Toy Poodle Looking For Home

Hi reader, as you know I have many lovely dogs. And, the best news is that the most motherly mother gave birth to just 1 little pup. I have been playing with him ever since he starts crawling~

With much love and care, he has grown up to be a playful, understanding little furball. I will not admit that he is cuter than my Muffin because he is not mine! But he is everything a sincere dog owner will want. Unlike my Muffin puppy (from the same mother), he doesn't cry when he is bathed or when he is being brushed. He follows me wherever I walk, never running off too far. He uses his paw to pet me when he wants attention. He is a joy to everyone, especially me!

Now, he is ready to look for a brand new home, HDB allowed pet :) I sincerely hope he will get a loving owner, who will train him into a faithful dog, understand his behaviors and eagerness to be friendly and playful. Please do take good care of him and not abandon him next time. He is too adorable to get heartbroken.

Some details about him are as below:

Breed: Toy Poodle
Age: 2 months old
Colour: Apricot
Gender: Male
Country: Singapore local breed
Birth: 19/6/2016
More Information: 2 vaccines taken, 1 microchip inserted

Here are some photos of this fluffy puff. For more photos, you can check out my Instagram. He is so cute and photogenic that he was featured by a famous puppy group on Instagram a while back too!

If you are looking for a dog, I'm sure you will be keen to purchase lower than shop price. Please drop me an email at or comment your number below for the actual seller to contact you on your enquiries or to see the puppy personally.

When will I get a loving home? I want an owner to love and care
I am playful and gentle. I love cuddles and belly rubs. (off focus don't care)
I see my breeder! I am running towards him!

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  1. While I love dogs myself, I do not support commercial breeding. There are so many unfortunate dogs out there waiting to be adopted.


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