I have a Dream

Everytime I hear this song playing from my playlist, I will close my eyes and start dreaming. I dream about this, I dream about that, I dream about everything I have in mind. However, once I open my eyes, I am still me, I am still on earth. Dreams are just dreams.

When I was in preschool, I used to dream myself as a pianist and a singer (a composer maybe?). I enjoyed closing my eyes, singing while letting my fingers dance on the piano keys. This dream continued until I realised pianist is a tough career. It required a lot of time and money, and patience. Chances to be known to the world are slim, maybe, not even after death. And so, I stopped dreaming.

When I was in primary, I used to dream myself as an artist. I enjoyed playing with colours, designing and creating beautiful pictures for eyes to see. This dream continued until I realised artist is an expensive career - more expensive than a pianist as an artist needs to purchase own design tools and palettes, let alone all the trials and errors moments. And so, I stopped dreaming.

When I was in secondary, I used to dream myself as a fashion designer. I would tell my mum that “I am studying!”, locked myself in my room, then drew and designed all kinds of outfits. This dream was the longest dream I ever had, and I thought I could actually achieve it until my mum banned me from studying fashion design or multimedia design in university. And so, I give up dreaming.

As I am typing this post now, I realise all my previous dreams may be achievable, if I have a budget or funding to kick start with. I am still taking up many loans for my studies, praying daily that I will not become bankrupt one day. Why dream when I can’t achieve them right? Dreams will remain as dreams. I need to actualize something to survive in this realistic world. And so, I study IT for development (which I am honestly not good at it) and convert my artistic side into photography, videography and UX design (which I am honestly quite good in these). I have given up dreaming…

Until I saw #GoBearDreams contest -- giving out $10,000 to dreamers to fulfil their dreams at a minimal cost!

I start dreaming myself as a designer again. What if I can design my own fashion style? What if I can design my own blog shop website and mobile app? What if I can share my style and passion to the world? What if I can be the photographer for my models wearing my designs? What if my style becomes the latest trend? What if I expand my brand and open a cat-theme cafe (I love graphical cats more than dogs) to chill after retirement? What if...?

All these thoughts race through my mind again. So vivid that I thought they are real. But, are they? No, I should rephrase – under the support of GoBear, will they?

I believe, with GoBear, dreams are no longer a dream. Dreams will become reality. I can now spread my wings and soar with GoBear.

Let’s join the #GoBearDreams contest to fulfil our dreams together, OK?
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