Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 2: Fashion & Market Shopping along Chit Lom BTS to Rachaparop

Before I start my BKK Day 2 trip, let me introduce you to my limitation of my trip:
Maximum price for clothings: 200baht, best within 100baht
Maximum price for accessories: 50baht
Maximum price for food: < 600baht (#weAreEatersNotShoppers)
And, this is how I made good use of my hard-earned money throughout this semester.

Cute owls at 200baht can be found in Platinum Fashion Mall

Day 2 

Erawan Shrine, Central World Plaza, Trimurti Shrine, Big C Superstore, Platinum Fashion Mall, Wholesale Market, Palladium World Shopping Mall, Baiyoke Night Market, Watergate Pavillion

This was our first full day traveling around Bangkok. Since I procrastinated too much until I ended up not preparing any itinerary until the day itself when I reached hotel (day1), thus I wasn't sure about the transportation routes at all.

In the end, we called GrabTaxi to bring us to Erawan Shrine in the morning. My bad that I booked a ulu hotel where taxi fare to town costed 297baht, excluding 2 ERPs of 50baht and 25baht. But hey, my 3-stars hotel per night costed sgd19 per person. We didn't take cab after this day to save the money.

Day 2 was a day more on fashion and shopping, because both of us need clothes for the next few days. The entire trip for the day was along Chit Lom BTS to Rachaparop Rail Link Station

2 ERP tickets because we took cab instead of bts!

Erawan Shrine 

6am - 11pm
Erawan Shrine is a famous Buddhism shrine to honour the four-faced Than Tao Mahaprom, who was said to be a Brahma god full of kindness, mercy, sympathy and impartiality. Paying respect to him is considered to be an auspicious solution, bringing you peace and success.

For some reason, many people said it's a "must-go" tourist spot, so I just followed (#kiasuType). To my horror, this place was super duper crowded and packed with tourists! I heard mothers shouting to their son "Boy, go the well there wash your hands and face!" (there was this large bronze basin with holy water at a corner), and right away I knew she is a Singaporean LOL.

It was like a pasar malam that wasn't peaceful to me at all. We only walked around, staring at tourist paying 20baht for prayer sticks, candle and a few pieces of gold paper to stick on the god body, and watching Thailand traditional dancers dancing to the god (it is said that the god himself likes to watch dancing).

Erawan Shrine prayer spot

Elephants that prayers bought for the god

Dancers dancing for the god

Stall where you can buy praying stuffs

That's the amount of humans at Erawan Shrine!

Trimurti Shrine & Central World Plaza

10am - 10pm
We then headed to Central World, which is a shopping mall within 5 minutes distance away from Erawan Shrine. There was this morning food stalls / market right in front the entrance, where we had our breakfast settled since many local people were eating there too (means cheap, means can go!).

Trimurti Shrine is located at the corner of Central World, which is a popular shrine among young Thais as it contains legend of granting happiness in romance by praying to the God Of Love. We donated some money and prayed at Trimurti Shrine ("the quest for true love"), before doing some window shopping in the Central World.

Opposite Erawan Shrine! 

I just like to pattern

Pattern 2

Pattern 3 yeah guard staring at me nearby hahaha

So christmas feel these perfumes

Cute kitties but damn ex!

h&m super long stretch!!!!

love the design

buddha head was where the market located at

the first drink we bought -- 80baht mango coconut, ex but nice!

morning market with plenty of food!!

everything is cheap and priced reasonably

quite a small market but still got some accessories

he found his favourite bbq pork for the rest of the trip

mango coconut smoothie and bbq pork stick!

expression after first bite like some 变态佬

many locals in this small market (i didn't photo the path with many people lah)

this one nice! 100baht for 1 small plate

tom yum big prawns! wanna eat but got flies so we didn't try

trimurti shrine for love

got elephants too

many locals passed by just stop and pray

Big C Superstore

There is a Big C chain supermarket located along the road right opposite Central World. We crossed the bridge and headed there for a walk. You can find many discounted items and services there, ranging from fashion, jewelry to Thai snacks (it's like a Tesco). If I am not wrong, there are many cupboard boxes at the payment counter where you can pack your items bought neatly to deliver back home as lugagge. There is also a small street market beside Big C where we bought 5 pairs of socks at total 100baht.

Since we didn't purchase any luggage for our return flight (control money spend kay!), hence we didn't bother to purchase any snacks. But, this was an interesting superstore to walk around.
pretty pastel bags but 1500bahts++ so i gave up

Obsession with cute kitties~~

owls are getting cute to me too

very cheap at around 18baht only if I am not wrong!

bigC is a nice place with food, snacks and all stuffs

if you ever decided to cook in bangkok, you might consider buying seafood 

fat creamy durians!!!!!!!!!!!

my lunch at food court - mango sticky rice (50baht)

Platinum Fashion Mall 

9am - 10pm
Since both of us only packed 2 sets of clothes for this trip (I knew I confirm buy a lot of clothings so I didn't bother to pack to save hand-carry space), we took a 5-7minutes walk to Platinum Fashion Mall nearby.

Platinum Fashion Mall can be summarized as indoor Bugis Street (Far East Plaza is for another more suitable mall I visited on Day4), with a few sections. This is a popular place among young locals and tourists. Most of the female clothing are sold around 250baht, which I initially thought they were cheap. I purchased 2 dresses at a total of 400baht, and 1 shorts similar to MDS shorts at 100baht. The guy's clothing were much more expensive around 400baht per piece.

platinum bridge to another section (cannot remember)

i love cute baby suits~

aww see the tiny shoes <3

pattern with a cute kitty cap that i like but never buy because i won't wear in singapore

this sheep caught my attention among all toys!

i wonder what it would look like to have Muffin in a basket of ducks haha 

capture so that I can photoshop to add names to the owls without buying! #happyFamily

i love animals so obvious

some thai stuffs selling around, cheap!

this elephant soap is cute

Wholesale Market & Palladium World Shopping Mall

I have forgotten about the building name and location of the wholesale mall besides Palladium/Platinum Mall. Anyway, the clothing selling there are slightly cheaper than Platinum Fashion Mall, in either single purchase (reasonably cheap) or multiple wholesale purchases (much cheaper). So, maybe you might want to take a stroll here.

Sadly, most of the stores in  Palladium World were closed down / not opened when we reached there. Nothing much to shop. However, there were many Thai massage services which were very welcoming after our long walk. We decided to go for the 1hour Thai massage at "Good Care Massage" (200baht per person) located at the second floor.

This was my first massage ever in my life and I got addicted to massage instantly! The woman who did my massage has decent skills and friendly (I would prefer greater strength but I saw that she had tried her best), but my boyfriend complained his female massage therapist spared no mercy on him (His bed was placed next to mine and I saw his therapist was controlling her strength already LOL). Anyway, this 1hour Thai massage was quite good and I am looking forward for more to come! Too bad Singapore massages are too expensive, so I would have to wait until I next travel to somewhere cheaper.

the thai massage shop that we visited

they said to come again but hi, I am in singapore now!

Pratunam Market 

10am - 6pm
It was around 4pm when we ended our massage (this massage was not planned so my schedule got some delayed). We headed down to Pratunam market, which was suppose to be a morning market that I planned to visit around 2pm. Pratunam market is a major market selling clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories at wholesale prices. It was supposed to have both indoor and outdoor sections (unless indoor is another building), but when we reached there, the indoor market was packing to close for the day. By then, only I realised that Bangkok market started packing up 1hour BEFORE their stated closing time (means 5pm instead of 6pm). *something to take note!*

Along the way to Pratunam market, I stopped at a street shop nearby to purchase 2 bags at 199baht each. DAMN CHEAP KAY! At Pratunam market, I purchased 2 shift dresses (75baht each)  and 1 knitted long cardigan (80baht), total 230baht! This is the reason why I said Platinum Fashion Mall is not cheap!!!!! My boyfriend bought a bag for his mum from Platinum Mall at 400baht, and we saw a similar one (but prettier) selling at 199baht at the shop I purchased my bags. HAHAHA!!!

We only managed to walk part of the outdoor market :( Would be visiting this market again next time!

the street shop where I bought 2 199baht bags~

Baiyoke Night Market & Watergate Pavillion

5pm - midnight
Baiyoke night market opens when Pratunam market closes. So you don't have to worry about no market to walk! We settled our dinner while walking along the streets in Baiyoke market. Since I have already bought many clothings for the day, I controlled myself to not spend on something extra that are not needed.

We were lazy to bargain so we kept walking to search for the cheapest among all cheap stuffs. My boyfriend got himself a quality outdoor shorts at 80bahts, a Charles & Keith texture wallet at 100bahts and 2 tees at 100baht each, while I got myself a sunglasses at 50bahts. And that was all we spent at the night market, excluding food (too many food, not listing here)!

We then took a short walk around Watergate Pavillion and the stalls around the mall and called it a day. Ratchaprop station was nearby so we traveled back hotel by train and took a cab (50bahts) to reach our hotel.

Fried grasshoppers! too big so we didn't dare to try

we tried these instead. 20bahts for a bag of crickets. feeling like a bird

20baht for a cup of sweet corn, mixed with condensed milk and butter!!

night market selling toy cars

bags in thailand all so cute, pretty and relatively cheaper a lot than singapore

obsession over children's shoes lol

you might wanna buy this type of cute bags if this is your style - colourful, cute and flowerly

the stall where I bought my sunglasses at 50baht

i got the opportunity to cook the eggs myself hehe

scooping the egg up is a skill, i realised 

20baht for this bowl of eggs (2 were eaten)

oh ya right, he found his first love-- bbq pork stick again

was attracted by the kuola bear bag at watergate street

tempted to buy this for a friend

the small street market beside watergate

reason why I think bts is faster than cab in bangkok

so we took bts and headed back hotel for the day

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary!

Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 2: Fashion & Market Shopping along Chit Lom BTS to Rachaparop Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 2: Fashion & Market Shopping along Chit Lom BTS to Rachaparop Reviewed by Joysofyz on 12/13/2016 Rating: 5


  1. I'm always on a tight budget but am unwilling to compromise on quality. Thanks for sharing your itinerary. I believe you have found the balance between budget and a good time.

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