Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 5: Suvarnabhumi Airport & TATE Cafe

I spent my entire morning tidying my luggage. Come to think of it, I was quite panic during the packing up process because I didn't buy any luggage. Shopping in Bangkok made me forgot that the maximum total weight for hand carry is 7kg, maximum size for liquid bottles is 100ml

I was in despair because out of the 4 skincare products I bought from Chinatown, 3 exceeded 100ml (24K Gold Mask 220ml SGD3.50, Cathy Doll Peeling Snail Gel 240ml SGD3.50, Korea brand facial foam 120ml SGD2.50)! In the end, I washed up all the travel bottles (I brought myself and provided by our hotel) to fill up with the mask and gel respectively. I ran out of containers so I decided to risk the 120ml and the remaining 30ml gel in the tube.

Yeap, I couldn't clear the X-Ray check and the 30ml in 240ml tube was thrown away SADDD! But all other products passed through safely. By the way, we didn't weigh our hand-carry at the airport, which was as expected, exceeded at 8kg. HAHA!

The tedious process of washing and filling with gold mask (super good to use by the way!)
Our return flight was at 1:30pm Bangkok time. At 9:30am, we took free airport transfer service provided by our hotel to Suvarnabhumi Airport. We reached airport 10minutes later. 

Since we were early, we had our brunch settled TATE Cafe, located at B1, which is the only floor that has food. Food at the airport is decent but relatively expensive by 2 to 3 folds. We spent 500Baht+ overall.

My dish with green papaya (cannot remember)

We were expecting an easy check in, but it took us AN HOUR to get into the departure hall. Then, it was a long walk to our gate. We reached our gate at 1pm exactly (30minutes before flight timing)! So, do remember to plan your time wisely!

However, not sure why our flight was delayed to 1 hour later (maybe too many people late that's why it got delayed?), so we still considered early.

We reached Singapore at 5pm Singapore time and this marked the end of my Bangkok trip!

Forgot to mention, we brought a total of 15k baht to Bangkok and we were left with 7.5k baht. So, I recommend changing SGD 75 per day which should be more than enough.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary!

Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 5: Suvarnabhumi Airport & TATE Cafe Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 5: Suvarnabhumi Airport & TATE Cafe Reviewed by Joysofyz on 12/16/2016 Rating: 5


  1. food looks good at tate cafe... i want to try it too... and the airport is as I remember... beautiful

  2. The pictures look amazing and Tate Cafe's dishes look quite good too :) Airport scene as well.

  3. Everything about this post made me miss my Bangkok trips =( Want to go there again and have really delicious mango sticky rice, pad thai, crabs and the list goes on...

  4. Planning for upcoming BKK Trip! GReat Blog!


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