Best Waffle At Kosnica Honey Cafe

You know what's the worst thing that can happen on a birthday? Let me tell you...

Falling sick.

Yeah, my birthday falls on the 30th April, and this year I was like a sick chicken down with the flu and high fever. But, I tried my best to pull myself out from the bed and struggled to go out with my boyfriend, since he will be going back to army in May for one whole month (the day after my birthday. He has to wake up at 4:30 am for his 7 am camp at another end of Singapore, laugh die me!).

As I was super tired that day, he cancelled his dinner surprise for me (I still don't know where it is, just know that it was supposed to be somewhere high up but not at Marina Bay Sand. hmmm...) And, we decided to visit Kosnica honey cafe instead (nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar) since I have an invitation from them too. 
Corner shop 8 minutes walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station
Greeted by the cute marshmallow bee, so cute!!!

Kosnica is the first honey bee theme cafe in Singapore. Their founder, Zack and his team aim to create something unique and iconic within the cafe scene in Singapore. They love the idea of honey bees playing a huge part in the restoration of our ecosystem. Thus, Kosnica cafe is born.
The bee plushies are stuffed everywhere. It's so entertaining!
Plenty of customer's photos are pegged on their wall as decoration and testimonial

Similar to most cafes in Singapore, Kosnica provides waffles, gelato ice creams, cakes, mocktails and organic teas. What's different is that they added in sweet and edible honey in their recipes. Thus, desserts at Kosnica are considered somewhat a lighter and healthier choice, as honey contains antibacterial properties that speed up healing.

Kosnica has a whole stretch of gelatos ranging from fruits to all kinds of gelato flavours 

Based on their staff recommendation, we ordered one of their upsized waffle set [$16.80] -- 1 signature buttermilk waffle with 2 scoops of gelato ice creams (new lavender flavour and my favourite Ferrero Rocher favour) to share. For beverages, we decided to go for their cold Pink Lady mocktail [$7.60] and hot organic hibiscus tea [forgot the price liao, don't recall seeing the price yet] from their newly released organic tea menu with detox function.
Featuring the organic tea with their waffle set

Of course, camera always eats first. This is the tradition in our new-generation, no? (unless I am too hungry to bother) But, how can you resist NOT taking photos when the sofa seats have so many bee toys SMILING at you, inviting you for a hug?! I named them "Bumble" and "Bee" LOL! They are my face models of the day, super huggable, forever holding the best pose ready for a snap!
This is "Bumble"
Bumble is hungry and he is ready to attack the waffle
Spread out the wings and ATTACK!!! Featuring the lazy "Bee" behind.

I highly recommend you to get a waffle during your visit at Kosnica cafe. Their buttermilk waffle has honey drizzled on it, fresh strawberries and cereals sprinkled over it. I like that the waffle is crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. Reminded me of Taiwan so much!!! I used to have 2 waffles per day during my exchange at Taiwan, and THIS IS THE 85% OF THE WAFFLE FEEL I AM LOOKING FOR IN SINGAPORE! (Sorry to say that I don't really like most of the waffles made here, especially by Swee Heng Bakery. Opps)

I love the smoothness and creaminess of the gelatos, and I like the taste of both flavours I have chosen. However, I highly suggest you to try before ordering as everyone has different preferences. I believe not everyone will like the Lavender flavour ice-cream. Nope, not that it's bad, but it tasted unique. A familiar taste that I couldn't pinpoint it (ya I know it's lavender, but I don't recall eating any lavender ice cream before hmm...).
Looks good, feels good, I like!
Finally you get to see Lady Pink mocktail in this photo. Must stir before drinking. It was in my Instagram story, now downloaded in my gallery but I lazy upload the poor drowning strawberry.

It's good that Kosnica has both the hot and cold beverage options for everyone. Personally, I prefer the Lady Pink made of Yakult, guava, strawberry, premium honey, lemon and soda. It quenched my thirst completely, although I firmly believed that I was not supposed to have a cold drink when I was sick. On the contrary, my boyfriend preferred the organic hibiscus tea (also containing honey) which is calming to the soul and soothing for the throat.
I can finish everything here, but I decided to be generous and share hehe
Bumble and Bee are 2 active kiddos
Bumble is friendly too. He didn't sting me when I bullied him.

I was semi-conscious towards the end of our meal-- good food, nice drink, soft seat, with additional fever making me tired easily. However, I am grateful to have found a cafe which I will come back next time for the remaining red velvet and matcha waffle options. Hope they are good!

And oh ya, the couples sitting at the best seats finally left after 2 hours, so I got to capture some photos with the beautiful wall decoration!
Giving away 5 Kosnica vouchers for 5 lucky winners on Instagram

Update: Kosnica is having a high tea set promotion [$9.90] on weekdays 1-5pm, consisting 1 mini waffle, 1 gelato and 1 tea or coffee.

Since it is a promotion meal, I don't think it is valid to use it with the $10 off voucher (minimum $20 spending). Moreover, it's the waffle you should try (promotion set one is mini)!
See my shag face near the end of our visit LOL
This is the best spot! Go snatch this place when you arrive!

Contacts Kosnica

Address: 61 Duxton Road, 8 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT.
Opening Hour: 12pm - 10pm
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  1. What a lovely place.. thanks for detailed those cute little bees

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