Instaworthy Luxury Hair Spa @ Le Hair Spa

You know what... I finally realised that I have not been to Little India besides transiting MRT, ever since I came to Singapore 4 years ago! WOW... Anyway, the reason I visit Little India last Saturday was to drop by Le Hair Spa, a newly launched hair spa since 20th August 2017.
before Le Hair Spa treatment starts

Instaworthy Interiors

Well, I have known that this is a luxury hair spa, but I was not expecting to step into a pretty little place that looks more like a mansion or a hotel lobby! Suddenly, I felt so awkward because many pretty ladies who dressed nicely with makeup on stared at me, and I have arrived in my bare face because there was going to be a light facial session (no extraction nor machine) later on.

No way the interior design is furnished like any usual hair salons, it's way too instaworthy! Heads up to the photographers-- you can find multiple big and soft Victorian sofas on the first floor and an elegant spiral staircase that leads up to a fancy chandelier on the second floor. Yes, you read right. There're TWO storeys!
second floor

VIP Private Treatments

If you have left without exploring this place, you might not notice that there're actually 8 PRIVATE treatment rooms located on the second floor! Oh yes, one big plus point at Le Hair Spa is that you can opt for VIP services-- enjoy the free drink (coffee, tea, juice or water), listen to the free music, surf the free WiFi (heard that there's one) while being attended 1-to-1 by a sexy and pretty lady personally inside the enclosed VIP treatment room! Psst.. couple rooms are available at no extra cost too!
a stretch of private rooms

Private room all to myself

A cup of juice to quench my thirst

Ultimate Hair Spa (Wash + Facial) [$200, 120 minutes]

For myself, I was invited to try out Le Hair Spa's Ultimate Hair Spa package comprising of an almost full-body massage (head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet), a relaxing SkinCeuticals facial (anti-aging collagen and antioxidant facial) and a soothing hair wash & blow (ampule was applied on scalp afterwards) in one of the beautifully decorated private rooms. Not sure if the massage was intended to be soft and gentle, like a surprisingly relaxing experience of someone touching your skin, or if it is supposed to be those bones-cracking + me-shouting massage. Nonetheless, the 2-hour service felt comfortable that I almost fell asleep midway (thanks to the slow massage).
After massage and facial, hair wash time

Le Hair Spa's Services & Price List 

Hair and scalp treatments at Le Hair Spa start from $50 onwards, available for both men and women who are looking to pamper yourself after a hectic work week or to treat hair fall syndrome. Besides hair spas, Le Hair Spa also offers other services such as cutting ($25++), colouring/highlighting ($80++), bleaching ($80++), perming ($188), rebonding ($188) and magic setting ($288). Once in a while, no harm experiencing some luxurious services you never had before... dedicated to your hair!
salon area at level 1
Little India exit A, turn left and walk straight until passed Rex road sign

Stop at Le Hais Spa sign board

How to go Le Hair Spa

Website: **More DISCOUNTS & prices*
Address: 87 Bukit Timah Road S229834
Appointment Hotline: 6222 6807
Instaworthy Luxury Hair Spa @ Le Hair Spa Instaworthy Luxury Hair Spa @ Le Hair Spa Reviewed by Joysofyz on 9/20/2017 Rating: 5


  1. The photo of the corridor and the photo of you in the room... reminds me of the room in the movie Divergent where the lead actress was supposed to go in and get tested to see which of the category she belongs to HAHAHAH

  2. Wow. There's a private room. Pampering max. I would love that if they have it in saloons here

  3. now that's what i call a real Insta-Worthy SPA!
    all the deco and design are superb!

  4. WOW! this place is super duper fancy + Insta-Worthy.

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