Joymix Pure Collagen Powder Review, Does Collagen Works?

Due to my unreasonable work-life balance of commonly 12 or 20 hours per day, I can feel that my health is significantly affected by the constant radiation of electronic and exposure to sun rays. Desperately, I start to think of ways to counter ageing and to prevent further thinning of my skin barriers. One of my options is to follow the highly popular collagen craze and start consuming collagen drinks. Mainly because, collagen forms 30% of the protein in our body, including skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

My Decision To Invest In Collagen Supplements

Before I made the decision to start the long-term investment on collagen products, I did quick online research on whether collagen drinks do improve our skin condition. My finding shows that there are extreme opinions on both sides of the story. Thus, I casually seek advice from a few dermatologists, in which they have advised me to improve my skin from both outside-in and inside-out.

Well, my current salary only allows me to make one choice. While one can choose to spend on expensive nano-molecular collagen facial gel where nutrients penetrate deeper into the skin, my own preference would be to consume a slightly cheaper collagen supplement and allow longer turnaround time for my inner tissue layers to repair themselves before seeing any visible results. In the long run, I think my decision is economically more beneficial because applying collagen products does not stimulate collagen production in one's body and typical collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed through the skin. Perhaps I am wrong, you have the rights to disagree with me.

My Past Experience with Collagen

Anyway, I have since then tried out 6 collagen brands, in the form of collagen drinks, collagen jelly, collagen pills and collagen powders. I finally made up my mind to scout for more collagen powders as a ready-made collagen drink or jelly contains more sugar and flavourings. Moreover, a can of collagen powder takes up less storage space and allows a higher number of servings. I don't have much opinion on collagen pills except that the one I have tried is pricey and I don't really like to intake additional ingredients (capsule of the pills).

Joymix Pure Collagen Powder (200g)

About Joymix Pure Collagen Powder

Recently, I am testing out Joymix Pure Collagen Powder produced in South Korea. Joymix is a halal certified brand that only sells products that have ISO22000/HACCP. The high purity powder fills up 75% of the plastic bottle with a screw cap, a lid and a spoon inside. This product claims to be safe from bacteria contamination and low heavy metal combination.

Same as any other collagen brands, Joymix Pure Collagen Powder is also a beauty supplement that boosts skin elasticity, firmness and metabolism rate of our connective tissues. The results are not limited to strengthen the skin barrier, bones and joint structures but also works great on stimulating hair growth and nail growth. Well, we all know that this is the ideal case. Realistically, results from intaking supplements vary for each individual and do not happen overnight. 

Nutrition fact

Ingredients in Collagen Powders

Most collagen powder is hydrolysed type-I collagen extracted at a low temperature from the connective tissues of animal parts (vegetarians take note!)— Such as skins and bones of cow, chicken, pork and fish. Since Joymix is a halal certified brand, this means that no pork is used. Anyway, there is a definite printing on the bottle that Joymix collagen powder comes from marine sources.

Joymix Pure Collagen Powder dissolves easily
Hydrolysis technology helps to break protein chains into peptides (smaller molecules) for faster dissolution in both hot and cold liquids and more efficient absorption in the body. For Joymix Pure Collagen product, each scoop of powder weight 500-1500 Dalton. From my research, it is said that hydrolysed collagen supplements stimulate collagen production better than amino acid (building block of protein) supplements because of the exact concentrations and ratios of amino acids in a complete collagen molecule chain sequence.

How to Consume?

Personally, I mix one scoop of Joymix Pure Collagen into a cup of plain water (200ml) and consume with an empty stomach every morning. In the beginning, I was expecting either a very smelly fish taste or the usual vanilla flavour. But to my surprise, Joymix Pure Collagen powder has a minimal fishy taste, which means that this product will not modify any of your beverage taste.

Most people dislike the taste of pure collagen in drinking water. In that case, you can add a scoop of Joymix Pure Collagen Powder to any of your beverage, such as coffee, tea, cocoa or juice. Stir well to dissolve the powder before consumption. One or two scoops per day can boost your skin radiance and smoothness.
Direction to use

Here Are Some Tips on Consuming Collagen Drinks

  1. Although the collagen is hydrolysed, it is safer to keep the water temperature lukewarm instead of boiling hot to prevent destroying the collagen molecules and losing the nutrients in within. 
  2. Prevent mixing collagen powder into soy-based beverages (weight gain), alcoholic drinks and fizzy drinks.
  3. Do not take collagen drink with medications.
  4. There is no fixed timing to consume a collagen drink, but it is easier to fix a routine and make this action into a habit.

My Results

After trying out Joymix Pure Collagen powder for 3 weeks, I finally see some results. My hair is less frizzy, my fingernails grow longer (not a good thing for me as I need to cut my nails), my face has lesser red patches, and most importantly, the acne scars on my face are visibly less noticeable! The results are not breathtaking, but I can see a positive change to my overall health and skin condition. In the long run, I hope to maintain my youth and have better confidence in myself.

I also want to share that collagen supplements might cause adverse reactions to consumers who get allergic reactions (me!) easily. This is because not everyone can absorb collagen derived from animals. In my first week drinking Joymix Pure Collagen Powder, I had a severe breakout which might have also caused by my own lack of sleep and over-stress at work. Anyway, I pushed on and continue drinking one scoop per day without fail. Towards my third week, the swollen spots start to flatten and are disappearing gradually.

Results after 3 weeks

My Advice

Collagen helps in protein synthesis, tissue repair and nutrient absorption. Scientific studies say that collagen production in our body starts to deplete at the age of 40. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. If you do have extra cash to spare and want to help your skin, there is no harm trying out a collagen supplement. My advice will be to purchase a can, test out the results and decide if you are dedicated to instilling a new habit of consuming a scoop of collagen per day. Don't expect to see a massive difference in targeted areas but you can slowly see some difference at different body parts.

For a healthy skin, we should avoid damaging the collagen productions in our body. These are some useful tips I gathered from different doctors, dermatologists, beauticians and nutritionists:
  1. Have sufficient sleep of at least 6-8 hours per day: our body repairs best at 11pm-1am, then repairs targeted organs at 1am-5am.
  2. Intake enough water before you feel thirsty: our body is already dehydrated when we receive the signal of thirst.
  3. Consume collagen supplements: Although there is no scientific proof on which particular by-products formulated from collagen helps in generating collagen, there are many people who claim that intaking collagen works. 
  4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol, reduce sugar consumption and avoid direct sun exposure
  5. Eat more collagen-rich food and antioxidants food: Our body needs 8 essential amino acids that can only be intake from our diet. These amino acid are necessary to combine with other 10 minor amino acids to form a complete human protein molecule helix chain. 

Well, it is easy for me to type the rules. But even myself cannot follow everything that I have typed. So, I am willing to spend some money to achieve the desired health and skin condition that I want.

Where to Get Joymix Pure Collagen Powder?

Regarding price, I would say that Joymix Pure Collagen is one of the most affordable collagen powder you can get in the market! As background context, most of the collagen powders that I've tried are priced at SGD40+ per can, enough for one-month servings. As for Joymix Pure Collagen, you can get a 200g serving at RM98=SGD32.63, which lasts you up to 1.5-2 months. For a bundle deal of two, the total price is SGD49.95. You can get your can of Joymix Pure Collagen from JoyPremix official site.


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