Ultimate guide on how to design a professional name card!

Well, ever since I got my customised Samsung Note 5 phone casing and personalised G-Shock watch, I have been dreaming to get all my stuffs labelled as mine. Yes, I do mean LITERALLY. EVERYTHING.

So, when PrintMyStuff offered me their name card printing service, I couldn't bring myself to reject it! At the same time, I took this opportunity as a motivation to complete my own #branding homework, procrastinated since 1 year ago.

2 Main Reasons Why You Need A Personalised Name Card?

1. Memorable First Impression

If you are thinking that "everyone is focusing on electronic devices and virtual stuffs, why do you even bother?" Then, you are on the RIGHT TRACK! Exactly, just because "e-something" is becoming a norm, thus you will need a physical name card to stand out from the crowd, to create a more memorable first impression of your professional brand!

2. New Promotional Opportunities

Let's say you meet up with a client and offer him a name card. Your client might not even give it a glance but keep it into his wallet. When he next open his wallet and sees your name card, he might recall your service, contact you for a follow up or might mention you to his friends. Hey dude, your name card has just found you a new opportunity with a potential new customer! :D

What to Include In Your Name Card?

1. Must-have Information

Obviously, you would want people to know who you are (that's the aim right?!). So, your preference name, brand name, job title / position and contact (email, number and/or website) must be presented.

2. Optional Information

Depending on your job, you might want to include your brand logo, tagline, photo and social media profiles. For higher accessibility, you can consider creating a QR code for your website using one of the many QR Code Generators online, such as GOQR and QRStuff.

How to Design Your Name Card in 5 Steps?

I will try to keep this section simple. If you already have a style guide for your brand, follow them to ensure consistency in all marketing collateral. 

Before creating your name card, you should have already decided on your brand identity and brand visual. A strong branding will help you to stand out of the crowd easier. If you need help in building a brand that looks, feels, and sounds like you, you might want to consider hiring a designer at Fiverr.

However, if you want to design yourself, yet unfamiliar with design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign or Sketch, I highly suggest you to follow my guide below and give Canva a try! It'll saves you tons of work!

1. Select the right colours

For a complete beginner, the easiest way to decide a colour palette is by uploading your preferred photo onto a random colour palette generator. Next, select a maximum of 3 main colours to be used throughout your design. For designers, you can utilise your knowledge on colour theories and colour meanings. This infographic on Pinterest will teach you how to choose a colour scheme.

2. Font pairings

Normally, 1 to 3 typefaces (fonts) are used in a design sparingly as body texts and heading texts to prevent clutter and confusion. If you are unfamiliar with basic typography, this article might get you started, or you can get inspiration from this image on Pinterest.

3. Experiment with Visual Hierarchy

A strong contract in visual hierarchy will make your design pops! You can play with different text alignments (left, right and centre. No justify please), font weights (bold, italic, underline), font sizes and caps too. If you're using a single typeface, you can also experiment with tracking (spacing between letters) too! Oh ya, it's important to use lots of white space for higher readability.

4. Include Design Elements

Now that you've settled both fonts and colours, it's time to include the needed design elements, such as brand logo, photo, social media icons, background, etc.

One of the fastest way to create a logo is by modifying from a ready-made logo template. Here's 2 cheap logo template packs that might be useful for you:
  1. Feminine Logo Templates MINIMAL
  2. Vector Feminine Logo Templates
For free icon downloads, Flaticon is one of the best choice. Otherwise, you can purchase premium icons and other fancy fonts or design elements from Creative Market. Do remember to take note of copyright issues on freebies you are using!

5. Touch up

Glad that you've finally make it to this step! By now, your name card should be almost completed! Double check your alignments, padding, spacing and spellings then you are done! It's quite simple right?

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