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Unique Taste Bud Experience @ Froth Cafe

Froth Cafe has recently moved to Singapore Ascott Raffles Place (5 minutes walk from Raffles Place MRT), and came up with a new menu and concept. It has now pride itself as a "modern Asian Fusion" concept kitchen.

I tried the some of the new menu offered to us. The taste is seriously unique and interesting. It really depends on your taste bud to find them weird or nice! To me, I would visit this place once in a while just to try something different, but definitely not on a regular basis.
It was near Christmas when I visited Froth. For photo purposes, I ordered a Christmas drink (and I didn't like the cinnamon taste)

I didn't like this dish as it tasted too "orangy" and the toasts has too much butter on it. (rating: 2/5)

This is something like a Char Siew Pao with a poached egg as topping. I love this dish! (rating: 4/5)

This most non-photogenic dish tasted the best man! It tasted like Chaw Kiew Tew (made of potato) topped with scramble egg and salad. Worth …

Buy Japan Rail Passes @ Japan Rail Cafe

Japan Rail Cafe is opened by Japan Railway Company at Level 1 of Tanjong Pagar Centre. One interesting fact about this cafe is that you can purchase Japan rail passes at a cheaper rate without travelling all the way to Japan to get it. Suits the kiasu type especially! :D

I visited them for dinner. The food is decent, but slightly expensive for the amount served. Be ready to spend around $15-$20+ per main dish. I had Kaisen Avocado Don ($18) which sadly, the rice was a little undercooked that day and was not filling enough (I am a big eater). My friend ordered The Ultimate A.B.C Burger ($19) which looked so good! Both dishes came with a warm soup.

Beverage wise, I ordered an iced Kuromitsu Kinako Latte, which came with an ice-cream topping -- or so I thought. It was actually a ball of whipped cream! So yeah, those who scare fat should try other drinks. No wonder it stayed afloat even after 45minutes... My friend had a hot Uji-Matcha Latte which she claimed good :)

The cafe design is be…

Ignore Me

Feeling myself too ambitious to take on a project that I couldn't even begin with.

At that time, I was thinking, perhaps I could understand the basics during the semester and start working on it to finish my project by December. And then, I ended up cleverly arranged my schedule to be packed with time-consuming media assignments (because all media modules only offered in semester 1). I became super stress and started seeking help outside.

It was like god finally heard my prayers. I was so happy when someone offered me his help for free. I got a mentor! I thought to myself, now that I have someone to ask, I could finally concentrate on my remaining projects throughout the semester. I promised myself that I would start working on this project after finals.

However, after my exam ended in end of November, my first thought was, I must get a designer internship before graduation because I am an engineer who don't like engineering, but have no proper training in design too. I did m…

Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 5: Suvarnabhumi Airport & TATE Cafe

I spent my entire morning tidying my luggage. Come to think of it, I was quite panic during the packing up process because I didn't buy any luggage. Shopping in Bangkok made me forgot that the maximum total weight for hand carry is 7kg, maximum size for liquid bottles is 100ml
I was in despair because out of the 4 skincare products I bought from Chinatown, 3 exceeded 100ml (24K Gold Mask 220ml SGD3.50, Cathy Doll Peeling Snail Gel 240ml SGD3.50, Korea brand facial foam 120ml SGD2.50)! In the end, I washed up all the travel bottles (I brought myself and provided by our hotel) to fill up with the mask and gel respectively. I ran out of containers so I decided to risk the 120ml and the remaining 30ml gel in the tube.
Yeap, I couldn't clear the X-Ray check and the 30ml in 240ml tube was thrown away SADDD! But all other products passed through safely. By the way, we didn't weigh our hand-carry at the airport, which was as expected, exceeded at 8kg. HAHA!
Our return flight wa…

Cheapest Bangkok 5D4N Trip Itinerary - Day 4: Lifestyle Shopping & Cafe Hopping & Train Market

Before I start my BKK Day 4 trip, let me introduce you to my limitation of my trip:
Maximum price for clothings: 200baht, best within 100baht
Maximum price for accessories: 50baht
Maximum price for food: < 600baht (#weAreEatersNotShoppers) And, this is how I made good use of my hard-earned money throughout this semester.

Day 4Terminal 21, Union Mall, Truelove@Neverland, Alpaca View, Ratchada Train Night Market This was our third and final full day traveling around Bangkok. I planned this itinerary on the previous midnight as my boyfriend mentioned that he wanted to rest after 2 days of long and tiring walk.

So Day 4 was a chill day more of window shopping and cafe hoppings. The mode of transportation for this day consisted more Taxi! In the morning, we booked GrabTaxi from hotel to nearest station (Rat Krabang Airport Rail Link Station) and headed to Sukhumwit MRT station. I did not include Chatuchak weekend market to this day as it was a Thursday instead of a Saturday.

*Long post a…