Delectable seafood dinner @ Fisher Tavern Seafood, Lavender

I started my September by dining at Fisher's Tavern Seafood Zi Char stall with a couple of blogger friends, all invited by Jess. Hmm... Simply by typing this sentence, I felt that I have procrastinated way too much in life because it's currently the end of September and it's been a long while since I have blogged about food (but I posted many on Instagram), so I hope you will enjoy this post.
From left: blogger Olivia, jess, me, irene

About Fisher Tavern Seafood

Fisher's Tavern Seafood is actually a long established Zi Char since 9 years ago. They started their business at Pasir Ris Fishing Pond, which later moved to Yishun since 3 years ago. Recently, they shifted again to Lavender CT hub to be more accessible to the public. It's 10 minutes walk from Lavender MRT, but you can also reach this hawker place by taking bus number 13, 61, 67, 107, 133, 141 or 145 directly.

A plus point to Fisher's Tavern Seafood Zi Char is that they're Certified Halal! This means even our Muslim friends get to enjoy tasty Chinese seafood dishes in relief. If you are interested in their pricing menu, you can view it via their official website stated at the end of this post.

Anyway, we tried 6 of their signature dishes which I will review briefly below:

Salted Egg Yolk Crab [Market price] 4.5/5

This was actually my most favourite dish of the day! I am a super seafood lover but I hate removing crab shells because I dislike dirtying my hand. However, I decided to give it a shot this time because of the egg yolk gravy that smelt and tasted way richer, thicker and smoother than other similar ones that I've tried. No, there wasn't those powdery feeling that itches my throat, unlike some other salted egg yolk dishes. The only downside of this dish is that the gravy was a little too slippery, thus making the shell cracking process a little tedious. But the effort was worth it when everything went into my mouth! Simply by seeing the photo, can you imagine the combination of juicy fat crab meat with salted yolk paste?! Guys, it's food porn (no photos, my hands were dirty)~
salted egg yolk crab

salted egg yolk crab

White bee hoon [$20 small, $26 medium, $32 large] 4.5/5

Now, here's my second favourite order, because there were CRAYFISHES! Be ready to wow at the generous amount of seafood within the creamy broth. If my memory didn't fail me, you can find clams, prawns, and much other goodnesses (failed memory...) that are subject to availability~ Oh yummy, remembering the freshness of this medium-sized "potluck" makes me salivate and I'm tempted to return for 1 more serving right now (hmm... should this be my top favourite?)! Moreover, the bee hoon is boiled in the broth (oh that avour~) until the texture was just right, not too soft and didn't break easily. I highly recommend seafood lovers to try this dish, especially when their owner "Mr Song" mentioned that only the freshest ingredients in the store were used. This dish is their pride!
White bee hoon ($26 medium)

White bee hoon ($26 medium)

Sambal Fish [Market Price] 3/5

Well, I can't comment much on this dish because I was too full to indulge it without being in food-coma. I have only tried a mere 5cm length of the meat and I would say the skin was harder than I thought (maybe because this was the last dish that I've tasted after it has turned cold), while the meat didn't taste as spicy as it looks. This is great for me, as I am not one who can take too much spicy food.
sambal fish

Honey Chicken [$12 small, $16 medium, $20 large] 4.3/5

I remember I fell in love with the chickens instantly upon my first bite! The crispiness of the skin, the tender chicken meat and the interesting sweet-salty flavour that exploded into my mouth was memorable. If I'm not wrong, I had it when it is cold, so I believe it should taste even better when eaten warm.
honey chicken ($16 medium)

Signature Style Beancurd [$12 small, $16 medium, $20 large] 4.2/5

Do you know that Fisher's Tavern Seafood made their own beancurd toufu? All of us exclaimed with "mmm..." upon our first bite because the texture was so soft and melted in our mouth! Sadly, the sauce and minced meat that was served in this dish were just normal hence it sort of killed the wonderfulness of this dish.
signature style beancurd ($16 medium)

Yam Ring [$22] 3/5

At Fisher's Tavern Seafood, you can choose to pair the yam ring with either seafood, chilli chicken or vegetarian. Personally, I am not a fan of any yam rings, but I have to admit that the yam paired really well with the chilli chickens in the middle. The chickens were juicy and rich in taste so the yam helped in neutralizing down any saltiness, oiliness and spiciness.
yam ring ($22)

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More Information @ Fisher's Tavern Seafood

Address: 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2, #01-68, S (338729)
Contact: 6203 7564
Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 11am-3pm (Last Order 2:45pm) & 5:15pm- 11pm (Last Order 10:30pm)
Sun - P.H: 1pm - 11pm & 4:45pm- 5:15pm (Last Order 10:30pm)
Delectable seafood dinner @ Fisher Tavern Seafood, Lavender Delectable seafood dinner @ Fisher Tavern Seafood, Lavender Reviewed by Joysofyz on 9/25/2017 Rating: 5


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