How to Train A Puppy?

Do you know, (you probably don't know) that I have rear 4 dogs, 6 chickens, 2 rabbits and 2 ponds of fishes in Malaysia; while my boyfriend had a childhood with 30+ dogs? We love dogs and my boyfriend's dad works at a farm.

Recently, someone passed uncle a 2-months old baby Chiwawa. This was the first time this pair of young sisters rear a pet dog. And within 3 days after purchase, the owners were frustrated and complaint that the puppy did the followings:

  1. Bite his owner **Please hor, your puppy teething you never buy him toys still complain what?! 
  2. Doesn't eat **Please hor, you feed your baby with pumpkin and carrot you think he rabbit arh?!

Anyway, uncle brought the poor and innocent puppy named "Oreo" home to take care for a few days (a total of 4D3N staycation hehe~). Of course, this means that I have yet another opportunity to play with the puppy! I was totally overjoyed when I saw the beauty of this tiny little thing. It was merely friendly, always wagging his long skinny tail and ready to play.
introducing baby "Oreo" the cutest dog in town!
But because of the poor diet he received for the past few days, Oreo had a very big pile, bad and stinky-until-you-think-elephant-shit diarrhoea upon his first day of arrival. Luckily, experienced uncle dealt with it and Oreo recovered the next morning. (I cleared his travel cage and I almost fainted. Let alone he dirtied his paws so I had to bathe him.)

Compared to humans, Oreo preferred to play with Muffin! He is nimble with his feet, constantly hopping around Muffin, blocking her way, now and then giving her a sharp nibble on her paws, tummy, mouth and ears. As a super introvert, 1-year old Muffin is absolutely terrified of this tiny little thing!

Oreo is an extrovert-- a daring puppy ignorant to his surroundings. He wagged his tail and continue biting Muffin even when she growled at him. Poor Muffin kept running towards me and pawed at me, begging me to lift her on the bed, away from the "dangerous" Oreo on the floor. The scenes of both dogs are so hilarious!

It shouldn't be my achievements, but I still want to pride myself as a wonderful trainer. Mainly because within these 4 days, Oreo has learnt how to climb up and down the stairs! Actually, I had Muffin trained him. I made Muffin followed me up the stairs and intrigued Oreo to pull himself up the step one by one. Baby steps 1,2,3~ He is fearless. Because the height of the steps is actually same height as Oreo, it is dangerous for him to free-fall down each steps. Therefore after he showed-off his achievement for the first time, we decided to carry him down instead.

Upon reaching upstairs, Oreo sniffed at Muffin's pee tray and cleverly put 1+1 = he should clear his bowel on the pee tray! Hey presto, there he squatted down and settled his business. We were all shocked by his cleverness.

As you can see, Orea is a joy to us! I do hope that his owners will not abandon him when he is no longer a cute puppy *touch wood*. Else, please pass me Oreo. I will take care of him!

On the side note, directing to fur parents residing in Singapore, if you are in need of tender care of your puppy while travelling, please feel free to drop me an email. I will help to direct to Uncle and he will chat you up to settle your puppy lovely boarding service! :) *Yeap, new dog for me temporary too*

By the way, the challenge is real to take clear photos of the non-stop struggling Oreo. HE NEVER STAYS STILL!  
And... He is the best meme doggy already~

I'm inquisitive. What is this black thing pointing at me?!

I heard that you are a camera. Oh ok, you won't play with me. I tried.

No one plays with me? NO! I bite you!! (Poor me kena bitten)

Eh, the black camera moved!

Did you just said smile?! I released your finger and SMILE~

Eh, is this a trick to remove your finger from my mouth?!

I don't care. I still want to bite!!!!

Yeap, criminal captured. In jail. I HATE YOU HUMANS! (Oreo got the VIP benefits of staying downstairs instead of basement!)

What the hell is going on with my body?!

Save me, help!!!

Ok, I surrender. I raised my paws, please let me go...

Of course, last day must selfie before you go back to your owner

Stare at camera leh you puppy!

Testing 1,2,3

Yeah and you stared, but I did not!

Looking at my new "bf" lovingly -- 有缘再见!

I will miss you Oreo :(

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  1. Aww. He's adorable. You are lucky to have spent a few days with him. And really nice of you to have such a big heart for our furry friends.

  2. Oreo is so cute. I want to hug it too.

  3. Name so cute. Face more adorable le!! I never really adore chihuahua but this is definitely making me change my mind! ^^

  4. oreo is so cute.... how adorable are all these photos... you are killing us with all these cuteness overload pics....

  5. Awh Oreo is absolutely adorable! I love dogs as well and I simply can't imagine why anyone would want to complain about this little one. Too cute <3

  6. I love puppies so much! I don't blame you for sharing this many photos of him. I would do the same. HAHA

  7. I think, same ad a kitten, its very important on how we manage to teach them on how to behave, where to eat, where to poop and all.

  8. Oreo is too cute to handle. I also have a dog: muning who is a golden retriver

  9. Oreo is so cute. Hope the new owner will take good care of it. I Love all your featured pictures

  10. very cute Oreo! Just watched a dog's life movie and I am looking forward to rear a dog now

  11. Cute name for the adorable puppy :) Hello Oreo, from Manila!

  12. the pup so cute, I like puppy too.
    Used to have dogs but not anymore, :(

  13. Super cute puppy! Can play with Oreo the whole day!

  14. Cutie pie! I hope that Oreo will have to eat something suitable when get back to the owner.

  15. OMG! Oreo is sooooo cute! I'm in love with Oreo d hahaha

  16. Oreo is so adorable! He must be having so much fun and comfortable at your place that he must be sad to leave after his staycation is over

  17. agreed with baby "Oreo" the cutest dog in town ^^

  18. about 12 years ago, I adopted my dog Maxx, whose 1/2 chihuahua and 1/2 jack russel. He's such as rascal. I raised him when he was about 3 months old. I think that there is definitely a bond between human and dogs. We should have a doggie play date for Maxx and Oreo.

  19. Oreo is so cute! and i have always admired people like you who take care of so many animals. keep up the good work!

  20. Not only his name "Oreo" is cute and suit his little face but he looks so cute with that smile too! What a cheeky little pup!

  21. Omg!! He was so cute and I love his name as Orea just like it's color! Can't wait for more updates of him XD

  22. Oreo is so cute.. haha name also cute leh! btw u really have a lot of pets.. haha i got 1 also barely got time to manage it

  23. OMG, Oreo so cute and I wish I can give a hug to him. A healthy puppy. I love small type of dog but the place I currently stay not allow to adopt a pet.

  24. Oreo is so cute~ i wish i can touch it ~

  25. Oreo is so adorable, I wish to have a puppy also but I stayed in condo so a bit restricted

  26. He looks adorable and such a cutie! Is your uncle business something like an animal hotel? Sounds great.


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