My Christmas Resolution 2016!

My final paper this semester is finally over! This semester can definitely top the busiest, the most effort spent semester throughout my life in NTU -- All thanks to clever me arranging my schedule such that I have 4 ADM art project-based modules (which deadlines sui sui on the same week) and 2 IEM examinable modules, on top of my 1 final year project. #noIdidntOverloadMyAudit

Anyway, I should stop mourning over the past... Tell you a secret. Guess what?


Yeap, I am really excited about 25th December 2016, because..

  1. Firstly, this is my last Christmas celebration as a student! 
  2. Secondly, this is my third anniversary with my bf! 
  3. Thirdly, this is Muffin's (my dog) 1-year-old birthday!

So, before I start worrying myself about finishing my final year project, preparing my design portfolio and getting a job to repay my study loans, I made a "Christmas Resolution 2016" to enjoy my remaining 2016 life.

My Christmas Resolution

Redesign my blog template layout (done: you are staring at it!)
Plan a holiday in December (checked: flying Bangkok real soon!)
Take a stroll at Orchard Road (heard it's really nice this year!)
Buy new clothes, shoes and wallet (obviously, Bangkok has cheap stuffs!)
Get my first body massage (hopefully it's cheap I kiamsiap!)
Eat lots of food, many Pandan chickens + pineapple rice + ONE grasshopper (Thai food here I come~)

Lastly... the most important thing -- get a Christmas gift for my boyfriend!

Thank goodness I chance upon Printcious through a website and found out that this amazing store offers gifts suitable for all occasions and all recipients! Ranging from casual t-shirts, daily mugs, huggable cushions to stylish phone casings and fashion caps etc! etc! etc!.. I was lost in awe by the amount of choices I could choose from!

Best part is.. Printcious allows you to CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN GIFT DESIGN if you decided to DIY your own gifts or you can't find the desired design in store!

Now, I can finally spend less effort preparing a gift for him~ Keep posted on my Instagram as I will be sharing with you the gifts I got from Printcious! (Well, you can get a gift for her too if you are a him instead. #meh #讲废话 )

Update: Here is my customized Samsung Note 5 casing featuring Muffin my dog!
My 5-minutes drawings + scan + Photoshop edited Muffins cute right!

Anyway, this will be a pre-holiday post I share with you all before I head for my relaxing holiday~ Feel free to share with me your holiday plans too!

FREE Bonus From Printcious -- Precious Gifts From Your Heart

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  • FREE delivery above $60
  • FREE returns within 7 days

If you have no idea where to browse from, take a look here!
I love the gifts offer by Printcious! So adorable

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  1. Your phone covers are cute. I wanted to print my own as well but they don't cater to my phone model, unfortunately.