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Ever since I came to Singapore 4 years ago, my skin has become more sensitive and prone to breakouts way too often. In order to test out all kinds of machines that claimed to be helpful for acnes, I have spent a relatively large sum of my part-time salary on different treatments/packages ranging from $40 to $80 per session.

As expected, some treatments worked while some didn't. However, one thing in common is that all good results didn't last long. In a maximum of 2 weeks, my skin will revert back to its usual terrible condition, despite me keeping up with the scheduled treatments.

Recently, I was invited to try out Wellaholic's (nearest MRT: Lavender) eLight and AfterGlow facial therapy. To my delight, I found out (own presumption based on previous experience) that eLight is actually using Light, Heat Energy (LHE) technology, which happened to be the only machine/technology that worked miracle on me in just 2 sessions at another over-budget beauty outlet (yes, it's really expensive there so I didn't sign any package).

Before the treatment, I was asked to fill up a simple form to understand about my skin type, lifestyle, and skincare routine.
small room with a bed and a shelf to put your belongings
Next, I was brought into a room where I was told to cleanse my face with a wet wipe, before lying down to get my eyes covered by goggles. A layer of cooling aloe vera gel was then brushed onto my face to soothe any skin irritation and to prevent skin dehydration during the process.
preparation before eLight treatment
Applying aloe vera gel
And, the eLight treatment began. Pulses of warm, intense red light were shot onto my face for one round. The red light was blinding, therefore I suggest you roll your eyeball downwards (towards nose tip) instead of looking straight as per usual. The treatment did sting a little, especially on acne wounds. But overall, it didn't hurt that much as extraction.

My beautician told me that long-term maintenance via eLight will help in removing photo-aging effects such as wrinkles, acne spots/scars, and uneven skin textures. Yes, eLight penetrates deep into our skin to boost collagen renewal, acne clearance, and skin rejuvenation. It also minimizes enlarged pores.
eLight treatment going over for 1 round (before pic)
After 15minutes, beams of warm light rays were flashed onto my face for a couple of times. This was the AfterGlow treatment which was said to improve skin radiance and soothe acne inflammation.
The entire treatment took about 20minutes and ended with the beautician rubbing away the excess aloe vera. She then asked me to apply Wellaholic's protective day cream containing high SPF50+++ sunblock to prevent further dehydration (non-sticky, not thick for SPF50). As there's no downtime, there's actually no fear in direct sun exposure on the skin, but you know, prevention is better than cure right?
After eLight treatment
Tried the W+ Protective Day Cream With High SPF 50++
Since there was no extraction, the immediate result was a definite instant brightening and tightening on my skin. Most of the uneven red patches on my face have disappeared right after the treatment stopped! And yes, this post is written 2 weeks after the treatment, and my acnes are healing quick!
What I like best about this entire treatment is that it's time-saving. Simply spare 20minutes during lunch break or after work to see the immediate result. In this case, even busy professionals will be able to look fresh and radiant everywhere. If you book an appointment on a weekend, you can even consider getting both facial treatment and SHR hair removal treatment to be done at the same place, on the same day. Such a time-saver and transportation fee saver!
Price-wise, I highly recommend the $149 package for an unlimited number of eLight treatments per month. Although stated unlimited, the beautician recommended eLight treatment be done 4 to 8 times per month for optimal results (at least 3 or 4 days interval in between) and switch to a monthly treatment as maintenance. Did my maths and it's mere $19-$37 per treatment, which is priced reasonably since there's no mask and extraction, thus it is worth purchasing the monthly package and traveling there weekly.

Besides facial treatments, Wellaholic also offers healthy workout programs specially designed to promote wellness and to keep you in good shape. There're a number of free sessions organized throughout the year where you can join by signing up at Wellaholic meetup group at
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Meanwhile, Wellaholic is still celebrating Singapore National Day. Hence, they are having a 52% off for all their products (excluding services), cap at 52 bottles per product! So, grab them while they're hot! You can check out using discount code: HAPPY52BIR. I'm currently trying out W+ Resveratrol and Life's Promise Multivitamins.
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You can learn more about Wellaholic at:

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