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Feeling myself too ambitious to take on a project that I couldn't even begin with.

At that time, I was thinking, perhaps I could understand the basics during the semester and start working on it to finish my project by December. And then, I ended up cleverly arranged my schedule to be packed with time-consuming media assignments (because all media modules only offered in semester 1). I became super stress and started seeking help outside.

It was like god finally heard my prayers. I was so happy when someone offered me his help for free. I got a mentor! I thought to myself, now that I have someone to ask, I could finally concentrate on my remaining projects throughout the semester. I promised myself that I would start working on this project after finals.

However, after my exam ended in end of November, my first thought was, I must get a designer internship before graduation because I am an engineer who don't like engineering, but have no proper training in design too. I did my research on designer roles and spent 1 week digging up my files, trying to recall all the processes to complete my brief portfolio (which I still didn't complete everything).

I knew I was short of time so I started reading up on articles related to my project. They were super boring and not understandable but I persisted, because I have to, not because I want to. This's the last step for me to be released from engineering, the first step for me to start on what I want to pursue.

Somehow, something always cope up when I am busy. I made a trip back home before heading to my Bangkok trip planned earlier on. Staring at the days passed by, I was stress throughout my trip (when I was alone) and spent 30minutes per day reading up related newsletters that I signed up for. I have still no progress on my project at all. But, I consoled myself as I could get help when I return, I would catch up soon.

When I am finally back, I thought, this time I can finally commit my full time to my project with some help.

However, the person was not replying me anymore. I was damn sad, but that's not his job and he was doing me a favour. I would be delight if he replies me. But oh well.

I recalled all the time that I have had procrastinated before this happened. I should have known that nothing is too good to be true. Trust should not be easily given to anyone, no matter how sincere it might have been.

I decided to take on an Android basic nanodegree offered by Udacity. Luckily, I am still a student hence I am eligible for 1 month waived course fee of USD199. I will continue to work on the simple examples slowly, rushing to complete the course within 1 month so that I will not be charged, taking a break now and then to destress myself by writing (thus the Bangkok posts). Yeah, thanks to my procrastination, i don't think I have the extra time to overload a design module next semester or get a part time internship.

Ok, I have done ranting with my way of destressing.

Can I even finish this project on time?
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  1. Having gone through the same experience, from an engineering graduate but now working in the advertising industry, I totally understand your situation. It took a lot of hard work and dedication. Never give up. I learned a lot from youtube and website like Udacity and Udemy. I wish you the best in pursuing your dream. It's going to be an adventure of a lifetime!

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing your experience :D It's more encouraging to see someone who undergone a similar path and success in your dream! I do hope I can change industry soon.. All the best to your career :D Thanks a lot! :D


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