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ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta X In-Focus Cellactive Serum X White Perfect UV Clear Solution SPF 50+ PA++++

If you're like me, someone who is always looking for a budget alternative, you might have overseen a luxurious beauty brand called ASTALIFT.

So you might be wondering why am I blogging about ASTALIFT when I'm a budget blogger? Here's why-- I learnt about this brand only after an ASTALIFT roadshow last week. To be honest, I was only a tiny weeny bit tempted after listening about their secret ingredients and the benefits of their products (you know how marketers preach right?!). But, after testing out some of their sample products for 1 week, I'm sold. Personally, I think the investment of money on this luxurious beauty brand is worth it in a long run.

What is ASTALIFT? ASTALIFT is an award-winning Japanese skincare & cosmetic brand founded by Fujifilm. Yes, you read right. It's really the Fujifilm which is well-known in the photography industry.

Apparently, Fujifilm has expanded into the photogenic beauty business. They successfully used nano-technology, collage…

Coconut Oil in TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

Lately, Singapore weather is super hot that I felt a waste of water bathing in the morning. Every day, I sweat for 45minutes before reaching my office to clean up my face, neck and hands before applying makeup. Such a hassle!
Having said that, I have to stress the importance of double cleansing. As the name shows, this involves washing your face twice-- firstly with a cleansing oil, following up with your usual water-based cleanser. 
"Nah, I don't apply makeup... Why should I bother?" Now, you're so wrong. Double cleansing helps to lift all makeup, dirt and pollution from your face so that your skin can absorb the full benefits of your skincare products. Honestly, I used to not bother this additional step, until someone gave me a bottle of cleansing oil and I used it simply because I did not want to waste it. Guess what? I could feel my pores unclogging themselves (maybe because it was my first time trying)! My face felt more lightweight afterwards and my acne dried …