Don't just brush, Playbrush

Straits Times Singapore voiced their concerned that one in two Singapore kids has rotten teeth by the time they started primary school. Hence, Sample Store collaborated with Playbrush to promote kids' dental hygiene and to aware public on the consequences of improper care.

What is Playbrush?

Playbrush is a device worked closely with brilliant engineers and designers, as well as dentists, to develop the 3-in-1 solution that:

  1. Provides great fun - understand dental hygiene in a playful way
  2. Instills good dental habits - improve dental health, save dental costs
  3. Reduces parental stress - integrate statistics to monitor children's brushing

Playbrush has a so simple design that all kids and the young at heart can play fun and instructional mobile games while brushing their teeth. Simple download any free "Uthootia" apps from Play Store or Apple Store to start your enjoyable brushing moment.

Steps to use Playbrush!

So what you need to do is basically use any USB to charge the device until the orange light stopped blinking. Stick your toothbrush into the small hole in the centre of the rubber (remember not to use a wide bottom toothbrush to prevent the rubber from getting loose!), connect Playbrush to mobile app using Bluetooth. Then, hey Pesto! Your toothbrush has manually transformed into a gaming controller!! Cool huh?!

Watch the video to see the little girl's first experience in using Playbrush. 
You can see the contents in the Playbrush package and also the girl's true satisfactory smile in the end.

My experience with Playbrush!

Personally, I love brushing teeth so I gave the sponsored product to a little girl whose mother claimed that she didn't like brushing the inner side of her teeth. 

The moment I unpacked the device, the little girl stuck her toothbrush into it and was eager to start using it. What interested her most is the mobile app. She was fascinated by the graphics and the game play that she actually played 3 rounds! Which means, she has had 2 minutes * 3 times = 6 minutes of brushing while gaming experience! 

In order to score, player needs to control exerted strength and speed while brushing. This rule is good as it prevents the child from getting too excited and harm his/her gums. There is also a reward section to reward player after their hard work. 

Giveaway Contest!

  1. Check out Sample Store's Facebook page video to be 1 of the lucky 20 who win yourself a Playbrush. Contest ends on 24th July 2016, good luck! 
  2. You can further participate in the Playbrush Utoothia high score contest to win a 200 popular vouchers
  3. Or go to Playbrush official website and use promo code: PBSG2016 to get $20 discount off your Playbrush's purchase! Retail price: SGD89.

Find out more about Playbrush!

  1. Playbrush is searching for a kid Ambassador from 18th July onwards - Stay tuned to Sample Store Facebook page for more details if you are interested!
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  1. What a smart way to cultivate the tooth-brushing habit in young kids. It is something that all parents should be responsible about.

    1. Yeap, I agree! Teeth are so important and oral check nowadays are getting more and more expensive :(

  2. playbrush? :O interesting way to attract the kids to brush their teeth!
    But i hope brushing too long doesn't has any negative impact! haha



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