Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 3: Temples Sight Seeing & Shopping along Chao Phraya River & Siam Area

Before I start my BKK Day 3 trip, let me introduce you to my limitation of my trip:
Maximum price for clothings: 200baht, best within 100baht
Maximum price for accessories: 50baht
Maximum price for food: < 600baht (#weAreEatersNotShoppers)
And, this is how I made good use of my hard-earned money throughout this semester.

Boat day

Day 3 

Wat Arun, Wang Lang Market, Sampeng Lane, Yaowarat Chinatown, Asiatique, Siam Square One, Siam Centre, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, MBK Centre

This was our second full day traveling around Bangkok. After day2, I have learnt my lesson of not preparing my trip beforehand (the taxi fee in the morning made my heart bleed). Thus, I spent my midnight planning for day 3 itinerary. I can ensure you that all my locations are within walking distance/ transport fee-friendly, as I am a Taurus. #noFurtherExplanationNeededFromATaurus

Day 3 was a day to visit places along Chao Phraya River, hence more on sight-seeing and shopping. The mode of transportation for this day was boat!

In the morning, we booked GrabTaxi from hotel to nearest station (Rat Krabang Airport Rail Link Station) and headed to Saphan Taksin BTS skytrain silom line. There, we purchased Orange Flag ticket for Chao Phraya Express Boat at 14baht (same price irregardless of alighting pier).

You could purchase a one-way ticket at 40baht too, but I am not sure if it is worth it, as I saw some tourist forced to purchase another one-way ticket for their next stop (probably due to some miscommunication). There were also many tour packages selling by the bts station, which you might want to consider. But since the usual tourists normally sightsee only The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun and maybe Emerald Buddha, thus I follow the usual way and did not go for any packages.

This is what the orange flag boat tickets look like
Boarding the boat for the first time!

I am the driver's helper #meh

About the reach Wat Arun! You can see the constructing site

Wat Arun & Wat Pho & The Grand Palace

8am - 5:30pm : Pier N8 Tha Tien & Opposite Pier N8 & Pier N9 Tha Chang
We got down at N8 to visit Wat Arun ("The Temple Of Dawn"). The entrance fee is 50baht and proper temple attire is needed (long pants for guys, long pants/ at least knee-length dress, no sleeveless top and no toes peeping shoes).

We visited Wat Arun because this temple is said to be a must-visit for any first-time visitor in Bangkok #kiasuType. Wat Arun was undergoing a construction when we arrived, what a pity! It totally defected the purpose of going there, as I wanted to climb to the top. Since we are not a fan of inedible buildings, we did not purchase the entrance ticket. We had a walk outside the temple instead and settled our breakfast there. The designs were pretty impressive but I didn't not know to appreciate them, except to say "wow, this must have taken a long time to complete!".

The sun was scorching hot by then (I would recommend you to visit in the evening, great sunset scene you could take! but the itinerary would be more difficult to plan), and we were bored to death so we skipped sight-seeing The Grand Palace and Wat Pho.

But still, I have included my research here for your consideration (you're welcome!). To visit Wat Pho, simply tell the ticket seller that you would like to purchase a 3baht special cross river boat ticket. Entrance fee to Wat Pho is 100baht. From Wat Pho, you can negotiate a tuk tuk or walk about 10minutes to The Grand Palace.

Thais respect their late king very much. So bright colour clothes are not suggested at this time

Getting down to pier N8!

Something selling at the market outside Wat Arun

Not sure if buddha stuffs can bring out Thailand

The relatively expensive food selling at Wat Arun

The noodles tasted nice! very Q!

This rice is just decent, nothing special

Wat Arun entrance that need to pay 50baht

garden around Wat Arun

Pattern 1 with my 50baht sunglasses & 199baht bag bought yesterday

Pattern 2 because the sun is super duper burning HOT!

I forgot what the lion means (someone tell me?)

The guardians of Wat Arun

Yeah right, when did this candid shot happened?

I love this crafting of the pillar, probably took a long time to complete

I don't know what is this building called, but I love the roof with dragon' tails

The row of buddhas

Every single lions have different craftings on top!

The temple is covered with pretty glittering gold pieces!

Very impressive (and a break from sun)

You can pray here too

I love the ceiling

I banged the bells, really
I banged this too

Massive cobra, you can donate money into the basins

I wonder how they get the shattled pieces into the stones?

We walked out and there is a primary beside, and this cute little hole for me to pose with
This is pier N9 for The Grand Palace

Wang Lang Market

Pier N10 Wang Lang (Prannok)
We headed to Wang Lang market after Wat Arun (you can continue visiting what we missed!). Wang Lang is considered a HEAVEN to me! Everything, especially food, were cheap, Cheap, CHEAP!!!!

My recommendation is to go there in the morning. It was around 12pm afternoon when we reached there, thus we hit the crowded period where nearby secondary and tertiary school students came for lunch. We saw socks selling 7 pairs for 100bahts (we bought 5 for 100baht yesterday), fruit drinks at 20-25baht, and all sorts of other must-eat Thailand food at a cheaper rate!

Clothing wise, I still think Baiyoke night market and Pratunam market are cheaper. So yeah, Wang Lang market is a place more for FOOOOODDDD (unless special sales on clothings)!

I bought 1 pair of shoes at 120baht (same pair elsewhere selling 180baht), 1 sleeveless knit wear at 100baht, 2 inner wear at 60baht each (i didn't bring enough) and spent the rest of the time eating and eating.

Time to alight! Enter Wang Lang Market directly!

i found my favourite Thai dessert since I was a kid (i never know the name) here!! OMG!! 20baht

25baht for the fruit smoothie that we bought! Love how they display the content of the drinks

Sampeng Lane & Yaowarat Chinatown

Pier N5 Rajchawongse
After a satisfying meal at Wang Lang Market, we hopped on the boat traveling reverse direction to visit Chinatown. The pier is nearer to Sampeng Lane. If you prefer to skip Sampeng Lane, you can take a tuk tuk and go Chinatown directly. My recommendation is to visit around 1pm, since wholesale markets generally close about 5pm.

Sampeng Lane and Chinatown are both wholesale markets, selling golds, herbal medicines, shoes, bags, textiles, beauty products and many many more! Sampeng Lane has a lot of cheap stuffs for children. So, you might want to visit there if you have a child. Chinatown is a highly popular tourist area located at Yaowarat where you could spend half a day walking around (many buildings to look at too), and later on have your dinner at the famous eateries like T&K (seafood at Chinatown is good)!

Our legs were closed to dragging by the time we finished walking Sampeng Lane, hence we did a relatively quick visit to Chinatown (mainly because it was super packed, waste of time stucking among humans). I bought 1 long wallet (like a fake Charles & Keith) at 200baht, and 3 skincare facial products at total 400baht.

Felt a bit cheated by the wholesale beauty products shop, as I seriously did not expect the sign to mean "purchase item 150baht and below, add 20baht per item upon checkout". Everything was in Thai except for the numbers, so I assumed it meant discounted price. But hell, no! So yeah, I paid an extra 60baht. But still, all products were considered cheaper a lot more than in Singapore. Just a shock.

You will know is wholesale as there are close to none decoration! Everything is in packages

You can save negotiation skills for non wholesale stuffs, they would not entertain you here

Getting near Chinatown

Legs were too tired, so we paid $200 per set for bird nest with honey! (somewhere to sit and relax a while)

I love wholesale market but I don't like the crowd

Many similar stuffs can be found everywhere. So don't worry if you missed one on the way


11am - 11pm: Pier Asiatique (1 stop BEFORE bts station, 10minutes boat ride from bts station)
When the shops started closing around 5pm, we took Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (14baht) to Asiatique. Asiatique has their own free shuttle boat service from bts station. However, it is only limited to their OWN boat with red Asiatique flag. Other boats still required 14baht. Since we were nowhere near the bts station, 14baht to bts, 14baht to Asiatique, might as well pay for a direct boat right? (Actually I think we didn't pay. Came to think of it, no one collected money from us.)

Luckily we didn't take the free shuttle. Every tourist knows about this daily free shuttle service, hence the queue was super long! We saw people still queuing by the time we took the free shuttle to return bts station. My suggestion is take the free shuttle for return trip, unless you happened to be at the bts station for the free shuttle to Asiatique (available only in the evening).

Anyway, Asiatique can be summarised as Sentosa in Singapore. Everything there was pretty and designed specially for great photos. However, the price was expensive too. Everything that were selling there was at least 1 or 2 times more than Pratunam Market and Wang Lang Market. It is a great place to talk a stroll and enjoy the view. But, not really a place for shopping.

I saw a leaning buddha on my way to Asiatique!

Our boat stopped at the end. We had a cool experience of jumping across boats to reach the pier!

If you are coming by any boat other than the free shuttle, will have to take a 5minutes walk

Actually, just follow the ferris wheel then you will reach Asiatique!

I think it means welcome?!

We are there!

There is a map at the entrance. Everything in Asiatique arranged nicely according to this map. This is probably the only map in Bangkok that is true to stalls

Something about love? Can buy keychain to hang on gate

This pretty mama is in the love garden

The logo of Asiatique I would think

A failed shot of me displaying my hauls for the day

This is the free shuttle ARRIVING. You can see the red Asiatique flag in front

This is qhere we left by taking Asiatique free shuttle boat

Everything is picturesque here

Expensive at 200baht if I am not wrong

I would play if it wasn't 150baht

I am in love with Thailand's bags

Relatively expensive as you can see, but pretty!

wefie at the gate of love garden

Yeah we can't enter because we did not pay for it

Superrich is probably the booth with highest exchange rate in Thailand. It can be found everywhere in Bangkok. Not just Asiatique.

I exchanged at 24.82 in Singapore, and here, it was 24.85! (The next day I saw Superrich elsewhere was 24.90)

I don't know what is this, but it's a pretty decoration

Another failed shot of me featuring the sunset clouds. (no red sunset that day :(

Someone give me 10cm taller please?

Jump shot is a must in every single spacious area!

I climbed up this small elephant of my height (and sat akwardly for 5min)

Because this guy with his girlfriend non stop posing since 5 minutes before me....

They are finally gone!!!

Siam Square One & Siam Centre & Siam Paragon & Siam Discovery & MBK Centre

10am - 10pm: BTS Siam Station
We couldn't bear to spend 1000baht for the food at Asiatique, therefore we left after the sunset, after our strolls along the shops. It was around 7pm, hence the queue for return trip was short as everyone came here for a luxury dinner.

Back at Saphan Taksin BTS, we took BTS to Siam BTS to check out the shopping malls that we missed the previous day. All these malls are located in a circle so it is just a matter of choice for you.

Siam Square One sells fashion and food. I have purchased more than enough cheap clothing on the first day, thus we headed to level 4 and 5 for food directly. The food here is cheap, and we had a Japanese dinner (I was craving for Japanese dishes).

Next, we visited Siam Paragon. Siam Paragon is an ION Orchard, a luxury shopping mall. This is where you can find all famous branded stuffs (But, Singapore is cheaper right?). We went to the top floor to take a look at their cinema and bowling centre. Their cinema area is really worth a visit, as different type of movie tickets have different lounge with free wifi!

Siam Centre is more like a shopping centre in Malaysia, or maybe something like Vivocity (not really, but will do)? You can basically find everything you want here.

Siam Discovery has an interesting concept. It is like a gallery where you can purchase their display items off-shelf (maybe, or they got instocks?). Products and brands are arranged in such a way that you would gain some information by walking around (product release year, improvement of trend and designs, etc).

Finally, you can get to MBK Centre through the linked bridge from Siam Discovery. MBK Centre is probably the largest shopping mall I have ever seen in my entire life! There are 8 floors with 2000 shops selling everything you want, at a relatively cheaper price (but still, night markets win all!) ! You might want to consider visiting this mall in the afternoon when the sun is scorching hot. MBK could really used up your time well. I would check out all the stalls in MBK during my next visit.

My dinner - Japanese ramen!

Siam Paragon designs are classy

Movie posters layout like art gallery

The amazing bowling centre, would like to try next time!

See the lounge for normal ticket and the big entrance of cinema

Siam Paragon has their shopping area too - Paragon

We found items selling 8 times more than the price we purchased in the market

Siam Paragon is really pretty, no joke

Siam Centre weird design outside......

Weird design inside too

Love the monochrome and texture

Many people queued for Bake, but the price is actually around the same

Christmas feel

Siam has serious traffic jam, close to 24hours

Every malls are within walking distance, you can get from Siam Discovery to MBK Centre through the linked bridge

They said "hug me"

I love the box design at Siam Discovery

Siam Discovery layout

Siam Discovery 

Ends with his only photo for the day (he don't want to in photos)

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary!

Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 3: Temples Sight Seeing & Shopping along Chao Phraya River & Siam Area Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 3: Temples Sight Seeing & Shopping along Chao Phraya River & Siam Area Reviewed by Joysofyz on 12/14/2016 Rating: 5


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