I Tried A Silk Eye Mask by SleepWiz! Here's what happened...

Ever since I started my final year project last year, I've learnt about the sadness of unable to fall asleep. Counting "1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep..." didn't help my insomnia at all, instead, kept me awake until 7 am most of the days. *luckily no more school, can sleep now*

During my graduation trip, one of my friends kept using her eye mask every single day, anytime, everywhere (on the plane, in the car, at our Airbnbs). And, the most wonderful thing is -- she really did fell asleep successfully even on the most uncomfortable plane! Therefore, I started to feel curious about the magic of an eye mask, thus decided to test out a sleeping mask called Luxiere™, given for review by SleepWiz.

What is SleepWiz & Luxiere™?

SleepWiz is a local startup in Singapore that aims to alleviate victims of sleep deprivation through eye masks. They use DreamWeave™ technology to design light-impenetrable eye masks to archive quality sleep. Luxiere™ is one of SleepWiz products which they claim to be a smart eye mask that promotes circulation, relaxes facial muscles and boosts sleeper's melanin levels naturally for a faster, deeper and longer sleep.

i slept

My thoughts on Luxiere™?


1. Silk-woven "marshmallow"

Claiming to be a 100% silk-woven eye mask, Luxiere™ is really like a soft marshmallow that might get crushed in your fingers anytime (I love stroking it like a cat, help in distressing LOL)! Imagine wearing something that is lightweight, soft and puffy, yet has a bit of thickness on your face-- extremely comfortable! I almost felt nothing pressing against my face and was able to breathe easily. Apparently, pure silk has some sort of natural hydrating oil that helps in preventing fine lines on skin! *impressed* (I've no idea on this, read from SleepWiz site)

big and soft

2. Dual adjustable straps

I will give Luxiere™ a big thumbs-up for its dual adjustable straps design! The term "adjustable" is what I need the most when I purchase clothing of all sorts, mainly because I'm fun-sized. With simple adjustments, this considerate design can fit on someone with a small head (like me) and someone with a big head (like my boyfriend who keeps stealing this eye mask to try on too) perfectly. Take note that you are supposed to wear an eye mask moderately loose to minimise pressure from pressing against your temples, to prevent a bad headache! 

3. Light-impenetrable darkness

Instead of the 100% darkness that Luxiere™ claims, I will say that it is 99% darkness instead. Although the extra-wide design does prevent light from entering through the edges, there's still a tiny gap at the bottom beside my right nose bridge (unless I have imbalanced cheeks haiz). However, this doesn't affect me at all as there's zero light leaking upwards. Moreover, who sleep with their eyeballs turn downwards just to peep at the light on purpose?!

dual straps

4. Non-slippery

So far, I've not faced an issue on my eye mask slipping off my eyes while I tossed and turned in my sleep. My experience for this might not count since I am recovered into a very heavy sleeper who sleep like a log, I wouldn't even notice it if it really slipped off a little (but also slept already, so does it really matters?).

5. Less folded lines

Because of its silk material, I am glad that this eye mask doesn't get folded easily unless a heavy pressure is applied on top of it for quite a while.

good firm edges


1. Warm without aircon

Not sure if it is because I am not used to wearing an eye mask, but I personally felt that Luxiere™ got a little warm (not stuffy) after wearing it at room temperature for a while. However, if you sleep in an air-conditioned room or within a room with great air ventilation, you will feel super comfortable and fall asleep almost instantly!

2. Capture some dust

Also because of its silk material and colour black, it pretty obvious to notice dust particles that settled comfortably on top of the surface facing upwards in just 1 day. Although the dust can be removed easily with a slight shake, for a clean freak like me, I will recommend you to keep the eye mask in a dust bag or a zip lock bag instead.

3. Tender care

I think hand washing it with cold water instead of a washing machine will allow Luxiere™ to last longer. Even though the edges do look and feel firm, I doubt the cotton/silk? (too soft, like a pillow, can't tell without cutting it open) inside would not clump together upon the spin of a washing machine. Personally, I will clean this eye mask like how I clean a makeup sponge/cushion.

easy to keep and bring along

FREE Shipping + 3 months warranty!

Well, I do think a good quality eye mask is worth investing for a long-term usage. You will understand what I mean especially during your travel overseas! Now, fret not about your eye mask missed out your flight because SleepWiz also offers various delivery choices from free delivery to same day express delivery! They provide a 3 months warranty too!

You can learn more about SleepWiz at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialSleepWiz/
Email: hello@eyemask.sg
I Tried A Silk Eye Mask by SleepWiz! Here's what happened... I Tried A Silk Eye Mask by SleepWiz! Here's what happened... Reviewed by Joysofyz on 7/10/2017 Rating: 5

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