Visiting DBS Marina Regatta 2018

I finally visited DBS Marina Regatta at The Promontory@Marina Bay today!

DBS Marina Regatta

DBS Marina Regatta is Singapore's biggest Bay Festival held at Marina Bay each year. The location is easily accessible from both Bayfront MRT and Downtown MRT. This year, DBS extended the event over two weekends instead of one to celebrate DBS 50th anniversary.

There are so many things to see and do at DBS Marina Regatta! I visited around 3pm when the sun was scorching hot.

DBS collaborated with athletic apparel brand Under Armour and brought to us an improvised Battle Bay Extreme— the largest and the most challenging land and water obstacle course in Singapore and Southeast Asia! Ranging from beginner (Initiate), intermediate (Intense) to advanced (Insane), the fitness warriors can spend two weekends challenging their limits to complete all three obstacle courses with different levels of difficulty.

After going through the water obstacle courses at Bali last weekend, I was really keen to try the Initiate and Intense level. However, I fell sick yesterday, so I knew my strength will definitely fail me today. Too bad, I will give this fun a miss this year, but I will be back next year!

DBS Creators Market

Since I couldn't join in the extreme fun, I made my way to the DBS Creators Market. At this open-area, a series of complementary and paid workshops are conducted according to the schedule. Throughout the two weekends, the public can choose to attend some mind-relaxing classes such as Yin Yoga and Vinyasa, or some sweaty workouts including Body Combat and Tabata.
Luckily DBS did remember to prepare a food bazaar in this hot weather. Partnered with Mahota, Poppy & Co and Bettr Barista, most of the food on sale is healthy yet tasty meals and drinks. I saw stalls selling poke bowls, acai bowls, tacos, Japanese snacks and sliced fruits. If you plan to learn some skills, you can also pay $20 to try your hand at making your own superfood acai bowls, latte art or granola snack bars. While the adults are learning, the kids can spend their time at the sand art workshops or play at the playground.

On a side note, I was surprised to have the chance to test out the highly raved Huawei P20 Pro at the DBS Creators Market! After some testings, I have made up my mind to add this phone to my bucket list along with the other full frame cameras, action camera and lens. HAHAHAHA! I think I am a techie freak... Just a bit short of money.

Bay Passport Games

While taking a stroll, my boyfriend and I selected some tasks from the given Bay Passport to work on. To prevent people from feeling left out from the ongoing events, DBS cleverly gives everyone free participation and chances to win attractive prizes just by completing some simple games or activities. After collecting 5 stamps, we got the opportunity to spin the wheel. Sadly, the grand price— the Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate 10 is already fully redeemed boohoo! My hope bubble burst. Anyway, I didn't get to win any Scoot flight tickets to Berlin, Maldive and Kuching :(

The highlight of the day: Seeing Joseph Schooling!

Just when we planned to visit the Artbox, Joseph Schooling— Singapore’s swimming gold medallist at the Olympic Games arrived! He came to join in the Battle Bay Extreme Celebrity Challenge. I managed to take some photos of him~

Busking By the Bay

Around 5pm, we left the event field and made our way to the Artbox. We got to enjoy some music along the way. Busking with a fun & competitive twist!

For today, there are only 6 out of 18 buskers competing their final round at the Bay area. Aligned with our new brand promise, ‘Live more, Bank less', these talented street artists are selected based on how much they earned (including DBS PayLah!) from the public last weekend. The top buskers will receive an artist development prize sponsored by DBS.


We wanted to visit Artbox because this market is Thailand’s largest contemporary pop-up market, retailing basically everything from lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food to art. This year, Artbox featured 400 stalls over the two weekends, with more than 20 booths set up by social enterprises selling unique finds from across the region. These purpose-driven businesses are supported by the DBS Foundation, which champions social enterprises in Asia.

Although it was only 5pm, the crowd and the queue to enter Artbox was extremely long and terrifying. Thus we made our way to MBS for The PC Show instead. However, if you have not been to Thailand, you might want to experience the market atmosphere and at the same time contribute to the less fortunate. By the way, I heard that paying using cashless transactions a.k.a DBS PayLah can get free stuff! I might try that next year.

My Thoughts

As a UX designer, I was pretty amazed that DBS organise events in a very user-centric approach. The entire event is well-planned, catering to different personas including foodies, tech geeks (like me), musicians & artists, athletics, cheapos err public who wants to chill and win.  The organisers have even planned out the before and after user journey of visiting DBS Marina Regatta, making the entire experience very pleasant and satisfying. (However, the sun was too hot :( Would prefer more sheltered space.)

Anyway, back to the event. Today, I got 3 towels and 4 water bottles just by completing the Bay Passport and spinning the wheel. Next year, I WANT TO PLAY BATTLE BAY EXTREME!!!! And also, to visit Artbox next year. Therefore, can I request for the market to open for a longer period of time so that the crowd will not be this packed? :D

Missed DBS Marina Regatta 2018?

If you have missed out the fun in 2018, fret not! You can take a look at the highlights taken by DBS over the two weekends and plan your visit next year. Here're the links for your reference:
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