Watch DBS Sparks Episode 7 and Cry Like A Baby

What is DBS Sparks?

Since February 2016, DBS has launched DBS Sparks, which is an industry-first mini-series that feature the true stories of young bankers solving unusual client challenges.
DBS Sparks mini-series

Sparks Episodes

To date, Sparks Episode 1 to 6 and their trailers have hit a great success with more than 58 million views, as well as 5.5 million digital engagements across the region. Therefore, everyone is excited about the upcoming Sparks Episode 7: Stand By Me.

If you are interested in the past Sparks episodes too, click on the links below to be directed to a new window.
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DBS Sparks upcoming episode 7: stand by me
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Casts of Sparks Episode 7: Stand By Me

The above-mentioned episode will be featuring Nathan Hartono (runner-up in 2017 Sing!China competition) and Jaime Teo (founder of Twelve Cupcakes), as the young banker and the client's wife in the story.
Nathan Hartono & Jaime Teo short interview

Trailer of Sparks Episode 7: Stand By Me

The story goes all the way back in time with Chester, a young banker who formed a bond with his first clients-- a young couple who owns a small bus company. However, a series of unfortunate events happened which challenged the family and tested Chester in handling his client's business.

Personal Experience after watching preview

Honestly speaking, I was actually moved by the preview and tears just started streaming down my face like tap water (ok, I am someone who is easily overwhelmed by emotion on screens). Things that ran through my mind was "how is it possible that so many setbacks occurred in such a short period of time... what if this happens to my family... what if...". Thankfully, it was pitch black and I was only wearing a minimal makeup.
preview of DBS Sparks episode 7: stand by me

Reason and date to watch sparks episode 7

Anyway, if you are a fan of Nathan Hartono (which my partner is, thus we decided to support his short film) or Jaime Teo, or plainly just curious about what can actually trigger my emotion embarrassingly, this episode 7: Stand By Me will be streaming on www.dbs.com/sparks, 16th June 2017. Mark your calendar to not miss it!

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Hope you will get to express your emotion once in a while too! That's all for this post :)

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