Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 1: Changi Airport & Bangkok Hotel

Actually, it was an impromptu decision to Bangkok.
To cut the story short, I was feeling so emo that I screwed up my first final paper (Multimedia System) this semester that I checked out the ongoing sales on Scott, JetStar and Tiger Airlines to find an escapade from reality.

And, JetStar happened to have an one-day Friday sales, where I could get my final price per pax at SGD132 (round trip, but only on certain timings and certain dates). This decided my plan to Bangkok -- 5th December 2016 to 9th December 2016. #2ndTimeToBkk #3rdTimeToThailand

Changi Airport & Changi Recommends

I whatsapped Changi Recommend 2 days before our flight to reserve a pocket Wifi router for our trip. This 5-days rental costed me SGD20 in total, as the first day of rental is waived, and I used the discount code of  TRIP5. For Thailand, the router will be Huawei branded and it came with 1 blue travel pack, 1 travel adapter (so don't need to bring your own if you rent this), 1 USB cable and 1 instruction slip.

The whole collection process was a breeze! It took us less than 2 minutes to complete the entire rental process. Something to take note was that you are required to pay a deposit of SGD1 using ATM card. We nearly stuck there as both of us did not bring our credit cards overseas, but luckily, my boyfriend mum was tagging along, thus she settled our payment.

Here, I include the other pocket WiFi that I considered too. I would have rented this Thailand 4G pocket WiFi router, if it wasn't for the discount code available this holiday (usually SGD12 per day).

Happened to meet the Pokemon session

Looked like I was trying to shit on Snorlax WTS

Pokemon exhibition is located at the end of Terminal 3

Changi Recommends, 1 floor below the front door (isit B1?) at Terminal 1

Seen in the departure hall

Goodbye Singapore, Hello Bangkok!

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Due to unforeseen circumstances during our flight ticket bookings (someone pressed the last 2 seats at 8:30am faster than I did!), our departure time ended up 6:30pm in the evening, arrival time at 7:55pm (equivalent to 6:55pm Bangkok time). Yeah, I did not do any research before the trip. I did not know Thailand is 1 hour earlier than Singapore.

The exit at the arrival hall has quite a long stretch of transfer service area. Since our hotel included airport transfer service, we asked the airport staffs who guided us to our specific waiting area. After waiting for 15 minutes, we followed our hotel staff to the hotel van. The journey from the airport to our hotel was 10 minutes distance away. 

Airy Suvarnabhumi Hotel

We stayed at this 3-stars hotel for 4 nights, booked on This hotel costed us SGD18 per person per night for a superior double/twin hotel room, excluding breakfast.

For a SGD18, we got a room with 1 double bed (separable as 2 single beds), 1 wardrobe, 1 refrigerator, 1 stretch of BIG mirror plane, 1 TV, 1 private bathroom, 1 bedroom table, 1 chair, 1 kettle, 2 cups, 2 towels, 1 floor mat, 2 bottle of waters, 1 shampoo, 1 shower gel and 1 roll of tissue. Basically, you can get everything you need during your stay, except for toothbrush, toothpaste and hairdryer, And oh, there is 1 balcony where you could see the whole village view.

Nope, I forgot to take a photo of the room before we messed the whole place upside down. You might want to refer to the photos of the hotel online, as they are true to pictures!

The driver during our airport transfer service was friendly, room was clean with extremely hot shower. There was no mosquitoes (I am a super mosquito attracter) even though there was a warning sign about possible appearance of mosquitoes in the room if you kept the windows opened. 2 free bottles of water, as well as bathing accessories was found hanging outside our door each morning. Best part, this place is SUPER SAFE! My boyfriend actually left the room key stuck outside our door for ONE WHOLE NIGHT and nothing went missing in the following day!

Everything is great about the stay until it comes to transportation. This hotel is located deep inside an isolated private estate area. The nearest train station (Rat Krabang Airport Link Station) is 10-15 minutes walk away from the hotel. And, this is provided that you found the shortcut to the station -- by walking along the train track and not along the big road, else 25 minutes walk away.

My suggestion for the most efficient transport route is:

  1. Call for Uber / GrabTaxi every morning (we usually left around 9am as most shops open at 10am in Bangkok) to this station and travel on train to avoid traffic jam and highway fee into town. Read about our second day travel experience here! 
  2. When you are done for the day, take a cab from the station back to the hotel. Since the travel distance of both way is actually quite fast, thus drivers don't really like driving into this isolated hotel. They might try to give you a flat rate of 100baht per trip, when the usual rate was 50-60baht instead. So, do try asking around if you mind the price!
There is also a 7-11 within walking distance from the hotel. A nearby mall called Paseo Mall is located 10 minutes drive away. The price of Thai massage at this mall is relatively cheaper (200baht per hour) as compared to the price at other malls, or even street markets. However, we did not have time to try their Thai massage (many shoes outside thou!), instead we tried it elsewhere in day 2. Airy hotel provides transportation service at certain timings to this mall.

Since we were in town most of the time, we did not explore the entire hotel, nor did we find out the location of the listed recreation areas. There is another hotel located right beside Airy hotel, so I guess the so-called fitness centre, garden and swimming pool are shared among both hotels?

A quick summary of our stay:
great value (inclusive of transportation & hotel), but best as transit hotel rather than long-term stay.

Featuring the outlook of our hotel and their transportation service (80baht per additional transport service)

The reception center with 1 Thai guy who could speak and understood slight English (slowly & keywords only)

There is a taxi/tour booth at the end. The guy tried to rip us by offering 1000BAHT for 1 lamborghini service (posh taxi) per day!!!

We stayed at block A, floor 1, room 108
Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 1: Changi Airport & Bangkok Hotel Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 1: Changi Airport & Bangkok Hotel Reviewed by Joysofyz on 12/13/2016 Rating: 5


  1. Hello dear!

    Couldn't help smiling while reading your post. I also did escaping once and I came back hoke feeling so refreshed and ready for the new fight of life. Hahhaa Glad you enjoyed your Bangkok trip, you feel relaxed and OMG for Pokemon exhibition!

  2. I would love an impromptu escape sometimes. Sounds fun. Glad you enjoy your trip. Anyway I rented the Changi wifi too for my recent trip to Korea for 8days at only $40. I didn't have to pay any deposit though.

  3. omg! That Pokemon christmas tree is so cute!! didn't know you could rent the wifi.. interesting!

  4. Whoa! That's rather a super budget trip. The airport looks super fun with all that christmas trees and pokemon. At SGD 18, the accommodation is pretty cheap! If I ever plan to visit Bangkok, I'm gonna stay there!

  5. Airy Suvarnabhumi Hotel is so cheap. I now know where I should go when I travel to Bangkok. Had always found trouble looking for a decent but affordable hotel.

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