Coconut Oil in TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

Lately, Singapore weather is super hot that I felt a waste of water bathing in the morning. Every day, I sweat for 45minutes before reaching my office to clean up my face, neck and hands before applying makeup. Such a hassle!

Having said that, I have to stress the importance of double cleansing. As the name shows, this involves washing your face twice-- firstly with a cleansing oil, following up with your usual water-based cleanser. 

"Nah, I don't apply makeup... Why should I bother?" Now, you're so wrong. Double cleansing helps to lift all makeup, dirt and pollution from your face so that your skin can absorb the full benefits of your skincare products. Honestly, I used to not bother this additional step, until someone gave me a bottle of cleansing oil and I used it simply because I did not want to waste it. Guess what? I could feel my pores unclogging themselves (maybe because it was my first time trying)! My face felt more lightweight afterwards and my acne dried up faster than last time.

From then onwards, I tried to form a habit of double cleansing with or without makeup. Currently, I'm testing out TROPIKA Face Cleaning Oil given for review by TROPIKA!
TROPIKA Face CLeansing Oil (100ml)

What is TROPIKA?

TROPIKA is a newly launched family founded business in Malaysia (since May 2017) that uses high quality and natural ingredients in their skincare and massage products. As TROPIKA values natural health and well-being, thus their products are suitable for all ages, including new mums and their little newborns.

What is TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil? [Recommendation: 4/5]

This cleansing oil has an all-natural vegan formula comprises of mainly high-quality virgin coconut oil, which means suitable for all skin types, yes even for sensitive skin like me! Using coconut oil as the main ingredient also creates a 3-in-1 function-- makeup remover, cleanser and moisturiser.

Other points to take note are that TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil is cruelty, paraben and fragrance-free and also was also tested under dermatological control.

Below shows a brief benefit of each key ingredients:

  1. 1. Virgin coconut oil: great moisturiser and cleanser with strong antimicrobial and disinfectant properties
  2. 2. Olive oil esters: control excessive sebum with anti-inflammatory properties
  3. 3. Licorice root extract: lighten dark eye circles and age spots, mainly for skin brightening
  4. 4. Vitamin E: minimize fine lines and wrinkles, mainly for skin improvement

Although this product is 100ml, but I don't think it will be convenient to bring along on a travel trip due to the size of the bottle. I felt that it's space consuming  (-1 point for packaging).

See below for some benefits of coconut oil. Believe me, I am a fan of coconut oil and has been using it for 1 year before my fridge spoilt and the whole container went sour :( Then, I'm lazy to reorder from iHerb [ you can checkout using my reward code for 5%/10% off >> NPB751].
From Pinterest, credits to owner

How to use and Results

I only use this product once per day-- after work, to remove stubborn makeups and to cleanse my face from dirt.

The texture of this cleansing oil is surprisingly runny and watery (just like melted coconut oil), so you have to act fast after pumping a 10 cents amount onto your dry palm. Simply rub your hands in a circular motion before applying onto dry skin. Then, massage your face in circulation too. If you feel that the oil no longer glides easily, add a few drops of water to create a milky emulsion and continue the circulation process. When all trace of makeup and dirt are removed (around 2-3minutes), rinse your face thoroughly with water before continuing your daily water-based cleansing.

Like all cleansing oil, I love the warm feeling when makeup melted away, leaving my skin hydrated,  smooth and extremely velvety without excessive sebum. An additional plus point about this product is that you'll get to enjoy the natural coconut fragrance upon application. Personally, I felt this relieving as I know I'm applying non-chemical based ingredient onto my face, thus lower the chance of a negative reaction. It's a real pampering treat!
Pump once to start using TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

Testing with TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

So, to demonstrate the cleansing power of this coconut oil, I did a simple testing here using W.Lab Velvet Color Stick and Stila Smudge Stick Proof Pencil Eyeliner. Below shows the result after 1 circulation wipe with a tissue. As seen, one of my dogs came dashing up the bed after getting a whiff of the coconut fragrance. So, these were taken in a hurry to prevent her from licking the tissue :(
Before and after using TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

Mobile: +6011-11717146


That's all for now! Let me know your thoughts and if you've tried this product too?
Coconut Oil in TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil Coconut Oil in TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil Reviewed by Joysofyz on 11/05/2017 Rating: 5


  1. I use coconut oil in so many things but the thing that i was amazed with how my skin turned out, was using it as a make up remover. I can see a huge difference in my skin now. Good review dear

  2. Good points about the coconut oil. I will certainly look up Tropika as I need to take a very good care of my skin. Thanks.

  3. Coconut milkbis a good cleanser! It is also good for hair and scalp. I should try this brand soon, and be my double cleanser.

    1. Do try! This brand smells really natural and I do love coconut oil so much~ Haven't try coconut oil on my scalp before, only on split ends. What's the effect on scalp? O.o

  4. Tropika must be a very good product, am not saying because i have used it because i havent but based on the fact that for the past one years my family has been using coconut oil for almost everything we do in the house. aside from the one we use for cooking, we produce the rest. i will love to try Tropiko if i come across it. Thumbs up.

    1. Produce the rest? Do you mean that your family produce coconut based products too? O.o Sounds cool! And truly agree with you~ I use coconut oil on split hair, rough skin, especially as makeup remover! Didn't get to try oil pulling tho...

  5. Wao.. this is truly amzaing. Using coconut oil for face. Usually me use for body only. Cool. I want that too


    1. I love using coconut oil as makeup remover last time, one wipe everything's removed! But I find that it's difficult to control the amount, and excessive use might cause me breakouts :( Do try if you can! This one is easier to manage~

  6. I'm surprised that this is such a young brand and it is from Malaysia! Till now, I am not in the habit of double cleansing. In deed, I thought only need to do so after wearing make up.

    1. Yeap! I thought so too initially, until I got questioned by every single beautician whom I approached for facial (last time). Only I learnt that oil cleansing is needed else the water cleansing will not have effect on our skin.

  7. It sounds so dreamy, I wish I could try! Ahhh your weather sounds amazing, I am so jealous, it is so cold, dark and rainy here! I'm longing to see sunshine haha :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

    1. Haha, I guess grass is always greener at the other side! Anyway, sure~ I've followed you!😊 my bloglovin button is at the sidebar~

  8. I like natural ingredients in skincare products, especially coconut oil, sounds good!


  9. Coconut oil has been in my family remedy since I had my firstborn! It's truly an amazing ingredient to have in every household! Very versatile usage too

  10. I have always used cleansing oil to clear my make up but not coconut oil. Will try it out once I have finished my current cleansing oil

  11. I have never try coconut oil.
    Thank for the review and recommendation

  12. Guess what, I'm loving this also!!! The texture is not too oily or greasy, after wash texture is so soft!

  13. Haven't heard of this brand but from what you have to say of it, I am pretty keen to try it out myself

  14. good to have a natural products to use on skin!
    say no to harmful ingredient!

  15. I really love using this Tropika Face Cleansing Oil!! So easy and convenient to use =) and it is really effective too!


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