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Don't just brush, Playbrush

Straits Times Singapore voiced their concerned thatone in two Singapore kids has rotten teeth by the time they started primary school. Hence, Sample Store collaborated with Playbrush to promote kids' dental hygiene and to aware public on the consequences of improper care.

What is Playbrush? Playbrush is a device worked closely with brilliant engineers and designers, as well as dentists, to develop the 3-in-1 solution that:

Provides great fun - understand dental hygiene in a playful wayInstills good dental habits - improve dental health, save dental costsReduces parental stress - integrate statistics to monitor children's brushing
Playbrush has a so simple design that all kids and the young at heart can play fun and instructional mobile games while brushing their teeth. Simple download any free "Uthootia" apps from Play Store or Apple Store to start your enjoyable brushing moment.

Steps to use Playbrush!
So what you need to do is basically use any USB to charge the devi…

I have a Dream

Everytime I hear this song playing from my playlist, I will close my eyes and start dreaming. I dream about this, I dream about that, I dream about everything I have in mind. However, once I open my eyes, I am still me, I am still on earth. Dreams are just dreams.
When I was in preschool, I used to dream myself as a pianist and a singer (a composer maybe?). I enjoyed closing my eyes, singing while letting my fingers dance on the piano keys. This dream continued until I realised pianist is a tough career. It required a lot of time and money, and patience. Chances to be known to the world are slim, maybe, not even after death. And so, I stopped dreaming.
When I was in primary, I used to dream myself as an artist. I enjoyed playing with colours, designing and creating beautiful pictures for eyes to see. This dream continued until I realised artist is an expensive career - more expensive than a pianist as an artist needs to purchase own design tools and palettes, let alone all the trials an…