JOGALOVE - A new Yoga studio is launched!

Time flies real fast. Honestly, I couldn't recall when was the last time I exercised in a studio or gym. It might be the beginning of last year, or is it 2 years ago?! I need motivation and gym buddy... boohoo!

Last month, my social media friend, Jesq, invited me to her newly launched yoga studio, JOGALOVE. I accepted the invitation gladly, because - why not? Aside from taking this opportunity to stretch my old bones, it was also a chance to catch up with Jesq whom I last saw her at a food tasting event in 2017. At that point in time, Jesq hasn't even started her Instagram journey, but her passion for yoga has begun way before 2017.

Jesq, the founder of JOGALOVE yoga studio

When I saw Jesq at JOGALOVE, my burning question for her was "How did you managed to squeeze in enough time to even open a yoga studio to teach people - when you already have so many jobs in hand?!".

No joke, I am literally amazed at her achievement and dedication in pursuing her dream these recent years. Jesq started yoga from a Master from India. From then onwards, I have been seeing her Instagram posts about obtaining yet another yoga instructor certificate. Now, she is very close to accumulating enough instructor certificates to convert JOGALOVE from a studio into a yoga institution. Can't wait to see her giving out recognised certificates to new yoga instructors whom she has trained!

JOGALOVE is located on the 2nd-level of The Grandplus, beside one of the famous porridge restaurants called G7 Venture. Google map showed a 7 minutes walk from Kallang MRT station. But, if you are like me - someone with a zero sense of direction who cannot read Google Map, you might want to take a look at this directional video filmed by JOGALOVE.

JOGALOVE studio setup

The moment I opened the studio door, I was introduced to a bright and cosy studio space, with a big red logo pasted on the wall. This is the Instagrammable corner where visitors can mimic the 2 ladies in the logo by doing a tree pose with your yogis' friend, your instructor or by yourself (suggest using photoshop to mirror yourself afterwards haha). Of course, you can also choose to laze on the bean bags provided before the lesson begins.

There is also a white piano facing the window. Having a piano in a yoga studio is quite uncommon, but I believe it was positioned there because Jesq also teaches piano. This setup would allow her to film nicer IG videos when she has free time in between yoga classes.

Only 3 pax were scheduled at the same time slot. Jesq planned to keep the class size small so that the instructor can focus on every single student. It soon became clearer to me on why I didn't see any full-size mirrors that I was anticipating - there is no need for one. Our instructor for the day is called Eddy. He would continuously check on our poses and finetune our forms. Sometimes, he also pinpointed to us the impact on doing a certain pose wrongly or where we should be feeling the stretch when done correctly. Honestly, I felt like I was in a private class instead - questions could be raised and answered instantly.

What I did in Hatha Yoga class

I couldn't recall all the poses in our routine. There were some breathing exercises to relax our mind and soul, followed by sun salutation, warrior 1 and 2, shoulder stand, Chaturanga pose, etc... Just to name a few. At the end of the day, my body and hems were stretched to their limits. Bonus: I experienced the burn the next day T^T.

I personally enjoyed the 1-hour Hatha Yoga session very much as the lesson was customised to suit everyone's foundation in yoga exercise. For example, we were taught warrior 1 and 2 poses and not warrior 3, because the 3rd pose is more challenging and requires some yoga experience as safety measures. Also, attending a beginner-level class doesn't mean that you would be learning lesser stuff. I was pretty flexible (or so the others said) in some poses, so Eddy gave me some more challenging variations to feel the stretch.

(All photos were originally taken by Jesq during our lessons. Edited by me. We had covered a lot more challenging poses than what was shown here.)

Yoga merchandises are for sale

Besides providing a variety of yoga classes, JOGALOVE also sells yoga merchandises eg: yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga pillows, yoga rings, yoga chairs (I've never heard of this!) and other items on their website. 

Book your yoga classes today!

Yoga exercise is one of the therapies to help people with high blood pressure, heart disease, stress and body aches. If you are interested in any types of yoga, you can visit jogalove.sg for the upcoming schedule or simply call +6597511023 to enquire. Both ala-carte class and package are available! You can make your own decision if to experience different types of yoga by different instructors, or just stick to one yoga style that you enjoyed.

Congratulation to Jesq in achieving your milestone and thank you for inviting me~! Wishing you a thriving business!

For more information about JOGALOVE

Address: 163 Geylang Rd, #02-05, The Grandplus, Singapore 389240
Nearest MRT: Kallang (Exit A)
Website: jogalove.sg
Contact/Whatsapp/SMS: +6597511023
Email: jogalovesg@gmail.com
IG: @JogaLoveSG

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