Cove Hairlab Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy Review

Like many others, I am aware that maintaining my scalp’s health is very crucial because this is where my hair grows. Inevitably, other than my face, my hair is the second thing people will notice and create a first impression. Yet I have never considered signing a scalp treatment package, simply because all my past treatment results weren't impressive at all.

My current hair care routine

Besides, I have recently developed a haircare routine mainly to tackle my increasing hair loss issue:
  • Double-cleanse: I head out daily and sweat a lot, so I use a tea tree shampoo for scalp cleaning and a ginseng shampoo to counter hair loss
  • Moisturise: I apply hair conditioner to my hair ends once a week or when my hair feels frizzy to lock in moisture
  • Replenishment: Whenever I remember, I apply 2 drops of 100% pure argan oil to protect my hair before blow-drying
  • Massage: I use a high-frequency comb to go over my scalp for 2-3 minutes per week, mainly to improve blood circulation
I felt that my hair was getting stronger and my scalp no longer itch like it used to, so I assumed that my scalp is well-taken care of. Unfortunately, I changed my opinion after a visit to Cove Hairlab (by Cove Aesthetics) last week.
Cove Hairlab at Wheelock Place

My visit to Cove Hairlab

Thanks to Sample Store, I am fortunate to visit Cove Hairlab— recently launched by Cove Aesthetics to experience their doctor-designed scalp treatments. All treatments use powerful cytokine bio-signalling effect with stem cell therapy.

Cove Hairlab offers 3 types of scalp treatments targeted to individual scalp needs and concerns.
  • Hair Growth Program to repair and strengthen dry, brittle and damaged hair
  • Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy to maintain a healthy scalp and prevent scalp deterioration
  • Dark Hair Program to restore premature and senile hair greying
Before the session began, I was offered a warm cup of tea and a consultation form to fill in. Looking at the detailed treatment form, I knew that this scalp treatment would be different from my past experiences.
While waiting for my treatment

In-house scalp treatment steps at Cove Hairlab

1. Pre-treatment analysis

My scalp treatment started with a pre-treatment scalp scan and enquiry into my current diet, lifestyle, habits and stress level. I could tell that the consultant was very knowledgeable because she correctly interpreted my poor lifestyle habits (unhealthy diet, high stress and late nights) just by looking at the scanned photos. She even shared good tips with me which I included my learnings at the end of this post.

The scalp analysis showed oily, clogged follicles. I turned out to have an oily, not sensitive scalp with minor hair loss. Some baby hairs are growing out from my hair pores. Sadly, their thickness was way below the norm which meant that I would have thinning hair if I didn't take remediation actions. I was recommended to undergo the Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy to loosen blocked hair pores, remove dead skin cells, environmental pollutants and excess sebum on the scalp.
The different focus during the scalp scan

2. Exfoliate

The first step is called Oxy Cleanse. At this step, oxygen was sprayed onto the scalp to exfoliate and loosen dead skin from the scalp. Some pores might require a few treatments to open up completely.

3. Detox

A scalp mask (hair tonic) was applied using a brush to further soften deeply embedded impurities from the pores. This step ended with a comfortable acupressure scalp massage.
While waiting for the hair mask to work its magic

4. Wash & Repair

My favourite part of the treatment was the deep scalp cleansing with a shampoo and a conditioner. I could literally feel the shampoo penetrating through every single hair pores, washing off the hair mask along with stubborn build-ups and dead cells, leaving behind a chilly sensation that was extremely refreshing. It was like blowing an icy 16 degrees aircon on my head!
Interior of medispa - for hair wash

5. Nutrition

My therapist proceeded to apply serum onto my scalp to promote healing and hair growth. Note that the serum used in this step differs from the type of scalp treatment selected earlier on. Another scalp massage was done to accelerate the absorption of nutrients. With the lingering cooling sensation from the shampoo, this scalp massage felt extremely soothing and relieved my remaining tension.

6. Blow-dry

The whole experience wrapped up with a relaxing back massage after a complimentary blow-dry. I really liked how the therapist styled my hair!

7. Post-treatment analysis

Before I left the medispa, the consultant did a post-treatment scalp scan to compare the before and after status. Even without the scan, I could already feel the effects halfway through the treatment– my scalp definitely felt refreshed and my head was lighter. The scan purely served as an assurance that the treatment was effective by showing me the significant improvements in my scalp condition.
More visible hair pores and successful removal of some oily layer

Undoubtedly, an ideal scalp does not happen instantly after a single session. There are still some semi-clogged pores which would take a few more sessions to exfoliate and loosen up completely.

My key takeaways from my visit at Cove Hairlab

  • Thanks to the scalp analysis, now I know my latest scalp conditions and hair thickness. The results were better than my expectation, so I believe that my hair care routine is working, although there are still areas of improvement.
  • UV rays can damage the scalp, leading to hair loss and thinning hair. Constant change to your hair part line and hairstyle will help to protect your scalp from direct sun exposure.
  • Our genes affect the width of our hair strands, while our race affects the number of hair strands per hair pore. Chinese can accommodate an average of 2-3 strands of hair per pore, but Indians can grow out 5-6 strands instead.
  • Transport of nutrients starts from our internal organs to the rest of our body before reaching our scalp. Thus, a balanced diet is paramount to healthy hair.
  • Sleep deprivation and stress impacts hair growth cycle (healthy growth rate is 0.25cm per month). Scalp treatments is a preventive measure against hair loss.
  • Frequent washing of hair will stripe off natural oils from the roots and cause dry, itchy scalp. Unless you sweat or have oily hair types, else there is no need to shampoo your hair daily.
  • Other than frequent scalp massage, investing in a suitable shampoo and hair tonic will increase hair thickness and improve scalp conditions.
Not forgetting the most Instaworty spot! 


Overall, the whole experience was a positive one, definitely different from some scalp treatments I have undergone elsewhere. The entire treatment process was 100% painless, needle-free, non-invasive, no downtime and effective. After monitoring for a week, I noticed no side effects but a less oily scalp and lesser hair loss after combing my hair. What delighted me the most was that my hair became more manageable, shinier and smoother. My boyfriend even complimented that my hair looks more voluminous (bear in mind that I did a scalp treatment and did not extend to purchase their hair treatment).

On top of that, thumbs up for the friendly, professional and engaging customer service. Throughout the session, my therapist made sure that I felt comfortable by serving me cups of tea. The duration of my treatment was just right (1.5 hours), so I didn’t feel antsy from sitting too long. I left the medispa feeling fully relaxed and immersed in the experience.

I also want to highlight that there was a lot of privacy as the area for treatment had only 1 seat. Although the interior door was replaced with a curtain divider, the whole place remains quiet because Cove Hairlab is located at an isolated corner far away from the reception area. Furthermore, the remaining treatment rooms are soundproof.
A good place to chill on the weekend

How to maximize your scalp health?

Similar to facial treatments, it takes time to see the effect of scalp treatments. Regular scalp cleaning and hair care must continue to achieve long-term results. At the end of the day, healthy scalp extends the lifespan of healthy hair!

If you are looking to address scalp concerns, visible results such as new hair growth and closing up of bald patches can become apparent after 3 to 4 sessions of treatment. The consultant recommends doing a monthly medispa treatment for general maintenance, or biweekly for people with severe scalp condition. It is always best to consult a professional in scalp care!
Cove Hairlab medispa

How to prolong the effectiveness of a scalp treatment?

Due to my busy schedules, I do not have the time to do my hair every month. However, I might look into visiting a medispa every 3 months while maintaining my hair and scalp using a professional homecare set. At Cove HairLab, the only difference between their homecare set and the treatment set is that the former contains a milder formula.

Cove HairLab's homecare kit comes in 4 steps: Detox, Wash, Repair, Nutrition. All Cove Hairlab's products are designed by doctors after years of Korean R&D, formulated using only botanical ingredients to curb scalp disorder effectively. There are no SLS, SLES, Sulphates, Silicons, Mineral oils, Parabens, and Alcohol to ensure safe usage. I feel that the above-mentioned homecare products are very sufficient for busy people like me. Moreover, I am in love with their shampoo!
Cove Hairlab's 4-step homecare set

Who should try Cove Hairlab’s scalp treatments?

Everyone! Especially people with common scalp problems, unhealthy lifestyle or use hair styling products daily.

These are some common scalp problems shared by the consultant:

  • Oily scalp with excessive oil production
  • Dry and flaky scalp with dandruff
  • Itchy, red and sensitive scalp
  • Thinning hair
  • Excessive hair loss
    One of Cove Hairlab's first trial discount!

Grab Cove Hairlab first-time trial specials before they are gone!

If you aren't really sure of your scalp condition and are sceptical about the results, I recommend you to try out Cove Hairlab's scalp treatment while they are offering first-time trial promotions. Depending on your area of focus, the scalp treatment will range from $38 to $68.

  • Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy First Trial at $38
  • Hair Growth Program First Trial at $68
  • Dark Hair Program First Trial at $68

All treatments include a complimentary scalp and hair assessment by their skilled consultant (worth $108), followed by hair masking, shampooing, nourishing and blow-drying. Throughout the session, you will be pampered with multiple head and back massages. In the end, you will walk out of Cove Hairlab with a healthier scalp and a 'hair makeover'. Oh, not forgetting that you would be overloaded with answers and explanations to your hair related questions. Definitely worth your bucks!
Photo with my therapist after my treatment

More details

Address: Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road #04-07B, S(238880)
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10am to 8pm, Sat: 9.30am to 3.30pm (Closed on Sundays and PH)
Book an appointment at +65 8299 2920 (Call or WhatsApp)
Website: www.coveaesthetics.com.sg