DOUBLE the water fun @ Wild Wild Wet, Downtown East Seeing Double campaign!

Last Sunday, I was invited by Sample Store to join the launch of Downtown East’s Seeing Double campaign at Wild Wild Wet along with my dedicated plus one -- my boyfriend, who instantly became my "slave-of-the-day". Opps~ #sorryNoSorry
Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East

What is Downtown East, Wild Wild Wet and D'Resort?

Since this was my first time stepping into Downtown East (nearest MRT: Pasir Ris), obviously, it also meant my first time visiting Wild Wild Wet. And... to my horror, I realised Wild Wild Wet has ZERO SIMILARITY to what I have in mind!

Wild Wild Wet turned out to be a legit outdoor water park with legit slides as attractions, something like the Sunway Lagoon in KL. To think all the while I have thought of it as a carnival style park with random slides and many hawker stalls positioned on green wet grass...... I ALMOST DIE... of embarrassment for my blurriness... =____=

As for Downtown East, it's actually one of the largest one-stop recreational hubs and lifestyle destination in Singapore, integrating both D’Resort and Wild Wild Wet into a water park resort. This place is especially favourited by NTUC members and Singaporeans for its affordable entertainment options and resort facilities.

A simple introduction about D’Resort which is situated right beside Wild Wild Wet. This is a nature-inspired resort nestled in the lush greenery of Pasir Ris Park since 1 July 2015 that offers a total of 387 rooms in 9 different room types suitable for all budgets, occasions and demographics. It's such a change to get away from the hectic city life and stay-cay in either a chalet unit or a suite, while enjoying the unique park, mangrove and beach views.  ***Read the last section on 2D1N D'Resort staycation giveaway***
I have already turned black by 3pm

What to expect from Wild Wild Wet?

Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East has recently completed its expansion to DOUBLE of its original size. They're bringing you their newest attractions -- Royal Flush & Free Fall, as well as a LIMITED DURATION Singapore's longest inflatable freestyle water slide (50m length & 4.5m height) -- The WOOSH, available only from 1 June to 30 July 2017!

My poor old phone got drenched in water for 7hours because I might have failed to lock the waterproof pouch properly, else the bag wasn't functioning perfectly... Luckily I did not risk my camera! Heng arh!!! Anyway, do watch it for better understanding my content below!

Read my favourite rides at Wild Wild Wet! 

0. The Woosh!! *LIMITED TIME*

The Woosh is Singapore’s longest inflatable freestyle water slide, where public gets to enjoy a speedy-wooshy slide of 50m length from a height of 4.5m in almost any way possible (which means, if you want to go head first, suit yourself, as long you stay safe LOL). The dual lanes allows you to challenge and compete to see who make it to the end of the slide first! I strongly recommend you to use a float for the slide. I didn't, thus I got stuck halfway and unable to complete the challenge :( *Watch my video to see my demo!*

1. Slide Up!! *TOP FAVOURITE*

Although Slide Up is not one of the newest station, but both of us enjoyed it tremendously! We played this around 1pm when the queue was freaking long, but thankfully, the queue moved quickly. Since the two girls before us has carried the inflatable raft all the way up to the a four-storey ramp and decided to skip the ride eventually (really, it might be too steep for some), so lucky us climbed up the stairs happily just for the slide~~ Psst... Do go with someone TWICE your weight to enjoy the best impact HEHE!

2. Royal Flush!! *SECOND FAVOURITE*

Royal Flush is Asia’s first hybrid ride combining both Behemoth BOWL40 and TornadoWAVE into one unique experience. This was the second ride we rushed over to play right after The Woosh. As it was around 10am, therefore there was no queue yet. Royal Flush is similar to Slide Up but you'll get to enjoy a much longer "flush-down" duration.
Royal Flush

3. Torpedo!! *THIRD FAVOURITE*

Now this is something new to me! In fact, I found it a little scary to be trapped in a 18-metre-high capsule (not to mention the scary laughter recording...) before getting ejected... I swear, you might want prepare yourself both mentally and physically before this 90 degree free-falling experience. Why physically? This is because you will need to press your hands behind your neck for extra protection while G-Force brings your down from a height of 4 storeys. But, some of you might not have that strength left after climbing a super long flight of stairs. I highly recommend you to close your eyes, hold your breathe and keep your muscles tight to prevent water from gushing into your nose while you drop at an alarming speed of 70km/hr.

4. Free Fall!!

Free Fall is Singapore’s first near-vertical full-body drop at up to 55km/hour stands at a whopping six storeys high. Both of us have accidentally mixed up this new ride with Torpedo, thus we have missed out this fun and unable to rate this :( My guess is that this might be something similar to Torpedo, only without a capsule!

5. The Water Works & Ular-Lah!!

There are 2 more rides called The Water Works and Ular-Lah. In which, for adventure seekers like me, I would say to leave them for the last or skip them if the queue is too long to bear (of course, there's no queue at 9am!). Ular-Lah is similar to Royal Flush but consisting only twists and turns, while I kept getting stuck halfway at The Water Works since I played it without a float. There's not much excitement for me :(
Tsunami water area!

Tips to maximize fun at Wild Wild Wet?

1. Chill in water

After the rides, you might want to chill and swim at the Syiok River, Tsunami and get a massage at the Jacuzzi. Actually, I think we spent most of our time here to escape from the sun and to keep ourselves "hydrated externally". LOL! For family with kids, there's also Kidz Zone, Splash Play, Yippie! and Professor's Playground designed specially for children. In short, Wild Wild Wet is a fun overload water park!

2. Tips for slides

While playing the slides, I strongly recommend you to use a float (if available, if allowed). Else, it's best to keep your legs crossed, body tight and legs straight to decrease the friction between your butt and the slide.
Float for slides

3. Tips for rides

To increase the speed of your raft, it's best to pair with a person twice of your weight! Of course, this also means that there will only be 2 persons in the raft to prevent pressure from spreading evenly over a larger surface area. However, sometimes you wouldn't be allowed to do so as it will hold up the queue. So, do plan your rides properly!

4. Apply sunblock

I did not apply sunblock that day at all, thus I am now suffering from skin peeling on my face, sun burnt hands and legs, not to mention 4 shades darker after playing from 9am to 4pm LOL! You should learn from my mistake and take care of your skin!
Tanned me!

Grab 1-for-1 deals by joining Downtown East’s Seeing Double campaign!

Now, are you excited? Let me tell you a great news! To celebrate the completion of Wild Wild Wet expansion to double its original size, Downtown East is considerate enough to came out with a Seeing Double promotion which is family friendly and benefits all members of the public.

As long as you arrived dressed in identical outfits with your friend/family, you will get to enjoy DOUBLE the FUN for HALF the PRICE at four key offerings at Downtown East!

For parents who are looking for kid-friendly places or family/kids things to do this coming June holiday, you might want to consider the 1-for-1 eXplorerkid Playtime deal for some edutainment kid's activities in the E!Hub. Then, take advantage of the 50% discount at D'Resort, stay-cay for the night, before enjoying the 1-for-1 admission into the Wild Wild Wet water park the next morning and the 1-for-1 Bowling Game at Orchid Bowl in the afternoon.

There, you see, I have had your 2D1N June staycation and family fun time schedule well-planned. You're welcome! ***Read the last section for more details & 2D1N D'Resort staycation giveaway***

We broke Singapore Records!

Sounds cool right?! Definitely yes, because we are cool. To kick start Seeing Double campaign on the 4th June, almost all of us supported Downtown East and arrived in identical outfits (or should I rephrase that we were all aiming for the first 200 pairs of complimentary access? Too bad, you missed it. Bleh).

The majestic Singapore saw our effort in dressing, thus she has given us the Singapore Book of Records for the ‘Largest Gathering of Dress Alike Duos’! We has successfully set the record at 111 identical pairs (in 2017) LOL!

Since my boyfriend has outgrown our couple tees bought 4 years ago, thus we were left with NTU hall tee to participate in the "best dressed competition". And, obviously, we lose... How to win when the others actually spent effort and money to purchase bright Mickey Mouse tees, sexy bikinis or Taobao (sign up for free $10) cute off-shoulder spag tops BOOOOO! :(
111 sets of identical outfits!

How to win a FREE 2D1N staycation package at D’Resort?

If you are still sad about missing the free Wild Wild Wet admission, no worries, here's another free giveaway for you to win!

Simply dress identically in pairs with your twinning buddy and take part in Twin & Win contest any time from 4 June to 30 June 2017!

  1. Snap a wefie in identical or matching outfits
  2. Upload onto Instagram using hashtag #SeeingDoubleSG

There you go! Just 2 steps, really simple isn't it? Psst... For those hardcore contestants, be creative and remember to share your entry on more social media platforms to gather likes! More details regarding this contest can be seen in image below. Good luck to you luck-ies!

You can learn more about Seeing Double campaign at:

website: Downtown East Seeing Double Campaign
website: Wild Wild Wet
website: Sample Store
address: Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, S519599


  1. I heard so much about this event and i saw my friends posting about this too...surely wished i had gone for it...:(

  2. They even got a water theme park in Sgpore already? Okay, this is going to be on my bucket list then. haha