Review: My first experience with Nailsicle nail wraps!

Those who know me will definitely know that I seldom paint my nails because I am someone with zero patience on things that will keep me waiting— Did you say that I need to keep my hands still and wait for the paint to dry? No thanks! Moreover, I am extremely active with my hands. The last time I did my nails painfully using a nail kit purchased from Sephora, I chipped off the tip on more than 3 fingers after a couple of hours. So many hours of effort for nothing! Weighing between feeling pampered with lots of hassle or saving my time by not DIY, I choose the latter without much hesitation.

Of course, I have heard about instant manicure using nail stickers. However, I have never tried nor bothered to research how those long stickers can adhere to my short nails. It was until recently, Nailsicle introduces me to their nail wrap that claimed to be easy to apply and the adhesive is long-lasting up to 2 weeks. The simple application procedures spark my interest. So, I thought "Why not? Wraps don't damage my natural nails and I can skip the drying time!" I decided to give myself another chance to DIY and received 3 sets of nail wraps for review.
Nailsicle-- Singapore wearable nail wrap company

About Nailsicle

Nailsicle is a nail wrap company launches in 2018. The team behind Nailsicle is a group of passionate modern women who aims to bring convenience and confidence to other ladies by showing their personality through fingertips, at the minimum cost and time spent. Usability and convenience are core principles when the team researched and designed their products. Each design is delicately crafted on the drawing board before printed out as a wearable art on the fingers. Their works are inspired by fashion-infused design philosophy.

My First Impression on Nailsicle Nail Wraps

I received 3 sets of nail wraps:
  1. The Other Leopards
  2. Bouquets To Self
  3. Pop Scents
All my selections come in different themes that give off different vibes and personalities. I purposely choose those that look easier to coordinate with both office wears and casual outfits.

Upon receiving the package, I was quite surprised by the large set. Nailsicle offers a full pedicure for both nails and toes which is more than many competitors! Each sheet has 20 nail wraps in 10 sizes with different width. There are actually 2 pairs of different wraps that can fit big toes!
A large set of manicure nail arts

Nailsicle claims that all nail wraps are made from layers of real nail polish suitable for all nail types. Also, each wrap contains a specially formulated adhesive that can last up to 14 days. All of these characteristics results in a professional-look homemade manicure that won't chip or crack easily.

The wrap themselves are sandwiched in between 2 layers of hard plastics before being sealed by another outer layer of plastic. Once the wrap is exposed in the air, they gave off a very faint odour which faded within minutes. Personally, I also find that the nail stickers are water resistant. There is no need for me to apply any top coat or perform any enhancements other than trimming them.

How to Wear Nailsicle's Nail Wraps

As I am a newbie to the nail wrapping process, I follow the official application instructions as printed on the back of every package. Optionally, you can also follow the clear procedures on Nailsicle website.
Official Nailsicle instructions behind each package

First, I ran my finger along the different wraps to find the best size that fits my nails. Then I use my fingers to peel it off the sheet carefully. If you are worried that you might destroy the wrap by chipping or peeling it, I would recommend you to use a plastic tweezers to minimise the damage. Personally, I spent so much concentration to control my strength and not leaving any fingerprints on the stickers. Luckily, the whole process went smoothly once I got the hang of it.
[Updated] Supplier notes: Our nail wraps are purposely built to be peeled off by bare hands. There is no need to use tweezers or other tools to extract them from the base layer. We have also tested the adhesive layer and can confirm that it is strong enough to hold the nail wraps even if there are unintentional fingerprint stains (or the occasional debris), which is a common occurrence when peeling them off, but we can guarantee that it would not affect the adhesion of the nail wraps.

As I have short nails, I didn't want to waste the remaining 60% of the wrap. Thus, before pasting the wrap on my nails, I use a scissors to slice each piece into 2 and cover them on the same nails on both hands instead. If air bubbles arise during the application or there is a need to reposition the wrap, simply peel them off your nails and reattach them again. For Nailsicle nail wraps (not sure for other offerings in the market), doing so will not damage the adhesive layer! Anyway, to minimize the need of re-sticking and smoothing out air bubbles, I suggest you to position the wrap accurately before pressing down from the bottom to the top.

Next, you are supposed to file the excess in a downward motion. However, I find this procedure still too time-consuming for me (or it is my nail file is not sharp enough?). I decided to use the nail cutter to cut away all the excess instead. Within 2 minutes, I got all the stickers trimmed nicely and smoothly. But for best results, it is always recommended to follow the official steps by filing away the excess rather than cutting them. Do take note that all the corners must be removed, else the wraps will start to come loose at the edges.

The nail wraps are good to go from the moment they’re stuck down. No additional waiting time required! As a beginner, the whole process of applying nail wraps on 10 fingers took me less than 5 minutes! I am sold-- I will go for nail wraps whenever I feel like dressing myself up for an event!
Nailsicle offers nail wraps of different themes and feels for different personalities

Finally, I also tried to apply what I have learnt from the Youtube videos-- I gave my fingers a 5 seconds final blast with my hairdryer. This action is said to heat up the wraps so that they become floppy and easier to be stretched to the side. After the slight heat up process, I apply some pressure on each finger to bind the wraps tighter with my nail base. You can try blasting with the hairdryer again when there are air bubbles or when the edges come loose in between time to re-bond the adhesion.
[Updated]: Apparently, not all nail wraps benefit from heat treatment prior to or after application! Only certain nail wraps use heat to activate their adhesive— this does not include Nailsicle nail wraps! In fact, the supplier was shocked that my nail wraps weren't destroyed in the process, as I would degrade the adhesion quality (opps)! Take note that the adhesive of Nailsicle nail wraps are designed to work in room temperature and can last 14 days without the need for any external prolonging methods. So, no heat treatment for Nailsicle nail wraps, okay?

If you have old wraps on your nails, remove the leftover using either nail polish remover or some oil with some cotton wool before you apply a new wrap. Of course, you could also peel them off, starting by curling up from the sides. But this action comes with a risk that your nails might be damaged if you have dry nails. Using oil will help to keep your nails hydrated.

To achieve a long-wearing results, I learnt from Google research that preparation is way important than the actual manicure itself. I have summarised my learning below:
  1. Nails should be clean and oil-free. Personally, I soap-washed and dried my hands before I started my manicure.
  2. Cuticles should be pushed back and no invisible cuticle should be present. I ignored this because I have no cuticle pusher.
  3. Avoid skin contact with a nail wrap to prevent debris and oil from destroying the adhesiveness of the wrap. I ignored this too because I couldn't find my plastic tweezers. Luckily, Nailsicle nail wraps are designed to maintain its adhesion quality even with unintentional fingerprint stains or debris.
  4. Choose a smaller nail wrap size than one that is bigger than your finger. This is to avoid the nail wraps from coming into contact with the cuticles, ensuring the best adhesion quality to last 14 days.

My Review on Nailsicle's Nail Wraps

While I was selecting the nail wraps, I was already thinking about how good if Nailsicle can bring in a more variety of choices, such as french tips, floral, lace, patterns, glossy, matte, metallic, glitter... I don't mind plain designs with a subtle 'pop'-- very minimalistic, professional suitable for work that requires client-facing, yet classy at the same time!

Like I have mentioned at the top, I love the large set offered. However, although all the sizes of my nails are catered for, the template for the thumbs did not fit my nails precisely. This is because I have thumbs with a flat end, but the template comes with a round end instead. It is a nitty gritty thing, really, because I can always trim to fit the shape, just that it will require additional time and effort. If Nailsicle version 2.0 can make the ends for the thumbs to be less rounded, the templates will be perfect!

I was also expecting the package to come with a simple nail kit containing at least a nail file, since everyone might not have one. Personally, I dig my room to find out that leftover file from my previous DIY kit (although I didn't use it in the end).

Having said all these, Nailsicle nail wraps really do work as they claimed-- easy to apply and long-lasting. There is 1 exception case where I was itchy handed, so I kept fidgeting with an edge that I missed trimming nicely. Hence, that poor piece got peeled off by me forcefully after day 1 since I have accidentally destroyed it. Otherwise, it is more than 7 days now yet the other nail wraps are still keeping intact on my nail base firmly. None have the sign of falling off anytime soon— Nailsicle nail wraps are much more durable and resistant than they might look. Pretty flawless nails actually!
[Updated]: The first wrap (index finger) that came loose without external force was on Day10. Soon, the wraps on my middle fingers and ring fingers started to lose their adhesiveness from Day12 while I was bathing, which I peeled them off eventually after a few days (they tend to stick back after I bathed, so I couldn't find out which sticker came loose). Finally, I have to exclaim that the wraps on my little fingers and thumbs lasted more than 14 days!
My first attempt with Nailsicle nail wraps

Nevertheless, Nailsicle nail wraps are the first nail designs that lasted so long on my fingers! My past experiences with nail polishes were disasters-- somehow, I managed to peel them off bits by bits. Yes, I know, this is a user problem! Other than that 1 exception, I have failed to fidget with any other nail wraps on my fingers-- they are that adhesive! Hence they have successfully lasted to date. This is a big thing to celebrate! Well-done to myself.

Will I repurchase Nailsicle's Nail Wraps?

A wearable nail art of 2 weeks is worth my money-- just the right duration before I get bored with the design. So yes! I think I will purchase a Nailsicle package if
  1. I found the design and theme I love
  2. I have an occasion where I would love to dress up (dates, events, parties, holidays...)

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