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Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory is A Bomb!

Last week, I joined my friend for a tasting at Chir Chir Chicken located at Somerset. This outlet is located at Basement 2 of Somerset 313 -- right in the middle of the town, super accessible to get your chicken craving fixed!

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory is a popular Korean restaurant which successfully opened many outlets in Asia, currently 5 outlets in Singapore. This restaurant brought in deep fried Korean style chicken and many other fresh (not frozen) cooked chicken dishes. All dishes are meant for sharing as they come in HUGE portion fit for 2-5 pax! Hence, the price from $24.90 to $32.90 is actually quite reasonable.

The first time I tried Chir Chir Chicken was at the Jurong East outlet with another 2 friends (we couldn't finish the food by the way, and there was a guy with us). 3 of us dined there to celebrate a friend's birthday, where we ordered their Mac & Cheese, Mango Salad, and Spring Onion Nest. The first 2 dishes mentioned were fabulous, super tasty and…

How to Train A Puppy?

Do you know, (you probably don't know) that I have rear 4 dogs, 6 chickens, 2 rabbits and 2 ponds of fishes in Malaysia; while my boyfriend had a childhood with 30+ dogs? We love dogs and my boyfriend's dad works at a farm.

Recently, someone passed uncle a 2-months old baby Chiwawa. This was the first time this pair of young sisters rear a pet dog. And within 3 days after purchase, the owners were frustrated and complaint that the puppy did the followings:

Bite his owner **Please hor, your puppy teething you never buy him toys still complain what?! Doesn't eat **Please hor, you feed your baby with pumpkin and carrot you think he rabbit arh?!
Anyway, uncle brought the poor and innocent puppy named "Oreo" home to take care for a few days (a total of 4D3N staycation hehe~). Of course, this means that I have yet another opportunity to play with the puppy! I was totally overjoyed when I saw the beauty of this tiny little thing. It was merely friendly, always wagging hi…

EEE Family Day 2017

I seldom blog about my part-time jobs, but this is one I feel like remembering.

As a Malaysian holding a Student Pass studying in Singapore, I am constantly working under NTU Work-Study Scheme (WSS) throughout my 4 years in university. The hours I spent working part-time in NTU are actually more than the hours I attended lessons in school. Serious, why attend classes when there are online recordings, especially when I can earn money to pay off my tuition fee and living expenses?! (which is super high for foreigners by the way, and I have not been getting even a single penny fund from my family these 4 years.)
Anyway, I was hired by the main organiser as the sole student videographer for this year's EEE Family Day 2017.

EEE Family Day is an annual whole-day event open for all EEE/IEM staffs and students. This event is one of the days where we get to enjoy free food, free games, free dinner, as well as the opportunity to win lucky draw prizes. This event is jointly organised by Pasto…

Amazing Taiwan Beauty & Skincare Products from BeautyKeeper 美麗掌櫃

Ever since I went exchange in Taiwan, I have been utmost interested in Taiwan skincare products. My skin wasn't used to the climate change (I don't know was it hotter than Singapore or what), but I got an intense breakout upon my first week arrival in Taipei. In despair, I bought quite a lot of Taiwan skincare products to try out and THEY ALL WORKED MIRACLES on me! Serious, I am not kidding-- I ended up having the best skin complexion throughout my university years (yeah, then back to square one when I reached Singapore again).

So, you could imagine the excitement when I received my first box of Taiwan skincare products in Singapore! My haul is offered by BeautyKeeper, a Singapore store that was founded to bring innovative, novel and award-winning Taiwanese beauty products closer to everyone. This post is written in collaboration with SampleStore.

MD/AA Jiao Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser If I can only describe this product in one word, it would be LOVE. I absolutely LOVE t…