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Free Massage Giveaway @ Samsara Spa!

Samsara Wellness Spa has finally opened at the East of Singapore, currently celebrating their 4th-month opening. On the courtesy of Samsara, I decided to pamper myself while testing out their famous foot massage and body massage services 2 weeks before my graduation trip to Japan. These are 5 things I have learnt during my unusual "Journey to the West  East"
1. 15 minutes walk away from Paya Lebar MRT Since Google Map shows that Samsara is located somewhere in between Paya Lebar and Eunos MRT with 15-18minutes walking distance from either station, I highly advise you to learn from my mistake and CAB OVER TO SAMSARA!

If you prefer to travel by feet, alight at Paya Lebar MRT instead of Eunos MRT. Go to the back of the Singpost building, follow the train track, cross the road, follow the direction of Google Map and walk all the way towards Geylang Serai (left and right turns in between, sorry, I was lost) until you reach Joo Chiat Road. Samsara Wellness Spa will be opposite An…

A cool mobile photography accessory to try in 2017!

Ever since I entered university, I have gained an interest in photography and have covered many event photography jobs in school. Once in a while, I also joined some talented photographers in taking portrait photoshoots too, occasionally being both the model or the photographer -- just for fun.

However, the more I learnt, the more I felt like upgrading my photography kits. Being someone who is super cautious with my money spending, I am currently still controlling myself from purchasing all original Canon 5D Mark 4 body, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 II USM lens, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens, GoPro Hero 5, Sony RX100 Mark 5, a drone, AND THE LIST GOES ON...

Anyway, there's a new e-shop based in USA called ThatMobileShop who approached me for a shoutout on one of their mobile lens which I have accepted. Within 2 weeks, my new toy arrived in a bubble wrapped polymailer safely...

Watch My Unboxing Video Below!

What is in the box? 12x zoom mobile telescope zoom lensmultipurpose clipmicro…

Ultimate guide on how to design a professional name card!

Well, ever since I got my customised Samsung Note 5 phone casing and personalised G-Shock watch, I have been dreaming to get all my stuffs labelled as mine. Yes, I do mean LITERALLY. EVERYTHING.

So, when PrintMyStuff offered me their name card printing service, I couldn't bring myself to reject it! At the same time, I took this opportunity as a motivation to complete my own #branding homework, procrastinated since 1 year ago.

2 Main Reasons Why You Need A Personalised Name Card? 1. Memorable First Impression If you are thinking that "everyone is focusing on electronic devices and virtual stuffs, why do you even bother?" Then, you are on the RIGHT TRACK! Exactly, just because "e-something" is becoming a norm, thus you will need a physical name card to stand out from the crowd, to create a more memorable first impression of your professional brand!

2. New Promotional Opportunities Let's say you meet up with a client and offer him a name card. Your client migh…

DOUBLE the water fun @ Wild Wild Wet, Downtown East Seeing Double campaign!

Last Sunday, I was invited by Sample Store to join the launch of Downtown East’s Seeing Double campaign at Wild Wild Wet along with my dedicated plus one -- my boyfriend, who instantly became my "slave-of-the-day". Opps~ #sorryNoSorry

What is Downtown East, Wild Wild Wet and D'Resort? Since this was my first time stepping into Downtown East (nearest MRT: Pasir Ris), obviously, it also meant my first time visiting Wild Wild Wet. And... to my horror, I realised Wild Wild Wet has ZERO SIMILARITY to what I have in mind!

Wild Wild Wet turned out to be a legit outdoor water park with legit slides as attractions, something like the Sunway Lagoon in KL. To think all the while I have thought of it as a carnival style park with random slides and many hawker stalls positioned on green wet grass...... I ALMOST DIE... of embarrassment for my blurriness... =____=

As for Downtown East, it's actually one of the largest one-stop recreational hubs and lifestyle destination in Singapore…

Watch DBS Sparks Episode 7 and Cry Like A Baby

What is DBS Sparks? Since February 2016, DBS has launched DBS Sparks, which is an industry-first mini-series that feature the true stories of young bankers solving unusual client challenges.
Sparks Episodes To date, Sparks Episode 1 to 6 and their trailers have hit a great success with more than 58 million views, as well as 5.5 million digital engagements across the region. Therefore, everyone is excited about the upcoming Sparks Episode 7: Stand By Me.

If you are interested in the past Sparks episodes too, click on the links below to be directed to a new window.
Episode 1: Once Upon A Time
Episode 2: Saving Sunlight
Episode 3: Fighting Giants
Episode 4: Never Too Late
Episode 5: In Pursuit Of The Cure
Episode 6: New Beginnings

Casts of Sparks Episode 7: Stand By Me The above-mentioned episode will be featuring Nathan Hartono (runner-up in 2017 Sing!China competition) and Jaime Teo (founder of Twelve Cupcakes), as the young banker and the client's wife in the story.
Trailer of Sparks Ep…

5 reasons to visit the Enchanted Garden Cafe in June

Last week, I met up with a couple of new blogger friends for the first time at the Enchanted Garden Cafe, located at the level 4 of V Hotel to try out their upcoming June menu!

Why Should You visit the Enchanted Garden Cafe? 1. Green Nature theme! This cafe is truly a hidden gem where the place lives up to it's name -- Just imagine Alice in The Wonderland! It's enchanting, pretty, and mesmerizing at the same time. This restaurant has a green nature theme, with the entire cafe decorated with green vines, butterflies, flowers, cute animals, a photoshoot area, a swing and a foosball table game. It is so spacious both indoor and outdoor, such that you can probably choose a quiet corner with zero noise disturbance during a non-peak hour -- totally an escapism from the hustle and bustle city life! Oh, did I not mentioned that there are sofa seats outdoor too?

2. Great Customer Service! Technically, their service is great because there's joy and laughter everywhere. Oh, believe m…