You wouldn't believe the deals @ Sample Store Shopping Paradise!

*** Exclusive deal for you at the end! ***

Last week, I decided to take a short break from my hectic three-months-630am-bedtime Android development final year project, to attend the Sample Store x Beauty Keeper Shoppers' Paradise event at Punggol Waterway Point. Best part, I pulled my boyfriend along to be my human tripod photographer of the day, with him complaining why must he accompany me to the other end of Singapore.
It was an eventful day with plenty of excitement! Before heading to the booths at Village Square, I filled up my growling stomach by joining the bloggers' party at The Party Room. Now, this enclosed room is a little difficult to locate. You have to first search for Gelare at level 2, then walked out the air-conditioned mall into the open area. The Party Room will be on your right (#02-24).
Children will love these cute design
Got TV set, projector, speakers etc
Listening the talk by Sample Store and Beauty Keeper

Please enjoy these foodporn photos. courtesy of the Brunches Cafe. Check out those rainbow colour burgers, aren't they colourful and insta-worthy?!

I love seafood, I love prawns!
Don't dripped your saliva seeing these rainbow burgers!
I love the fish behind! I think I am a cat
But cats don't like vegetable, but I love salad. So I am not a cat,

It was interesting to learn about Beauty Keeper once again. This Taiwan beauty platform brings in award-winning Taiwan products to Singapore. If you have been following my blog, you should have realised that I am a great fan of Taiwan skincare and that I have blogged about some killer Beauty Keeper's products here. I am so excited to try out the new samples this time!

Beauty Keeper booth at Sample Store Shopping Paradise
He super awkward need to photo with me hahaha
With the other pretty bloggers (and he kena asked to stay for photo)

A wide-range of cheap deals were offered at the paradise. There were organic health & beauty brands which captured my attention, cute toys that many children stopped by, attractive travel packages, and also beauty services offering affordable facial and slimming programmes!

One of the booth that captured plenty of attention was the Padeve booth. Padeve is a proud local brand newly releasing their premium herbal sanitary pads into the market, now available on Qoo10 and www.padeve.com. These highly absorbent pads contain a faint herbal ingredients scent, which is said to promote blood circulation while maintaining freshness throughout the day.
Support local made sanitary pads
Love their cute packaging
It's like a nest, I love the colours

Even music and mobile gadget brands like Nubox and OtterBox joined in the fun. Special thanks to OtterBox for the pipeline pink iPhone 7+ phone casing under Otter Commuter Series! This series has dual layers of protection -- drop protection and dust protection, as well as dual layers of covers -- hard plastic outer shell and soft rubber inner slipcover. You can mix and match the colour of both layers based on your own preference.

Finally, I also received 6 Juscool sparkling drinks by Yeo's. These lightly carbonated drinks are made with real fruit juice and came in a total of six flavours! You can think of them like F&N sparkling drink, but healthier (awarded the Healthier Choice symbol) and less sweet (contain 25% less sugar than regular sodas). I find them best when kept chill-- super refreshing and kept me awake while typing my final year report the past week. Personally, I prefer peach and grape best.

After a satisfying purchase, shoppers can queue for free goodies bags, capture photos at the free photobooth with props, as well as enjoy beautiful songs by the finalists from Sing! China Singapore Selection 2017 (on 25 and 26 March).
Stage for finalists from Sing! China Singapore Selection 2017
Loving the backdrop of the photobooth area
See all the available deals at Sample Store Shopping Paradise!
Plenty of free goodies bag for collection!
Spin to win some free gift too!
Purchase stamps by Sing! China to enter a sure-win spin!

Exclusive Beauty Event Just For You!

Fret not if you have missed this fun and chill Sample Store Shopping Paradise event. The upcoming Sample Store Beauty Show is now accepting beauty junkies who want to learn about on-trend makeup, skincare and haircare tips from residing beauty experts.

With a $10 entrance free, you will get to bring home an exclusive Beauty Keeper goodies bag worth more than $100, also to stand a chance in walking away with a FREE air tickets for 2 to Taiwan or Bangkok! Moreover, Beauty Keeper will be there too! 

Click here to sign up for Sample Store Beauty Show dated on 2 April 2017, 1pm, at The Shoppes, Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria at Marina Bay Sands!


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