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I have been suffering from back pain, neck pain and muscle cramp since primary school. I'm serious, I'm like a kid in an old woman's body. Therefore, I go for massage treatments occasionally to ease my pains.

Two weeks ago, Jess arranged a complimentary visit for me at Yi Zhen Reflexology & Beauty Centre 宜真健康会馆 (nearest MRT: Bishan) after work. To my surprise, this little store is located at the Block 503 HDB area, near the food court where I sometimes have my weekday lunch.

About Yi Zhen Reflexology & Beauty Centre

Compared to the newly open Samsara, Yi Zhen is an established traditional massage store with 20 years of history at Bishan and 9 years history at Clementi. Therefore, I think it's understandable why this place is a little run down and might be easily overlooked from the outside. Honestly, I did not notice this store until that massage day itself, even though I did pass by it around 3 to 4 times this month.

The interior design is setup in a simple and direct manner without many decorations. Space is just enough to align 5 sofa chairs in a row and a tiny path for the staffs to sit and do their job. After changing into the given short pants (I arrived in long pants lol) which was too big so I had to tie a knot at the side, I covered my lap with the woolen blanket given, settled myself comfortably on the couch, scrolled my phone while watching the news on TV and enjoyed the feet massage service. Honestly, I felt like a queen being served and that was a great feeling!
Feet massage section (took a quick photo when the customers beside left)

40 minutes Foot Massage [$28]

The feet massage started with me soaking my feet in a pail of warm water. Then, a white cream with strong herbal smell was spread onto my feet. After testing my pain-endurance, the male massager started targeting on my veins and muscles using mostly his knuckles, all the way up to my knee caps. It was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep! However, if you are someone who can't take the pain, do remember to request for a mild massage as the staffs there are all very strong in general!

40minutes past by way too quickly. The feet massage ended with him wiping off excessive cream on each leg while doing soft massage with a rough towel. As he cleaned my soles with a warm towel, he asked me if I drink cold beverage regularly! How did he even know that just by pressing my feet?!
A really simple process
Yi Zhen Reflexology Feet massage with cream

30 minutes Shoulder & Back Massage [$30]

Next, I was directed into a female massage room (wow, I didn't know there's another stretch of rooms inside!) where a female massager served me this time. I like that there's no need to change out from my attire-- simply flipped myself over like a dead fish and stuck my head in the hole would do.

Upon discussion, she decided to use non-oil "plucking" traditional Chinese massage on me. The purpose of using an oil is just to ease the pain and friction between skins.

A towel was covered on my back and the girl started her job. Throughout the massage, I told her my aching spots and she attended to them by "plucking" on all the nerves and muscles near the area. Although I've high pain endurance, she still did not dare to apply a stronger pressure on my back as she said I am too skinny and fragile. "My elbow directly pressed into your back even without applying pressure!" Sounds scary, but don't fret, she is really professional and was able to control her strength well (personally found it a little softer than preference, I should have voiced out).

Again, 30minutes drifted past in a blink of an eye. My body was still craving for more massage on each disc of my backbone when the time was up! Therefore, I highly suggest you go for a 60minutes back massage instead.
Hole to stuck your head inside like an ostrich 
Yi Zhen Shoulder & Back Massage (Female section)

My thoughts

I have tried numerous massages and TCM in both Malaysia and Singapore, and I will vote Yi Zhen as the best massage place ever, in terms of both quality and price!

This is because the staffs at Yi Zhen are particular about the quality of their services. Thus, they did their job properly using a consistent strength throughout the entire 40 minutes and 30 minutes sections, unlike some other places. You will feel safe with them (at least I did), as they will constantly check if you're in pain or comfortable with the service.

Some other services that they provide are the sports injury, deep tissue Tuina massage, aroma essential therapy, head scraping and ear candling therapy. All packages come with a complimentary insurance coverage upon purchased. Next time, I want to try the cupping there! (Yes, I am planning to revisit them in near future!)

Do remember to call them for a reservation at least 1 hour beforehand to prevent a long wait! It was quite crowded when I visited them that night.
Price list @ Yi Zhen Reflexology

Giveaway @ Yi Zhen Reflexology!

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This giveaway is hosted on Facebook and Instagram concurrently. Giveaway ends on the 21st September 2017. 2 lucky winners will be notified at night! All discounts are valid until 1st November 2017

Additional Discounts @ Yi Zhen Reflexology!

Yi Zhen is also kind enough to extend their discounts to all my readers.

  1. If the winner brings a friend or a relative, he/she will receive a 20% off foot massage AND a 15% off body massage too! How cool is that?!
  2. If you flash this blog post and quote my social media name (@Joysofyz), you will get a 15% off foot massage AND a 10% off body massage!

More information about Yi Zhen Reflexology:

Address: Blk 503, Bishan ST 11, #01-452, Singapore 570503
Nearest MRT: Bishan MRT (3 minutes walk away)
Opening Hour: Daily, 11 am - 10 pm **call for reservation, last booking at 9:30 pm

Do let me know about your massage experience in the comment below! Be it at Yi Zhen or somewhere else, I will love to hear them all!
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