5 reasons to visit the Enchanted Garden Cafe in June

Last week, I met up with a couple of new blogger friends for the first time at the Enchanted Garden Cafe, located at the level 4 of V Hotel to try out their upcoming June menu!

Why Should You visit the Enchanted Garden Cafe?

1. Green Nature theme!

This cafe is truly a hidden gem where the place lives up to it's name -- Just imagine Alice in The Wonderland! It's enchanting, pretty, and mesmerizing at the same time. This restaurant has a green nature theme, with the entire cafe decorated with green vines, butterflies, flowers, cute animals, a photoshoot area, a swing and a foosball table game. It is so spacious both indoor and outdoor, such that you can probably choose a quiet corner with zero noise disturbance during a non-peak hour -- totally an escapism from the hustle and bustle city life! Oh, did I not mentioned that there are sofa seats outdoor too?
Interior at The Enchanted Garden Cafe
Cute animal decorations everywhere
I mean literally everywhere. They serve beers and wines too
Vine decorations on all walls and ceilings
Can't resist taking a photo
The buffet area outdoor (there is another outdoor portion)
Featuring the outdoor sofa area and the foosball game (more tables behind)
If there's no one, I might just take a nap here. Featuriing bloggers (from left): Me, Andrea, Jess and Isabella

2. Great Customer Service!

Technically, their service is great because there's joy and laughter everywhere. Oh, believe me, you will definitely prefer to dine at a place where the staffs support each other, joke around yet not forgetting to inquiry on your dining experience constantly. (Yeah, I really hate restaurants where I can hear manager shouting at their staffs publicly on some trivial matters.)
sneak peak of May menu
Counter right outside level 4 

3. Happy Hour the Entire Day!

The Enchanted Garden offers happy hour throughout the whole day from 11am to 12am -- in which there will be a "1-for-1 drink" special in June's promotion! This is absolutely great because you can visit them on your own sweet time, yet getting to enjoy all ongoing promotions. In the afternoon, business men might want to drink icy cold beer while discussing their project plans; In the evening, dating guys might want to surprise their sweetheart by bringing her to this romantic place filled with LED lights. No photos, because we dined in the afternoon and chilled until evening when the sky was still bright.
Can't resist the pretty reflection
Photos at the photoshoot area
Big enough for a jump shoot
See the LED strips & the detailed decorations
Featuring us & out favourite animals
Actually I like both animals
No date that day :( So I took up the entire space
Loving these electric candles. Nice ambiance right?!

4. Additional 15% Discount Because You are reading This!

On top of the happy hour promotion, you can get an additional 15% discount for both the main courses and the soft drinks just by flashing this blog post (limited to June's menu and excluding promotional items). So, wait no more and bookmark this post now! By the way, they serve organic teas made of fruits and flowers.

5. New Menu has Mouth-Watering Good Food!

Do you know that this cafe actually make the effort to change their menu once in a while?! No? Now you know. Well, I am not sure about their previous menus since I have only tasted their latest menu planned for June onwards, so I can only ensure you that their new menu will be a very nice one!

The reason I said so is because I would be eating cold food most of the time after taking photos (especially when the food is shared within a group). Sometimes, the food might turned too hard to be chewed or became way too oily to be swallowed. But not this cafe! Everything was still chewy with their respective taste after 1 hour. Of course, in the first place, why should you even start eating only after the food went cold?
*rest assure I have not been posting any photos regarding those dishes without giving a relatively low rating. I only post what I like and believe you might enjoy :)*

4 Main Dishes
Baby black ribs $18.80 ***MY FORTH FAVOURITE***
(square plate with fries, beside the right most teapot)
Lamb shank $26.80 ***MY SECOND FAVOURITE***
(easy to debone! I would rate this as top if I am not a fish person)
Miso cod fillet $32 ***MY TOP FAVOURITE***
(Absolutely bursting with flavour after marinating for ONE WHOLE DAY)
Grilled pork chop $18.80
4 Side Dishes
Cheesy pork balls $9.80 ***MY THIRD FAVOURITE!***
(MUST BUY side dish, way too much cheese!)
Seafood corquette $12.80 *many kinds of seafood in within*
(This is nice, but too filling as it contains potatoes too. Recommend for multiple persons)
Korean spiced chicken wings $12.80
Fish fingers $7.80
2 Appetisers
Spicy topshell $8.80 ***MY FIFTH FAVOURITE***
(MUST BUY appetiser, super chewy!)
Spiced crispy anchoview $8.80

Who Should visit the Enchanted Garden Cafe?

In my personal opinion, everyone ought to try their dishes once in your life (let it be June 2017). Simply because their food is freaking good! I highly recommend this cafe to romantic couples on a date, family bonding session, business meetups, events needing a buffet spread or simply to chill and hangout with friends. *Have I covered all occasions?*

Contact the Enchanted Garden Cafe!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enchantedgardenrestaurant/
Address: Enchanted Garden, 70 Jellicoe Road, #04-01, V Hotel Lavender, Singapore 208767
Opening Hour: 11am - 12am midnight
Telephone: 6291 5878


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