[Food] Celebrate Chinese New Year @ Park Royal Hotel


Well, I guess many of you are busy preparing for Lunar New Year at the moment. For me, I can only go back to KL next week after ending my work on the 26 Jan :(

Anyway, I visited Spice Brasserie at Park Royal Hotel on Kitchener Road with my friend last week, and got to try their upcoming Chinese New Year specials 2017. Since I have taken a couple of photos (not well taken as I lost the take nice-nice photo feel that day), I will share my dining experience with you.

Their Seafood Yusheng is quite different from what I usually have every year, as it contains my favourite sashimi and clams! For a refreshing change, Executive Chef Low uses passion fruit sauce and truffle oil in this dish. You can get this yu sheng for FREE with every lunch buffet reservation ($50 per adult | $25 per child). 

Before adding all the ingredients to toss
General view of seafood yu sheng (the photo posted on my IG looks much better LOL)

For dinner buffet reservation ($78 per adult | $35 per child), you can get a complimentary Fivefold Fortunes Set, which includes the yu sheng above and the remaining dishes below. For dinner, there will be free flow soft drinks and optional 1 glass of wine or beer.

I love the Prosperity Pot best as it is filled with everything I love (I am a super seafood lover), such as prawns, scallops, dried oysters, abalones and fish maws. On top of these luxurious ingredients, there are mushrooms, pork and broccoli (which I hate lol).
给你看清楚 我的最爱!

Their cream based Braised Lobster in Superior Stock was delicious too! I had a lobster all for myself and I goddamn enjoyed the syiok-ness. But still, my ideal lobster size and taste could no longer be found anymore, ever since my dad closed down his Thai restaurant at Sunway (I don't know, maybe I always had the biggest prawn in the entire kitchen?).

Next, I tried the Golden Ingot Dumpling, creatively made with minced pork, juicy baby abalones and chives to represent 招财进宝 (got money got luck). As expected, I enjoyed the baby abalones more than the dumplings!
i love the baby abalones
dumplings swimming in the soup

Finally, Pumpkin Puree with Almond Flakes caught me by surprise as I was not expecting this dish being portrayed as a cold dessert instead of a hot one. But still, it tasted surprisingly great! I love the creamy texture that smoothed my throat after the feast.
The red thingy is red berry, which tasted sour and shocked me for a moment
Let you see the thick creamy texture (not super thick so it was smoothing) 

After these dishes, I continue pigging out on the wide range of buffet spread. I have heard about Spice Brasserie for its famous seafood dishes, especially crabs, but have not tried it before as this place always happened to be full-house when I called in to make reservation. So glad that I tried some of their dishes this time!

Anyway, for those celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore (which I never did), why not give Spice Brasserie a try this year, instead of dining at home or eating steamboats as usual? From 23 Jan to 1 Feb 2017, you can get an additional 20% savings with UOB, HSBC, POSB/DBS, Maybank card. 

** Different pricing for 27 Jan. See more on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

Dine @ Spice Brasserie

Spice Brasserie
Address: PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, 181 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208533
Tel: +65 6428 3160
Email: spicebrasserie.prskt@parkroyalhotels.com.
Daily: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm to 10pm
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park


  1. lovely CNY dishes there. ho chiak ho chiak

  2. Nice... cin ho chiak... wa ai tam poh eh boh... hahahaha

  3. The food indeed looks delicious. Too bad I miss this out coz' afraid I won't be there in time due to the traffic jam.

  4. im drooling at all the festive season menu! such a delightful selection

  5. wow~ i wish to have a big feast in CNY too~~ all the food you take looks tempting

  6. Am interested to taste the Prosperity Pot (and hope for the best luck this year!) while I chew the foods :) Great feature dear!

  7. What a meal this must have been. I am drooling already just looking at your photos. To eat them is heavenly.

  8. Wow that is scrumptious! I am eyeing at that Golden Ingot Dumpling, looks delicate and delicious.

  9. Yum yum! The Braised Lobster in Superior Stock look so yummy! =3

  10. The prosperity pot is overflowing! Looks really good!

  11. The dishes look really exquisite and sure looks yummy

  12. My favorite will be Prosperity Pot as I love scallop so much!! Pumpkin Puree with Almond Flakes was my love too!! OMG looks super nice!!

  13. Oh my that Lobster dish looks really good. Plus the photos on the rest look really good dear, certainly very tempt worthy :)

  14. wish you Happy CNY in advanced :) I'm going to eat a lot of delicious foods to celebrate my CNY, wish everyone also can enjoy their CNY as well

  15. Always wanted to try the Yee Sang, but still haven't got the chance yet.

  16. Omg..the pictures make me drooling now.

  17. The Yee Sang and the huge prawns look so glorious! Must try next time!

  18. I always want to try their food but no chance. Let me plan a day and go for their food.

  19. The pictures look great, not sure why you thought otherwise. But that yee sang looks very tempting and you are right...I have never tried clam yee sang before either...

  20. The food indeed looks delicious. I want to try their yee sang.

  21. OK. Now I want to have dimsum for breakfast. Hahaha.

  22. Among all the CNY dishes, I love the colourful Yee Sang, toss high high and huat ah :)

  23. Wow the food is so good I love their treasure seafood pot.

  24. The dishes look really good! With such quality, the pricing is really reasonable!

  25. Foods looks yummylicious and very inviting, and lots of colors! (hope they are all natural colors.)


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