My natural detox journey with Mintox Kiwi Malaysia begins!

Detox drinks have been one of the most hyped product these days. Since I started working full-time in an enclosed office, I also jump on the bandwagon and pay attention to the results of different detox drinks. Now, I have to clarify that I didn't "spring clean" my body out of the blue. As a typical office lady, I tend to work overtime, skip up to 3 meals per day by snacking, stop exercising and eventually realise that I am facing constipation issue.

Thus, I decided to give my colon and liver some external aid in flushing away long accumulated toxic substances from my body using detoxification. As I scrolled Pinterest looking for detox drinks, I saw many cumbersome recipes that got my eyes rolling. I thought, "Erm... If I have had the time to prepare those smoothies and meals, how about going to the gym directly?" Sadly, no. My determination is weak when my energy is drained...

In the end, I bought detox drinks off the shelves. I only detoxify my body twice or thrice a year, as our body detox naturally and I don't want to train my bowel to rely on external help in order to loo. Since 2018, I have tried 3 different brands— 1 Japan, 1 Singapore and 1 Malaysia. Sadly, the famous Japan K brand worsen my constipation, while the Singapore E brand cheaper supplier was pretty rude although there were scary results. I was searching for an alternative when I was introduced to a Malaysia brand— Mintox!
Mintox kiwi detox powder sachets (14 packets, 10g)

About Mintox

Mintox is a dietary and health supplement that comes in a soluble powder form. For RM138, each box contains 14 sachets of 10g. Each sachet is only 36 calories, fully vegan, 100% natural and GMP certified. Take note that Mintox should not be a substitute for our diet or exercise, nor treatment for sicknesses. In fact, its purpose is to target bowel cleanse and detoxification, which can only help to prevent diseases from occurring. There is only one flavour— KIWI! Kiwi lovers, this nutritious drink is designed for you!

Ingredients of Mintox Detox Drink

Made of 100% natural ingredients, Mintox uses fresh Kiwi extract from New Zealand as the main substance. Together with raw peach powder, Inulin, Psyllium Husk, Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA) Algae Powder and Stevia (healthier sweetener), it gently softens stools and removes harmful substances in the intestine. Unlike the other dietary supplements I have tried, Mintox has a mild formula and does not cause irritation.
Benefits of drinking Mintox. Would appreciate an English translation thou!

The Benefit of Intaking Mintox

Detox drinks are said to bring many benefits to our body. By intaking Mintox, of course, we can inherit those benefits too!
  1. Promotes positive digestive system and growth of beneficial bacteria
  2. Cleanse intestinal environment
  3. Improve bowel function and prevent constipation
  4. Remove stubborn fat in the body, help with weight loss and balance body weight
  5. Controls blood sugar level and cholesterol level
  6. Indirectly improves skin condition and general health

How to Consume Mintox Detox Drink

You can find clear instructions behind the box. For easier reference, here's a brief below:
  1. Pour 1 sachet into a mixing cup (or a bottle with cap)
  2. Add 200ml warm water
  3. Close the lid
  4. Shake well
  5. Enjoy!
During the 1-month programme, make sure to intake sufficient water per day! Personally, I drink another cup of water from the mixing cup immediately after the detox drink. One simple step helps to clean up the cup without leaving Mintox residue behind, ensure regular water intake and promote better effect!
Instructions and product details on Mintox box

When to Consume Mintox Detox Drink

For best results, the supplier suggests 9pm to 10:30pm after dinner. I have tried consuming this drink both in the morning and at night. I find that the results are better after one night of deep sleep! Not sure if it is only me, it takes around 8-10hours for me to feel my intestine starts peristalsis. Thus, I try to drink at 9:30pm so that I will reach the office by the time I feel like visiting a washroom. Then, it's a fresh start to my day!

Who Should Try Mintox Detox Drink

Other than consumers who are allergic to kiwifruits, Mintox daily dosage is suitable for all ages, including diabetic patients, pregnant or breastfeeding women. For targeted purposes, you should try Mintox if you are:
  • Someone with a bloated stomach after meals *me, sigh*
  • Someone with bowel health problem *me too, sigh*: strains to poop (it's really dangerous, go Google), loo hard lumps or face constipation
  • Someone with diarrhoea (seriously?! One dose of Mintox can ease diarrhoea?!)
  • Someone with way too little fibre intake in his/her diet
  • Someone with inconsistent sleeping cycle or often burns the midnight oil *me again, sigh*
  • Someone experiencing a high level of stress and tension *me forever, sigh*
  • Someone who wants a healthy digestive system
  • Someone who wants to lose weight naturally

My Review and Detox Journey with Mintox

I have been consuming Mintox for 1 week (since last weekend) and so far, this is the tastiest detox drink I have ever tried! Everything is happening as per expected— I "deposited" twice or thrice daily (oh, usually once or none) without straining my butt!

There are many kinds of different opinions on detoxification online. For those who are thinking if "detox" lives up to its hype? If a detox drink really work? Is detox healthy and safe? Do stay tune with my 1-month detox journey! I will update my progress and effects on my body in my next post. Also, to compare the results with other brands I've tried!

Oh, before I forgot, I would like to give Mintox packaging a quick review too. I like that the box is made of good and thick cupboard material, and therefore I truly dislike that the box doesn't come as a slider to push in and out easily, else with an indent "U" cutting on the outer box for a better grip! It is so time-consuming to get the contents out from the box.

Meanwhile, you can purchase Mintox from their website. There is also free delivery within West Malaysia!

For more information about Mintox

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mintoxmalaysia/ 
Website: http://www.mintox.kiwi/en/index.html
Instagram: @mintoxmalaysia
Contact: +601123450201