A cool mobile photography accessory to try in 2017!

Ever since I entered university, I have gained an interest in photography and have covered many event photography jobs in school. Once in a while, I also joined some talented photographers in taking portrait photoshoots too, occasionally being both the model or the photographer -- just for fun.

However, the more I learnt, the more I felt like upgrading my photography kits. Being someone who is super cautious with my money spending, I am currently still controlling myself from purchasing all original Canon 5D Mark 4 body, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 II USM lens, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens, GoPro Hero 5, Sony RX100 Mark 5, a drone, AND THE LIST GOES ON...

Anyway, there's a new e-shop based in USA called ThatMobileShop who approached me for a shoutout on one of their mobile lens which I have accepted. Within 2 weeks, my new toy arrived in a bubble wrapped polymailer safely...

What is in the box?

  1. 12x zoom mobile telescope zoom lens
  2. multipurpose clip
  3. microscope (to be attached at the back of the lens)
  4. cleaning cloth

Types of mobile phone lens?

So far, I have only owned a multifunctional 3-in-1 mobile kit lens that's able to capture images in 3 different settings by switching glass pieces: fisheye, macro and wide-angle. Therefore, I can say this is truly my first time coming across this cool mobile photography accessory, a mobile telescope lens of a mini-torchlight size!

I'll share some of my opinions on this portable ReadyZoomLens and you can see how this can up your mobile photography game!

Pros of ReadyZoomLens @ ThatMobileShop!

1. 12x Optical Zoom

So far, I personally try not to use digital zoom as I hate the fact that my image is being stretched instead of being magnified. I would rather shoot without zoom and crop my photo afterwards to prevent additional loss of image quality. Therefore, I find this telescope lens from ThatMobileShop interesting as it is able to turn my short-sighted phone camera into a telephoto with 12 times magnification (optical zoom) to prevent my need of getting closer to my subject.

However, the higher the magnification, the more unstable the shot will become. Hand-holding a 12x zoom lens is impossible even if you have the best image stabilisation in your phone (unless you're able to control your camera shuttle speed). Thus, for best results, it is important to steady your shot with a mobile tripod or to rest your elbow on something stable to act as a temporary phone stand. Also, try not to zoom in all the way to the maximum. 

2. Portable and detachable

The lens is of weight 61g with a dimension of 3.5*8.6cm. It's obviously too awkward to clip on your phone at all times. Luckily it's portable, convenient and quite light to detach and bring along with you in a pouch.

3. Universally compatible

The best thing about this telescope lens is that it is compatible with all phones with a built-in camera. No software installation is needed, simply clip it to your phone's camera and the glass arrangements within the lens will do the magic for you. Also, almost zero care is needed for this lens. There's no need to worry about not storing them in a camera dry box.

Cons of ReadyZoomLens @ ThatMobileShop!

1. Blur & distorted edges

Upon testing, I'm really impressed by the lens zooming capability, here're some before and after photos for comparison! Both the most-left images are brighten up, mainly to show the original distance. Take note that these photos are taken at low-light condition, which my Samsung Note5 is not good at... Thus both freehand photos are taken as still as possible with multiple trial and errors. As you can see, the results are quite blurry (it'll be much better under daylight), and there's quite a bit of distortion around the edges. Luckily, most of the distortion can be fixed by cropping off the edges or making your photos into a square. The blurred photo can also be sharpened (a bit) using any photo-editing application. Result will varies based on the lighting condition of your environment and your phone model. I guess this lens might works better for modern phone models from Samsung S7 and iPhone6 onward.

2. Lower image quality 

For the price, it's obvious that you're not going to get the quality of a DSLR. It's not even close to the result of my mirrorless Sony RX100 Mark4. But, it's definitely a cool toy that gives you a decent close-up shot when you need one! 

How to use a mobile phone lens?

Since this kit didn't come with an installation menu, therefore I will briefly explain the setup steps below. Alternatively, you can watch my Youtube video above for a 30seconds overview.

  1. Attach telephoto lens to multipurpose clip  
  2. Align lens ring and camera ring until no black edges are seen (I think my demo was a bit moved)
  3. Tap camera screen to focus on object
  4. Adjust focus knob on lens to sharpen edges of object
  5. Capture and save your image

Who needs this telescopic lens?

Yes, I do agree that this is a cool toy, but a telescope lens will not become a must-have in my phone photography accessory (personally, I find a wide-angle lens and a fish-eye lens more practical)-- UNLESS you are someone who enjoys attending concerts, attending conferences, and loves to take photos of your favourite idol/pet/buildings afar. Or, a photographer wanna-be, but couldn't afford a super expensive professional lens, so comfort yourself by owning a toy lens instead...... (this is me). 

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Other amazing mobile accessories at ThatMobileShop:

website: bit.ly/readyzoomlens
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveThatMobileShop
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovethatmobileshop/
email: custcare@thatmobileshop.com


  1. OMG! That is one amazing gadget! I know what to get for my friend's birthday - he loves photography too.

  2. This is cool and handy. Perfect for bloggers!

  3. The lens looks so handy though!! The zoom in quality was amazingly done too =)