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Before I traveled to Bangkok, I met with Ms. Sara Davina Soong who introduced me to Restoration Essence, an all-natural handmade health and beauty brand in Singapore, founded by her.

Sara ensures that every ingredients are meticulously selected after 15 years of research, in which Pandan serves as the main ingredient in all products. This caught me by surprise as I actually have BUSHES of Pandan in my garden since years ago, but all I did was to boil the leaves with barley, else tied them into a knot, throw into my car to act as car air freshener. I actually felt guilty of wasting their potential fml, who knows Pandan has this massive health benefits and properties?! #回家好好对待你们 #亏家里曾经做过美容的

Anyway, I got to try out some top products from Restoration Essence. Click on the product titles to open the catalog page.

Restoration Essence products received
I tell you hor, this is literally the BEST SCRUB I ever use! 

When Sara explained this scrub to me, I was thinking like "oh ok, just another scrub with nicer smell lor", until she demo on my hand and I saw INSTANT WHITENING and BRIGHTENING effect! This was a pleasant surprise and I instantly changed my view on natural scrub, especially pandan scrub.

The next pleasant surprise was when Sara personally mixed lemon essential oil and pandan essential oil into the pandan. I was expecting just a bit of essential oil mixture (you know shops nowadays always try to minimize stuffs one...) so I took a peeped behind the table, but hey, she actually POURED A WHOLE ESSENTIAL OIL BOTTLE leh! I 直接吓到 hahahahaha!!!

So yeah, with the instant whitening and brightening effect (somehow like even out my skin tone), damn calming pandan aroma that could actually use as a perfume (serious, the sweet pandan smell lasted on my hand for half a day!), gentle and mild on skin without any side-effects (sometimes I get breakouts after using essential oils, but no, surprisingly I don't have breakouts after this application)-- I LOVE this scrub! 

I use it on my face once a week. Just take a 10-cent coin sized portion of leaves and rub it on either on your hands or face for about 10-15 seconds, then wash it off with water lightly. It itsn't as rough as it looks since it is soaked in essential oil before your used it. You will see instant whitening and it will leave the skin clean (and detoxified) without overly drying it. But, it might make the sink a bit messy with the fallen leaves scrubs. #唯一扣分点

the best-seller "pandan leaves scrub" at the booth
Look at the amount of essential oil inside!
Texture of Pandan leaves scrub soaked with essential oil!

Hydro Boost Serum ($40.90) -- rating: 4/5

This moisturizing serum is made of macromolecules with technology procured from Korea. This is the only product that is not handmade by Restoration Essence, but is known to be an effective product.

 Although hydro serum can be used for face, skin and body, I prefer to use it on my face only (body total surface area so big! wasteful leh). I apply this after using Pandan Leaves Scrub if I am using that week, else I apply this serum after applying toner, follow up with a moisturizer.

To use this, twist open the cap and lightly squeeze a small amount of serum from the syringe will do. Apply the serum on face in circular motion until fully absorbed. The serum absorbs into the skin really fast and last for 24hours. It did not left my face oily or with any irritation (some serum causes me breakouts also), and there is no fragnance at all. So I am quite ok with this.

I might prefer this serum to be stored in an essential oil bottle with a dropper, since a syringe is interesting but space consuming. I did not bring it overseas for fear of accidentally breaking the syringe or the cap dropping off.

Hydro boost serum in a syringe with a cap!

Colourless & fragrance-ness hydro boost serum!

Reflection Skin Whitening Neck Firming Cream ($45) -- rating: 4.8/5

I was a bit paiseh when Sara mentioned that many of us neglect pampering our neck (yeah, she was talking to a lazy girl here). Apparently, our neck are prone to developing neck lines when we aged due to dryness, thus we need to keep our neck hydrated.

This neck firming cream has a thick, creamy texture with a honey-buttery smell that I couldn't pin point it. Another interesting combination of smells but I like it! (When can computer let people see and smell things from screen?!) The smell is so smoothing that I fell asleep easily at night (I often have insomnia) while breathing in the aroma. 

I applied this neck firming cream twice a day. The cream is really smooth and buttery that I truly did felt my neck became smoother after 1 application (not sure about the whitening part because all I got was shadow from my chin). Even my hands also became smoother when I woke up in the morning, after applying before bed the previous night!

I am not sure if my neck whitens or not, but I love the aroma and smoothness!

The think and creamy texture of neck firming cream!

Unable to find this item in website, thus photo from booth!

Ice Balm ($24.90) -- rating: 4/5

This is a lip balm with an unusual but interestingly smoothing menthol smell and chilly icy sensation. Initially, I kept smelling at it, trying to guess the main ingredient. After like 10 minutes, only I realised that it is the familiar peppermint smell (so stupid of me for not reading the ingredient sticker behind! I forgot.).

Ice Balm is made of beeswax (expensive hor!), peppermint oil, ginger oil, coconut oil and pandan oil. Everything's natural and OMG it actually SUCCESSFULLY HYDRATES my lips immensely! Ok, this may sounds weird, but those fruity lip balms in markets normally make my lips peel instead. So yeah, this is an absolutely new alternative for me who normally only use a non-fragrance Vaseline.

By the way, Ice Balm is multi-functional! During my trip to Bangkok, I applied Ice Balm to my lips (or under my nose) when I feel sleepy (thanks to the refreshing peppermint smell), and use it as a base before I applied lip tint to keep my lips moisturized (prevent cracks and peels too). Sara did mentioned that this lip balm can be applied on sore points to ease muscle aches too!

This is the tiny Ice Balm, same size like a usual lip balm!
The awesome ginger + peppermint aroma!

Beware, gruesome photos below!

These 2 photos shows my bareface taken after applying all 4 products before bed on day 1 and day 2. My skin did shows improvement, slowly but surely, since it's only 2 applications. But hey, it's considered quite obvious for me already! Definetely smoother and brighter liao! 
*Photoshop only to alter overall camera brightness and contrast, some lighting difference due to auto white balance

I know my skin jialat, cause I hadn't been sleeping for the past 3 months (5am to 8am sleeping time per day) before my final exam. It's slowly getting better now! 

So obvious that my photos always looks decent because my hair always managed to cover my face LOL =.=

Day 1 after trying out 4 Restoration Essence products

Day 2 after trying ouf 3 Restoration Essence products

Good things must share! You can find Restoration Essence at:

website: https://www.restorationessence.com/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/restorationessence/
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/restorationessence/
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  1. I remember pandan has a natural calming scent that my Mom used to add on top of our rice for a more enticing meal. So i understand if pandan is included to skincare. I bet it is soothing :)

    1. Yeah it's soothing :o ohh, for normal rice?? Didn't try that before! only know it's for thai food pandan chicken and for barley only xD Thanks for the tips, I should try when I go home next year! :D

  2. Whoa, I did not know that pandan has such benefits, too. I also just use it to boil rice or make jelly and like you, boil with barley. Now I know, I am going to give it better respect!

    1. Yeah, me too ._. Bow to the pandan god! :D I'm thinking what can I do with blended pandan leaves since they are so useful hahahahaha

  3. I love anything with essential oils! I find that they work for me! :)

    1. Glad they work for you! :D Mine is selective so I am forever worrying :( Lucky you! :DD

  4. I love pandan & essence oil, will check this beauty brand soon :) thanks for sharing it ya :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

    1. I am currently still using their products as I find them useful :D Since it's natural handmade anyway~ ^^ Should give them a try!

  5. This brand is new to me, I kind of like their lip balm.

    1. Their lip balm is great! I am still bringing it everywhere I go :D You will really love it's smell, confirm!

  6. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

    1. Thanks for reading :) Hope you will give them a try next time! :D

  7. I didn't know about Pandan all this while. So thanks for educating me! This is like backyard science! Lolz!

    1. HAHAHA really?! Science?! xD Now that we know, let's bow to the pandan god! :>

  8. Walao pandan can also be made into beauty products! Does it smell like pandan too ah? I'll be so tempted to eat it hahaha


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