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Recently, I got to know a new Singapore startup exploring the payment solution field. Their innovative products are pretty interesting, thus I decided to share them with you— especially since the company is Singapore based, and we are living in Singapore.


This post is about a browser extension plugin called RateX, and a pre-launch mobile application called RateS (work hard for a sure-win giveaway below!).

What's your headache when purchasing online?

If you are a frequent shopper on international websites, such as Amazon, Taobao, Agoda (and more...), you should have experienced the pain of seeing different amount deducted from your bank account as compared to the checkout amount shown on screen.

This is all because of the conversion rate to SGD. Upon clicking on the "checkout" button, you are actually paying for the conversion rate provided by your bank based on the exchange rate of the day, on top of some additional service charges etc. I have thought that these hidden transaction fees are something that could not be avoided, but RateX serves me wrong!

Save more, pay less when you shop online

What is RateX and how to use it?

RateX is a payment technology startup created to give online shoppers instant cash back and savings whenever you pay through their plugin. Powered by Stripe and Xfers, this browser extension will automatically appear (so you can't possibly miss any deals!) when you check out at Place Your Order page that helps to maximise your savings by giving you the real-time, lowest FX fees through:

  1. 1. the cheapest exchange rate— at the exchange rate provided on Google (you know that's the highest!)
  2. 2. auto-applies all available coupon/discount codes from the merchant website with 1-click

These 2 features have saved half of your time! The only procedure left for you is to complete your purchase from the site in local currency using either (1) Debit/Credit Card or (2) Bank Transfer! No, RateX doesn't keep our payment details.

Where to use RateX?

I'm pretty impressed with what RateX has achieved in a mere 12 months time. RateX is currently live on Amazon, Taobao, Asos, Ezbuy,, Agoda and more. Based on their founder, they are still actively adding new sites and coupons daily! 

Is RateX trustworthy and credible?

Till date, RateX has 10k monthly active users and has helped consumers save about S$150k thus far! In case you are worried about their credibility (which is always an important factor to me), fret not as they have been featured on Straits Times as one of top 3 fx disruptors, Vulcan Post and Nikkei Asian Review.

Where to get RateX for FREE?

At this moment, this company sustains themselves by charging merchants an affiliate fee and discount on the exchange rate (excluding funds by the government, I think). Merchants pay RateX for helping them drive foreign sales and RateX pass on the savings to us shoppers – entirely for FREE! No download costs, no hidden charges, no fees! 

What else could you ask for more?! Download RateX on your Google Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers today.

Join RateS Giveaway Campaign

With the success of RateX, the company decided to launch RateS mobile application to capture all their user's shopping data for improvement in services. 

Redeem as many prizes as you want!

In order to celebrate RateS mobile launch, RateS is currently having a first-of-its-kind arcade gaming referral system! There are many attractive prizes to be won, ranging from gift cards (RateX, Sephora, Amazon and ASOS) to luxury branded lifestyle products such as Timberland men's slim fold wallet, Under Armor and Herschel backpack, Sennheiser HD 4.20s Closed Headset, etc and finally branded skincare/makeup products such as NYX Professional Makeup Blush Palette, Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator and more!

How to join RateS Giveaway Campaign

To join, simply click on this link, register your number (for unique submission verification) and you will be able to retrieve your unique referral link. 

Upon every successful signup, you will earn 1 brownie point! At the end of the campaign, RateS will send you an email with the total number of points and you can redeem as many prizes as you want– but up to 5 of the same item. (Is this a sure win giveaway as long you work hard enough?!)

Easy peasy! Campaign closes on the 12 Feb 2018, 11:59pm. Hurry, join now and wait no more!
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