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Use RentHero to pay your rental fee with credit card, earning miles as rewards!

Recently, my brother arrives in Singapore and starts a tenant-landlord relationship with the house owner. A few days before the rent day, the landlord would wait for him in the living room just to remind him to pay his rent in cash on the promised date. Each time, my brother has to queue at the ATM just to withdraw the rental fee. Supposed he never pays his rent on time, the housing agent who signed the contract with both parties would come into the picture. And, the process repeats itself each month...
What is RentHero? Now, imagine all these hassles being replaced with an online rental management platform. Yes, RentHero is here to streamline the traditional rental inefficiencies in Singapore! The company launched in November 2018 and make the rental process transparent and accessible at your fingertips— tenants can now make rental payment to the landlord using credit cards, earning miles as rewards! Obviously, this service comes with an additional cost.

Why pay rental fee with a cr…

Meditamin Snow Glow Sheet Mask Review

Meditamin, a Korea healthcare brand In my previous post, I was raving about Meditamin, a young Korea brand that produces different kinds of natural beauty supplements. I swear their Meditamin Snow Cell works magic on me within 1 week. This is the third week and I am still consuming the tablets. Anyway, in this post, I am going to review Meditamin Snow Glow sheet mask, which is the other product in Meditamin Snow series!

Meditamin Snow Glow sheet mask— Rating: 4.5/5, Worth repurchasing!Meditamin Snow Glow is a premium brightening, glowing and moisturising sheet mask which is claimed to be 15.5 times more effective and more absorptive than other usual masks! This result is made available because Meditamin did a joint development with 'Gattefosse', a 140-year-old France traditional cosmetic company. Glattefosse is well-known for its high-quality plant-based ingredients, also their technology and skills to extract the ingredients. Needless to say, Meditamin Snow Glow mask has the…