The most comfortable and trendy flats: ILR Lady’s Flats review

As a typical office lady who prioritises sleep over anything, I usually rush to work and sprint across the streets every morning. Gradually, I have stopped wearing heels unless there is a grand event.

I wear classic ballet flats, or simply sport shoes to reduce stress on my feet.

Flats is effortlessly suitable for every single occasion — daily work, client meetings, dinners, casual walks, running errands, ... just to name a few.

However, flats or shoes, in general, can be tricky to buy online. I believe questions like "Will this pair fit my wide/narrow feet?", "Is the material soft and light?", "Should I buy 1 size larger or 1 size smaller?" sure came across your mind numerous times.

Each time, I considered all the questions above before making my purchase. And, almost every time, I regretted my purchase and time spent on browsing. Many shoes, especially flats that I bought online looked stylish and comfortable in the product photos but gave me tremendous foot pain, blisters or simply fell apart quickly afterwards! For reference, I wear a UK5 for heals, UK5.5/6 for flats and EU36/37 in other designer shoes.

Thankfully, I received a pair of ILR Lady's Flats from Sample Store for an authentic review. Lo and behold, I have finally obtained my first pair of flats that feel as comfortable as a pair of quality sports shoes! Comfort and fashionable all in one.
ILR Lady's Flats. Promotion price $40 (usual price $60)
ILR Lady's Flats. Promotion price $40 (usual price $60)

Product Description

ILR is a newly launched Taiwan brand in Singapore that prides in the comfort of their footwear. Lady’s Flats is made of high-quality materials and is inspired by the ballet shoe concept with elegant and minimalist design. They are suitable for metropolis ladies who love freedom and colourful life. To try this footwear, download GoFunShoes Augmented Reality (AR) Shoes Try-on App!

Price: S$60 S$48 on Sample Store!
Upper fabric: 88% polyester, 12% spandex / Lining: 100% polyester
Outsole: EVA / Insole: PU
Care: To wash, set the washing machine to the delicate setting, cold temperature and slow spin

Sizing & Fitting

It might be worth noting that Taiwan shoes have pretty accurate measurements as their footwear usually goes by insole length. As one of my feet is slightly smaller than the other, I requested for size 36, which corresponds to an insole of 23cm. However, due to my late confirmation with Sample Store, I received size 37 which is slightly oversize (23.5cm). Therefore, I suggest getting your usual size regardless if you have wide or narrow feet, especially when Lady's Flats from ILR Classic Series are round toe flats with stretchable upper fabric.
size 37, equivalent to insole length of 23.5cm
outer measurement for size 37

Design & Style

As a designer, the first thing I noticed - straight out of the box — was its vibrant and bright colours. I’m usually all for basic dark or neutral coloured flats because they can never go wrong with any outfits! Therefore, I am glad that the trendy prints not only pair well with floral dresses, but also light-coloured attires, mini skirts and jeans! Now, I can alternate between two dark and floral flats according to my Mood Of The Day (#MOTD). This style of the flats also gives off a fun and joyful vibe, making it extremely suitable for dates. Perfect for your OOTD or travel Instagram photos!
trendy floral design with bright colours
trendy floral design with bright colours

Comfort & Quality

Holding the flats in my hand, they felt super lightweight and soft! The sense of lightness makes this pair a fantastic option for travel, particularly if you are after a flexible pair that is breathable, comfortable yet compact for packing too.

The next thing I did was to try on the flats — I feel like I am walking on clouds that hold their shape! I'm not sure how to describe, but just imagine like you were wearing a pair of branded running shoes that has an outlook of ballet flats. The moment I rest my full body weight on the sole of the flat, I can feel my bodyweight spreads out evenly on the rubber soles. Also, I was able to wear the flats right away without getting a blister or getting my toes squished.

Lady's Flat is very breathable and supportive enough for long hour of walking in sunny Singapore! The inner lining of the heel is covered with microfiber material for extra cushioning. When I walked, the rebound technology on the elastic outsole cushioned shocks and protected my feet. When my feet sweat, the insole absorbed the moisture, keeping my feet dry and comfortable. Perfect for office wear, casual wear or travel wear!
see the thickness of the breathable insole
see the thickness of the breathable insole

I didn't try walking in them under the rain or spilling any liquid on them. Therefore, I couldn't test out the outsole of Lady's Flat, which is said to be able to repel water-based spills, dry quickly, and hence odour-resistant and highly water-resistant too! The rubber sole also made this pair anti-slip and wear-resistant. I hope the soles will last-long as I tend to drag my heels a little when I walk.

GoFunShoes Augmented Reality (AR) Shoes Try-On App

I was also told that there is an AR app to try on the ILR's Lady's Flats virtually. Out of curiosity, I tested out the mobile feature. Here's how the footwear looks from different angles! You can also share your snapshot with your friends or purchase the footwear within a few clicks.
AR view of ILR Lady's Flats
AR view of ILR Lady's Flats

My Rating

Overall, I would rate 10/10 for comfort and quality, but 8/10 for the design. I really love the soft cushion effect when I walk. Yet, I cannot deny that I still prefer a more classic design that pairs well with any monochromatic outfits — it's just a personal choice. As for the app, I hope that the next app release could cater to adjustable sizing while trying on the shoes virtually.

20% off exclusively on Sample Store!

If you like ILR Lady's Flats after trying on the AR app, you can purchase on Sample Store at SGD48 (retail price: SGD60). Hurry! Limited quantities and sizes available, while stock lasts!
try ILR Lady's Flats virtually before purchasing
try ILR Lady's Flats virtually before purchasing

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