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Celebrate Chinese New Year @ Park Royal Hotel

Well, I guess many of you are busy preparing for Lunar New Year at the moment. For me, I can only go back to KL next week after ending my work on the 26 Jan :(

Anyway, I visited Spice Brasserie at Park Royal Hotel on Kitchener Road with my friend last week, and got to try their upcoming Chinese New Year specials 2017. Since I have taken a couple of photos (not well taken as I lost the take nice-nice photo feel that day), I will share my dining experience with you.

Their Seafood Yusheng is quite different from what I usually have every year, as it contains my favourite sashimi and clams! For a refreshing change, Executive Chef Low uses passion fruit sauce and truffle oil in this dish. You can get this yu sheng for FREE with every lunch buffet reservation ($50 per adult | $25 per child). 

For dinner buffet reservation ($78 per adult | $35 per child), you can get a complimentary Fivefold Fortunes Set, which includes the yu sheng above and the remaining dishes below. For dinner, there wi…

First Try Raclette Cheese @ Meet and Melt, Scape

Meet & Melt is a all along famous dessert cafe among teenagers. I've been craving to try out their lava toast ever since I heard about it, but sadly, their outlet was only at Tampines at that time. Therefore, you can imagine how overjoyed I was when Meet & Melt finally open their second outlet at SCAPE (Orchard)!

When we arrived, I was surprise to see the quiet and empty seats at such a spacious area. (As in, I was expecting the need to queue for 20 minutes or something.) But nope, we got to order our food instantly.

As Meet & Melt never stop innovating new desserts, I decided to try out their new menu -- melted toast with Raclette cheese ($18.90) topped with a green tea ice cream (+$1). They have no GST or service charge which I truly appreciate it. 人就是犯贱 明知道爆贵 就是要吃!

After waited for 20minutes, our dessert finally arrived! A staff brought the cheese along and told me to have my camera on stand-by. He then scrapped the cheese across the diameter in split seconds (which…

Best Thai Food Found @ Soi Thai Soi Nice

Disclaimer: I was not invited as a food blogger, but attended as a plus one with a writer for a food blog.
So far, I would claim that this restaurant serves the best food among all the food tasting that I've tried (as a plus one HAHA)! I really like the food there, therefore I decided to write a post about it.

Soi Thai Soi Nice is a Thai hotpot restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. The chef is hired from Bangkok with 19 years of experience. In fact, they were so confident with their food that they allowed us to order any dishes on the menu. Of course, as the usual process, they did recommended some special dishes which claimed to be difficult to find / not sold at other Thai restaurants in Singapore.
There were too many choices, but too limited stomach space! After much prompting of "order more, try more", we ended up ordering 7 dishes to share together (2 girls us + 1 man PR)! Each dishes has enough amount to serve 2 people. Oh, I also tried Egg Salad, which I forgot …