My natural detox journey with Mintox Kiwi Malaysia 2— What is my experience?

As promised in my previous post, I will be keeping you guys posted on my experience with Mintox kiwi detox drink! To date, I have finished 1 box of Mintox, which is equivalent to 14 sachets. So far, I am having a very comfortable and positive experience!
Mintox detox drink

Easy to prepare Mintox detox drink

As a detox drink, Mintox is really delicious and surprisingly easy to prepare. Each day, all I have to do is to empty the sachet into a 200ml (usually I add more water) bottle with a lid. Then, with one or two simple shakes, the solution is well mixed and ready to be consumed. Mind you, many other detox drinks require a shaker ball and your full force to mix the product well. Luckily, Mintox saves me from this trouble.
Mintox drink preparation

Mintox takes effect after 8 to 10 hours of consumption

Like I have mentioned before, I realised Mintox takes effect on me after 8 to 10 hours, with best results after one night of deep sleep. Thus, I try to stay disciplined and consume this drink between 9:30pm to 11pm.

Great Sleeping Cycle

The first week of detox journey was the 'busiest' week for my intestine and anus. LOL! However, unlike a previous Singapore brand that I used to intake, Mintox did not disrupt my sleeping cycle at all. In my first week, although I did visit the toilet twice to thrice per day, the duration of the effect will only begin right from the moment I woke up until the evening before my dinner. So far, I did not face any needs of waking up in the middle of the night just to loo. Believe me, waking up in the middle of the night and having to exert strength on your butt is a super-duper tiring experience. I am extremely happy that my detox journey with Mintox keeps me FREE FROM THIS TORTURE!
Mintox powder

A flat stomach that boosts confidence

Similar to the results of other detox drinks, Mintox also cleared my intestine such that I ended up having a completely flat stomach which I am proud of LOL! This is the only time I am fully confident in wearing body-fitting dresses and crop tops. On top of that, I can feel my legs becoming lighter. I weighed myself and found out that I have somehow reduced 0.3kg. I am now back to 40kg (I know I know, but... I was 37kg all previous years)!

Solve my constipation issue

One thing I have to emphasis is that Mintox (temporary?) cured my constipation issue! Unlike some other brands that I have tried, I do know that Mintox brings me proper poo and not diarrhoea. There is a difference, so I have to say Mintox works! I seriously felt healthier after consuming the extra dietary fibre.
Extra fibre intake, thanks to Mintox

Consume Mintox wisely on meeting days

One little tip for office ladies like me. Occasionally, I skipped Mintox at night although I know I am supposed to drink 1 sachet per night. This decision will only be made on days where I have meetings scheduled at 8am or 9am on the following working day. I didn't want to risk my stomach churning in the middle of a serious meeting and have all directors waiting for me while I excused myself to the washroom. However, unlike the other detox brands that I have tried, do note that you can actually withstand the urge to loo with Mintox (I had to dash to the washroom when I tried other brands...). I simply did not like anything to disturb me when I had to stay focus in meetings.

Anyway, this is just my 1-week log with Mintox. I will be posting my second-week journey with Mintox soon. You can understand more about Mintox in my first post here.

If you would like a flat stomach or simply a healthier life, you can purchase Mintox from their website. They offer free delivery within West Malaysia!

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