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Meditamin Snow Cell Beauty Supplement Review

It is such a painful truth that our skin elasticity decreases as we age, making us look old— especially when we pass the age of 20! Some choose to go for botox treatment, while some start looking out for premium skincare products or beauty supplements that can make us more youthful and younger. Regardless of our choice, the price we need to pay to make our skin firm again is high, yet the results might not be promising, not immediately, not permanent and not natural.

Meditamin, a Korea healthcare brand Recently, I found a promising Korea brand that gives me the best skin that I always wish for! Before they contacted me for a product review, I have not heard about Meditamin. Apparently, Meditamin is a young Korea brand that produces different kinds of natural beauty supplements. To date, they have successfully launched Meditamin Snow series, which are the items I have been testing out the past two weeks.
Producing high content and no chemical additives supplements As a background conte…

Sleepwiz ErgoLush Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

Last month, I was really excited to change my 10-year-old worn out mattress to a new memory foam mattress. However, when my new mattress finally arrived, I realised that the bed is slightly harder than expected. I thought, "well, I would soon get used to it right?". So I slept on it for a couple of weeks only to realise that my back pain still exists, which defeats the purpose of me changing the bed. The only improvement to my sleeping experience was that the necessary no longer slanted over to one side when my double-of-my-weight boyfriend sleeps next to me.
This is life. Despite the 3-digit mattress price that I've paid on top of the 75% discount, it's still tricky to find the perfect mattress— it might be just a little too firm or slightly too soft. But fret not! Just in time, I found something that can fix these nitty-gritty problems, providing me with the premium sleeping quality that I look forward to.

SleepWiz ErgoLush™ Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper …