Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory is A Bomb!

Last week, I joined my friend for a tasting at Chir Chir Chicken located at Somerset. This outlet is located at Basement 2 of Somerset 313 -- right in the middle of the town, super accessible to get your chicken craving fixed!

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory is a popular Korean restaurant which successfully opened many outlets in Asia, currently 5 outlets in Singapore. This restaurant brought in deep fried Korean style chicken and many other fresh (not frozen) cooked chicken dishes. All dishes are meant for sharing as they come in HUGE portion fit for 2-5 pax! Hence, the price from $24.90 to $32.90 is actually quite reasonable.

The first time I tried Chir Chir Chicken was at the Jurong East outlet with another 2 friends (we couldn't finish the food by the way, and there was a guy with us). 3 of us dined there to celebrate a friend's birthday, where we ordered their Mac & Cheese, Mango Salad, and Spring Onion Nest. The first 2 dishes mentioned were fabulous, super tasty and we craved for more. However, the spring onion dish contained way too many onions as compared to the chicken tender inside. So, nah... If you are looking for chickens, I highly recommend you to try Chir Chir Chicken NEW menu which I will be introducing below!

Rose Cheese Chiqueen [$32.90]

TADA, introducing you my current favourite dish in Feb 2017! Forget about diet for a moment, you should definitely not miss this amazing combination of cheeses and chicken! Topped with fondue cheese and drenched in a generous amount of another 2 kinds of cheese goodness, you will definitely enjoy your fried chicken fillets along with the potato wedges and broccoli -- so much nicer than KFC and my favourite Popeyes! Towards the end, mix the remaining cheese with rice for a more cheesy affair! I.R.R.E.S.I.S.T.I.B.L.E~ Take my calories!!! (so more photos of this HAHA)
before fondue cheese is poured

finger-linking GOOD!

Are you tempted now?

Introducing Rose Cheese Chiqueen!!!!!!

Spicy Chi-Bap [$32.90]

These moist chicken tenders are marinated in spicy onion salsa and BBQ sauce, plated around a big portion of seaweed-flavoured rice. To be honest, for someone who couldn't even take chilli padi, this dish is TOO SPICY for me! Tried 1 dip of the sauce then I happily focused on eating the plain rice only (so nice fragrance~~). Oh ya, did I not mentioned that this dish is topped with fries and grated cheese too?!
The oh-so-spicy Spicy Chi-Bap!

Can see the seaweed rice?! I love it!

Chir Chir Chi-Bap  [$32.90]

Now, this is one not spicy dish! It's actually similar to Spicy Chi-Bap, just a change to a tomato-based sauce instead. Chir Chir Chi-bap comes with Spanish rice topped with spring onions and grated cheese. I kept thinking of how KFC lose out when I munched, so much juicier and fresher! HAHA... Non-spicy diners should try this!
Chir Chir Chi-Bap

Like KFC right?!

Pineapple Smoothie & Grapefruit Yogurt

You will definitely enjoy sipping on these cold fruit drinks throughout your meal. The grapefruit is sweeter than I expected, but I still like it (my tolerance for sweetness is higher than saltiness). The drinks came in handy after I tried that 1 drip of sauce from Spicy Chi-bap. I literally gulped down half a cup of grapefruit! LOL

Only $49.90 Promotion Set!

Image may contain: food
Credit to Chir Chir Chicken Facebook Page!
Well, if you are already hungry by looking at my mouth-watering photos, fret not! Chir Chir Chicken is currently having a promotion deal for their new menu. You can get a Chi-bap and a drink of your choice just for $49.90! Oh, you can also top up $3.80 for your my favourite mac & cheese. Remember, do bring your friends along to share because sharing is fun~!

Outlet at Somerset 313

Many spacious sittings available (this is a small portion)

Chir Chir Chicken

Outlets: 313@Somerset, Bedok Point, Chinatown Point, Jem, Bugis Junction
Daily: (M-T) 11am – 10pm, (F-S) 11am to 11pm
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  1. Omg I want to cryyyyyyy! I LOVE fried chicken! I showed my hubby this, and he was also freaking out. This company needs to open an outlet in Australia haha.


  2. What a name for an eatery. I love chicken over red meat. Will definitely drop by when in Singapore. Won't ever forget the name!

  3. oh... its called Chir Chir chicken,I thought it was Chin Chin chicken... There is a branch in Pavilion here in KL too

  4. looks great the food. mouth watering already!!!

  5. Mouth watering picture! Will try to eat here when we visit Singapore once again. I'm a fan of Korea Food and this is totally worth to bookmark!

  6. Wow~ The dish look sinfully delicious! I want to give it a try. =3

  7. Wow these foods are truly fingerlicking! I need beer for these!

  8. The melted cheese is to die for! I can't wait to try these! Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style - Beauty and Mommy Blog

  9. The have one outlet at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. I tried this place twice. Love them!

  10. Oh you can bring your entire squad here, its affordable and looks yummy also.

  11. wah ~~looks so yummy ~can't wait to try it when i'm going there

  12. Chir Chir Chi-Bap looks delicious , yummy .

  13. Wootz! I m craving for their Rose Cheese Chiqueen, soooo yummy.

  14. Wow, look at all the delicious foods, can't wait to try out at this restaurant :)

  15. I heard about this before but never get to try yet.. They look so much delicious omg

  16. i just tried this the other day.. i like it! :) yum yum

  17. Definitely not a very right blog to visit when you are on diet. VERY TEMPTING LEH!!! T_T

  18. Wow this would be heaven for chicken fans! The presentation aren't bad either. I'm sure they taste delicious!

  19. Oh my this looks really delicious. Certainly extremely tempting to try, would certainly need to give this one a go <3

  20. OMG! you are such talented photographer in taking all these delicious food pictures that make me drool! All the dishes looks real tempting.

  21. Wow the food presentation is so yummy!! Cheese and Chicken is the best combination hehe!

  22. Wew. I'm drooling from reading this only. My fav gonna be the Rose Cheese Chiqueen.

  23. Anything Korean sells nowadays - and I am also among the ones that got caught in the craze. Crazy over the food now!

  24. I had this too when I was in SG on New Year, I think it's the best Korean fried chicken I've ever tasted so far. We also had their cocktail, very special & refreshing!


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