Free Massage Giveaway @ Samsara Spa!

Samsara Wellness Spa has finally opened at the East of Singapore, currently celebrating their 4th-month opening. On the courtesy of Samsara, I decided to pamper myself while testing out their famous foot massage and body massage services 2 weeks before my graduation trip to Japan. These are 5 things I have learnt during my unusual "Journey to the West  East"

1. 15 minutes walk away from Paya Lebar MRT

Since Google Map shows that Samsara is located somewhere in between Paya Lebar and Eunos MRT with 15-18minutes walking distance from either station, I highly advise you to learn from my mistake and CAB OVER TO SAMSARA!

If you prefer to travel by feet, alight at Paya Lebar MRT instead of Eunos MRT. Go to the back of the Singpost building, follow the train track, cross the road, follow the direction of Google Map and walk all the way towards Geylang Serai (left and right turns in between, sorry, I was lost) until you reach Joo Chiat Road. Samsara Wellness Spa will be opposite Angmoh Noodle House, which is one of the popular food stalls there.

2. Beautiful interior design filled with essential oil aroma

I was greeted by welcoming aircon and a whiff of strong essential oil smell in the spa. I couldn't pinpoint the aroma, but it's definitely soul-relaxing which calmed me down instantly.

After my previous visit at Chrysalis Spa, I find the space at Samsara relatively smaller. However, you can still see the efforts put in by their interior designer in arranging all the beautiful decorations everywhere. It's undoubtedly a nice place to chill, especially if you visit the spa with a bunch of friends and occupy the entire space for yourself!

3. Snack on tea and watermelon

A platter with sweet red watermelon cubes, a cup of refillable tea and a wet towel was served to be munched on while enjoying my foot massage.

As Samsara changes their tea daily, you will get a surprise of either rose, jasmine, osmanthus, wolfberries, or barley (da mai) tea. The tea that I drank was a mix of rose and wolfberries, yummy! Best part, there's FREE WIFI and charging points available too -- top 2 criteria that I needed most in a shop!

4. Experienced staffs from Sabah

a) 15-minute Foot Herbal Soak

Upon reaching, I was told to soak my feet in the wooden pail containing 1 tea bag to relax tension and to remove odour from my feet. I have a low heat tolerance, thus the water was slightly too hot for me at the beginning (maybe 45 degrees), but it didn't take me long to adjust to the temperature and enjoyed the warmth~ For people who have higher heat tolerance, you can request to add more hot water.

b) 20-minute Shoulder Therapy Pillow

At the same time, I was given a warm neck rest. Apparently, you can either choose sea salt or herbal therapy shoulder pillow. Both improve blood circulation, but postnatal and ladies are recommended to try the herbal neck rest instead. I've no idea what I was given, but I was pretty happy with whatever mine was. Based on another blogger friend's review, the warmth in the herbal neck rest last 5 minutes longer than the sea salt one.

c) 30-minute Foot Massage

Then, Samsara's number 3 staff named "Joker" dried my feet and asked me to pick an essential oil to start the foot massage session. 4 essential oils with respective benefits are available:
  1. Olive- good for dry skin
  2. Rose- nice fragrant
  3. Lavender- calming effect
  4. Ginger- blood circulation, good for those who walk a lot
"Joker" has 10 years massage experience working at both Sabah and KL, therefore he was able to apply the exact pressure without hurting me. To prevent myself from falling asleep, I chatted with him in Malay and learnt that all staffs came from Sabah, mixture of Kadazan and Malay ethnics. They are hired based on their experience. I found that they understand basic English and they are able to communicate fluently in Malay.

d) 30-minute Body Massage

I moved over to the massage bed for a clothes-on body massage. As both the female massagers were busy serving the other customers, "Joker" did my body massage with a layer of towels on my back.

All staffs can do 3 massage styles: deep tissue, point pressure and Malaysia style. Massage can be customised according to your needs, such as front tummy massage for menses and a special massage for pregnant ladies too.

For myself, I got a back and leg massage, with a quick head and neck massage too. My back has been suffering from muscles/veins pain since primary 4. "Joker" managed to feel the tensed veins, focused on those super pain spots and successfully released my tension.

5. Free Giveaway and 50% Discount

Samsara Wellness Spa is also kind enough to give TWO of my readers a respective buddy package of:
1 FREE session of 30-minute Foot Massage + 2nd pax 50% OFF ANY Massage

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Giveaway ends on the 12th July 2017, 10pm. A total of 2 lucky winners will be contacted via Facebook message!

You can learn more about Samsara Wellness Spa at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samsarawellnesssingapore/
Address: 173 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427444
Opening Hour: Weekdays 1pm - 6pm
Phone: 6344 3114


  1. Ah, what a relaxing session you had. I am soooo envious. Feel so tired right now after a long work day. Yes, no rest even on a Saturday.

  2. Wow. Looks very relaxing. I wish i can go there when i visit singapore in 2 weeks 😊

  3. What a lovely place, a haven for the weary body and soul... I need to book myself in one of our local spas also after seeing this... Huhuhu

  4. I love massages! Especially after a long trip overseas lugging around the heavy luggage and backpacks :)

  5. I love massages, i could spend long hours for this kind of pampering and always I got a lovely sleep. What is their special massage?

  6. would love to come here if i;m back to singapore

  7. Too bad I'm in MY!! I would love to try this, the massage looks relax and enjoyable too!

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