Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 4: Lifestyle Shopping & Cafe Hopping & Train Market

Before I start my BKK Day 4 trip, let me introduce you to my limitation of my trip:
Maximum price for clothings: 200baht, best within 100baht
Maximum price for accessories: 50baht
Maximum price for food: < 600baht (#weAreEatersNotShoppers)
And, this is how I made good use of my hard-earned money throughout this semester.

Day 4 

Terminal 21, Union Mall, Truelove@Neverland, Alpaca View, Ratchada Train Night Market

This was our third and final full day traveling around Bangkok. I planned this itinerary on the previous midnight as my boyfriend mentioned that he wanted to rest after 2 days of long and tiring walk.

So Day 4 was a chill day more of window shopping and cafe hoppings. The mode of transportation for this day consisted more Taxi! In the morning, we booked GrabTaxi from hotel to nearest station (Rat Krabang Airport Rail Link Station) and headed to Sukhumwit MRT station. I did not include Chatuchak weekend market to this day as it was a Thursday instead of a Saturday.

*Long post ahead! Many photos worth seeing!*

Terminal 21

10am - 10pmAsok BTS (across skywalk) / Sukhumwit MRT (directly outside exit)
Terminal 21 is a lifestyle shopping mall with a really interesting theme and concept. The whole mall resembles a 21st-century airport, where you get to wander into several world-famous cities by getting to different floors! Definitely worth a visit!

I was awed with the different layouts each floor, even the toilet have different designs! I actually entered into toilets at every single floor, just to check out their design. Many women were doing their makeups in front of the mirrors, thus I was paiseh to take toilet photos HAHAHAH!

We had breakfast at Breadtalk (lazy to go upstairs to search for food, too hungry). In the afternoon, we had lunch at Pier 21, which is the so-called best food court in Bangkok located at 5th floor. The food there was great! I did not manage to take any photos as we were again too hungry staring at the food. And oh, the Starbucks was AMAZINGLY GOOOODDDD and slightly cheaper than Singapore! Not sure if it was just the outlet in Terminal 21, or all Starbucks in Bangkok.

Loving the designs

Tempted to purchase because of the word "Thailand", but I have 1 at home

G floor - Rome

M floor - Paris

LG floor - Caribbean

breakfast at Breadtalk (got seats one leh!), looking shag because I slept late T^T

Bought some food where we vould buy in Singapore #meh

Starbucks was great! I had toffee nut latte Christmas drink. 

1st floor - Tokyo

featuring my hauls on my second day (except for the pants)!

I love Japan floor. Got feel!

2nd floor - London

I love the London bus! (did you know I am born in London? haha)

on my way to toilet

3rd floor - Istanbul

4th floor - half of China & San Francisco

Union Mall

10am - 10pm: Phahon Yothin MRT
Union Mall is a fashion shopping mall similar to Platinum Fashion Mall, where local students and young workforce love to shop here. Union Mall can be summarized as Far East Plaza in Singapore. Most of the clothings selling there are from Thailand's blogshop (means better quality following latest trends), of course, this indicates that the price is slightly higher too (around 350baht for females).

We did a quick window shopping on each floor and concluded that the basement and the top floor contained the cheapest clothing, priced similarly to the markets in Bangkok. Guys can find cheap clothing at Union Mall too! Cheap fashion for guys are located at the top 2 floors and the basement (more of unisex).

My boyfriend bought a shoes at 350baht and 3 pieces of tees at 100baht each on the top floor. For the first time, I did not purchase anything as I don't really buy blogshop stuffs as they are too big for me.

Trendy female clothing on each floor

Still got toys as usual!

Did I mentioned that Thailand bags are amazing

This fluffy cap is damn cute! I think I am obsessed with pink & rose gold now

Trendy shoes can be found everywhere too

Guys, no more worrying about no cheap guy trendy clothing in Bangkok!

Wholesale shoes are located at the top floor

This is how Union Mall looks like from afar

Truelove @ Neverland

12:30pm - 4:30pm / 7pmAri BTS + 40baht tuk tuk / + 25-30min walk with GPS navigation
After visiting Union Mall, we flagged a taxi to bring us to TrueLove cafe directly. TrueLove cafe is a famous husky cafe in Bangkok where you get to mingle with 25 huskies, 2 Australian Shepherds, 1 Japanese Akita and 1 Shih Tzu (Momo the boss!). Entrance fee is 350baht (latest update 2016, no more package of 275baht as stated in some outdated blogposts!), inclusive of 1 cake, 1 drink and 1hour husky playtime.

Things to take note of before visiting TrueLove:

It really takes time for you to travel to TrueLove cafe. Most of the taxi drivers didn't know the way (if you intend to take taxi elsewhere not from Ari BTS), even if you show them the cafe address in Thai. I guided my driver using GPS and told him to "follow the taxi in front" when we started entering the private estates. Thai address: 153 ซอยอารีย์สัมพันธ์ 2 ( คนละซอยกับอารีย์ 2 นะคะ) สามเสนใน พญาไท กทม

TrueLove cafe closed on Mondays.  Huskies playtime are 12:30 & 3:30pm on Tuesday to Thrusday. 12:30, 3:30pm and 6pm on Friday to Sunday. You might want to arrive at least 30minutes earlier to settle down and enjoy the owner feeding the huskies with breads (worth seeing! prepare your camera to record the jumping huskies!)

If you pre-book a seat, you are more likely to get an indoor seat with airconn. Walk-in customers are more likely to be seated outside with fans and air coolers, not so bad! However, I still prefer outdoor seating as I could get a closer view to the huskies running in their pen before interaction begins! And oh, the best seat would be table 9 (outdoor, facing the door), as all the huskies gathered there, staring straight at the door to wait for their owner with bread! (time to click your camera with huskies staring right into it!)

All the huskies are cute, but with the "I'm bored with humans" kind of feel. They simple couldn't bother with us, and only response to their owner. To them, owner = food! Actually I don't think they even bother about their owner. When the owner said "no more", the huskies walked away -- INSTANTLY! HAHAHAHAH! (maybe this is a trick for entertainment purposes?) The scene was really hilarious, just imagine close to 30dogs turned and walked away LOL! Too bad I didn't film that part as I did not expect that to happen.

At the last 5 minutes, be prepared with your camera with a slow mo (if possible) to capture the WOW moment of 30 dogs rushing back to their cages in an airconn room. Yeah, their food were well-prepared in their cages, that's why they were super excited LOL.

Finally, you can continue to enjoy your cake, buy a TrueLove own branded souvenir, or tell the friendly owner to call a tuk tuk to Ari BTS at a flat rate of 40baht. This was my first time seating tuk tuk and it was a fun and exciting trip!

Watch a introduction video before the interation starts!

This is where table 9 is! All huskies LOVE there. Featuring the owner

Huskies there munched ICE as treats

Disturbing Casper (I think) eating

The amount of dogs around me! (my house only got small dogs not big ones!) Featuring the number of people that day

Momo the boss!

This husky tried to hide from humans by hiding himself behind a tree bark

I think this is Kenya. He couldn't be bother actually :(

I love this 11 years old Panda (her name)

I think this is not Ruby, what's your name bae?

Managed to take a photo with the Momo who thinks he is a husky

Happy family

With my new love - good temper Panda

Someone captured Panda's attention at the moment :(

This is Bacco or Jupiter ignoring me!

The 2 brothers love playing with each other

They looked at their owner's thigh like "mmm, yummy meat!"

another round of feeding time, before the "no more" was said HAHA

Alpaca View 

5pm - 1am: Lat Phrao MRT + 15minutes cab *TOTALLY NOT RECOMMENDED*
We were really excited to visit Alpaca View after TrueLove. Sadly, visiting this place was the worst decision I ever made in this trip. I will tell you why in a minute.

Before I included Alpaca View into my itinerary, I read about both good and bad reviews online. The bad reviews were about price on food menu changed depending on visiting locals or tourists, bad quality of food and bad opening timing of the place. Therefore, I decided to plan my visit in a evening and not try their meal, since there was a blogpost that mentioned that tourists could just walk in for farm visit and not dine in there.

We took a close to 1hour cab (100baht) arriving around 7pm. Alpaca View was easily missed as it was hidden behind a row of shops (10sec walking distance). Upon arrival, there were zero tourists only slacking staffs sitting. No shops were open (nothing like photos on their Facebook) and no band was playing, only loud music was blasted. Now, if you are viewing their recent posts, I have no idea where the amount of humans came from. Perhaps they posted some old photos recently?

Anyway, we proceeded to the back of the place where animals were kept. Animals were really decent with 5 alpacas, 6 sheeps, 2 donkeys, 3 pigs and 2 sleeping ducks. We bought some grass (20baht) to feed them. This was still an enjoyable experience.

When we were leaving, we were told to pay up 100baht per person for PHOTOGRAPHING the animals without dining. Please, if this is the rule, couldn't the staffs mentioned beforehand?! Anyway, we were forced to order a 100baht pork fried rice (given reason of "ate already" if not probably 1 person 1 dish), tasted dry and salty, plating like any other 25baht fried rice selling in the night market.

Dining experience was TERRIBLE as "indoor closed" was given so we had to dine outdoor in dark, WITHOUT FAN OR AIRCONN, with PLENTY OF MOSQUITOES! This was a total RIPPED OFF location for tourists!

This place would have been a beautiful place flood with willing tourist who dine there while enjoying the atmosphere. However, they prefer to get all these recent negative reviews, maybe their manager changed. A waste of good design and cute animals because of bad management service.

My advice is that this place is completely a NO GO. Alpacas might be tempting, but the time and money spent (100baht*2ways for cab + 100baht for food no drinks) wasn't worth the effort spent. You could see cute alpacas off the screen (as attached below) or make a visit to alpaca cafe in Taiwan.

My suggestion is to visit Ratchada Train Night Market directly, and take a walk at Ratchada area later on. There are some streets and malls nearby that might interest you.

entrance to Alpaca View

Cute alpaca

Me selfie with cute alpacas as background! Taken BEFORE the unreasonable service

This place was really pretty, but nothing open

Still smiling, taken BEFORE dining experience

Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market

5pm - 1am: Thailand Cultural Centre MRT, behind Esplanade Mall (enter front door and exit back door)
Rot Fai = train. Ratchada night market is the second train night market opened in Bangkok, after receiving well response at Talat Rot Fai Night Market (1st train night market). However, this train market does not have train decorations as it's ancestor.

We had an absolutely GREAT time here! Food here was amazingly good and cheap! I suggest you to try Mookata or any other seafood selling there. The price is around 250baht for a big plate (if I didn't remember wrongly). We did not get to try those main dished at the tables as we were semi-full after the fried rice, thus we had some random food while walking around.

Entrance of Ratchada night market

You can enjoy free band performance while dining at the bar beside (so yeah, skip Alpaca View!)

The only food photo before I got my hand too dirty for camera

You can find everything, anything selling at a reasonable low rate price here!

Girls who love nail decorations could queue here for a cheap and good service! No need for proper high class shops

capture because the cats are too cute

I love the fluffy kitties behind the covers!

Thai fish cake as our last stop! (Missed out many food photos on the way)

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary!

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