You Will Never Believe What Is Inside Chrysalis Spa!

So, I am done with my final oral presentation and I am currently waiting for my convocation (oh, GRAD LIAO LUH)! How great is it to be free from studies~ Honestly speaking, I did not learn anything useful in school. Every needed skills in my future jobs are self-learnt through online courses.

For those who know me personally, they should be oh-so-well aware by now that I have always been facing acne problem throughout my university life. I am constantly seeking for new and cheap beauty products / treatments suitable for my skin, and have tried 7 facial outlets, signed 3 treatment packages, in which 2 packages are yet to be completed as my skin became allergic to the products halfway.

Ever since I started stressing over my final year project 18 hours per day for entire 1 year, the condition of my skin has deteriorated from bad to worse due to the lack of sleep (yes, I went to bed at 6am daily). It doesn't help when both side of my cheeks got a sudden severe bacteria-infection breakout since a few months ago. My self-confidence hit rock bottom, as I have to appear in school with zero makeups on as to not worsen the infection. This brought quite a lot of exclamations from my friends like "Wah aiyo... What happened to you oh?!", blah blah blah!

Visit @ Chrysalis Spa , Ang Mo Kio Hub #03-26 (nearest MRT: AMK)

So, when Chrysalis Spa invited me over for one session of their facial treatment, I immediately scheduled it the day after my oral presentation. Chrysalis Spa is a one-stop spa in Singapore established since 2001. They provide all kinds of beauty services ranging from face to body, with 6 outlets spread all in popular malls around Singapore at Ang Mo Kio hub, Pacific Plaza, Westgate, Bedok Mall and they are opening soon at Jurong Point too! You can see more details in the screenshot below.
Screenshot of services provided by Chrysalis Spa (credits to official website)

Initially, I planned to test out their unique Nano Stem Cells Facial or Instant Lifter Facial treatment. However, upon seeing my terrible skin condition, their beautician honestly ensured me that either treatments will definitely caused me severe breakouts the next day. Those unique treatments are only suitable for skin with a tiny weeny bit of pimples. She suggested me to go for their problematic skin treatment instead.
AMK Hub #03-26, located at a corner
Their beauticians didn't want to appear in my photos so they hid from me
A warm cup of herbal tea is served before and after the treatment
After filling up my details and signing the agreement forms, I was told to keep my belongings in their locker and was then led to an unexpectedly massive and spacious spa room with warm orange light. I believe this type of spa room will be available for customers signing up in pairs, as the spa room consists of 2 single beds, 1 television, 1 mirror, 1 amoeba-shaped bath tub and 1 tiny steam/bath room.
Locker key is thoughtfully tied to a hairtie for safety assurance.
Featuring my bare face before treatment done (hair covering half of my infection areas)
This is half the size of the spa room
The sink and the mirror, featuring the remote control of the television? LOL
You are required to change into the mint tube for treatment, and white robe only if you are using their spa service.
I am happy that their tube is tight enough for someone as skinny as me, it didn't fell off .
This is the corner where the bath tub lies, such a romantic setup, got candles somemore!
Come with your spouse and enjoy your own sweet time together AHAHA 
Just showing the hot water tap and the candles. This corner got feel right?! Like super syiok!
Towels are used as leg rest and blanket respectively. You can enjoy TV while getting your treatment done.
The bath/steam room is thoughtfully positioned beside the bath tub. 

Problematic Skin Treatment (a.k.a Acne Treatment)

The starting part of the acne treatment was the same old procedures -- double cleansing using cleansing milk then cleansing foam, softening mask and finally extraction that I dreaded the most.

Usually, I am generally allergic to products with floral scents. Therefore, I was truly surprise when no irritation or itchiness resulted from their imported products from Paris, despite them containing some sort of sweet and light floral fragrance that I couldn't pinpoint at all.
Oh my god.. See my face sibeh jialat... Cleasing with face massage!
A very good "before" photo... You must see the "after"!

I am grateful that my beautician did a very thorough extraction for about... 40 minutes?! While extracting, my beautician advised me on what I am not suppose to eat, such as chicken, spicy food, soya sauce, black vinegar, peanut, ice cream, blah blah blah... However, all these food just happen to be the only thing I eat (except chicken, I prefer fish), so I do need plenty of self-control from now on. She also warned me that my acne scars will take roughly A FREAKING SIX MONTHS to recover BOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Luckily, she ensured me that her extraction would not leave any scars after this treatment.

Meso Facial Treatment

The main factor that make me sign a package with a beauty clinic is their machines targeted on different treatments. For acne, most of the clinics that I went either used the high-frequency machine or the IPL laser machine, which resulted in dryer skin. However, Chrysalis Spa choose to use Meso Facial treatment to massage aloe vera ampule into my skin, instead of applying the ampule directly onto my skin. The icy cold sensation did helped in relieving the soreness and redness after the extraction, while balancing my skin tone and keeping my skin hydrated. This process took approximately 20 minutes.

The best part for the Meso Facial treatment is that it is needle free. Unlike other treatments that need puncturing which causes pain, the Meso Facial give quick results and rejuvenate our skin painlessly. It delivers active ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to exactly where the skin needs it. The end results is healthier glowing skin.
Hydration machine used along with aloe vera ampule.
Featuring my sore and red face after extraction.

Next, a smoothing clay mask was applied on my face before I got a relaxing back and neck massage using lemon grass essential oil. I was then left to rest for about 30 minutes. *DID I MENTIONED THE BED CAN BE TILTED UPWARDS?! SO COOL* and yeap, I opted to not cover my eyes as I didn't feel like sleeping, instead I wanted to take photos.
Enjoying my massage with I don't know what face is that LOL. My selfie skills very lousy
No idea why are my eyes 1 big 1 small
Pretty much prefer my face covered with mask because nothing can be seen
My toes got lonely, they peeped out to say hi
And yeap, the problematic skin treatment at Chrysalis Spa is over after toner and moisturiser were patted on! The entire treatment took 2 hours.

Usually, I would go home immediately after a facial treatment to hide my red face from the world. However, I am pleased to announce that Chrysalis Spa managed to reduce the redness at my extraction areas, so I actually went out for a dinner, bare-faced, before going back home. Oh ya, my hair was also not as messy as compared to other treatments elsewhere. They even have a quite big toilet area for customers to blow their hair before leaving.

After treatment. My face not very red right?!
Still a little red, which is normal, but there are no more bumps! The extraction was really good!
walkway to locker
Toilet area
Still not very red, I like!

Before & After Comparison

Now, here's the promised "before" and "after" photos for comparison! The before photo was taken 1 day before visiting Chrysalis Spa, while the after photo was taken 4 days after visiting Chrysalis Spa to ensure that no rashes appear on my face after the treatment (serious, I really had rashes after treatments for 3 times elsewhere).

It's not obvious from the GIF photos because of the lighting placed at the different side on both days. So, I will list down the improvement I can see from my face, totally agreed by my boyfriend:

  1. Lighter skin tone (yes, I know is opposite in the photo)
  2. Flat infection areas (yes, it's still a bit red, and the scars will take 6 months to recover slowly...)


Simply quote "Yunzi" at Chrysalis Spa to enjoy a special promotion benefit:
Meso Facial: Trial price S$88 (UP S$388/60min)

Follow Chrysalis Spa To Find Out More About Their Other Treatments and Services!

Website: www.chrysalis.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chrysalisspasg
Instagram: www.instagram.com/chrysalis_spa_singapore
Outlets: Ang Mo Kio hub, Pacific Plaza, Westgate, Bedok Mall and Jurong Point (more details on official site)


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