive free delivery. Stay safe and Merry Christmas!

For more information about Cosmo Prime Air Purifier

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