Joy Ride with Line Friends at 313@Somerset

Sneak preview on LINE Pop-Up @ 313 Somerset!

I am seriously not a frequent LINE user as my LINE account is just for mobile games like "Tsum Tsum", "Let's Get Rich", "Cookie Run" or something~ BUT BUT BUT! Like any other people, I still like LINE characters! Especially Sally, my favorite character~ The duck that makes me think of "The Duck Song" everytime. *waddle waddle waddle to the very next day~*

As 313@Somerset is relaunching partnership with LINE, they are opening a pop-up with Singapore transport theme to public from 10th June 2016.  Don't ask me why it's a transportation theme, maybe because LINE is something like Singapore transport? Can connect you everywhere, everyday, anytime?! *Take a break, have a Kitkat*

So, LINE fans, time to grab your camera and click away at Atrium 313@Somerset level 1, 313 Orchard Road, S238895 which is behind Costa Coffee! I was so embarrass when I lost my way to Atrium (because it was not in 313 location map), so I shamefully went to ask my way at Costa, shun bian bought my favourite Caramel Fudge $7.10!

Joy Ride with LINE Friends #313GSSJOYRIDE (10 - 19th June)!

A little regret to wear skirt for work yesterday, because I was so tempted to lie on the bench to take a same height selfie with Sally. Sally is tooooo small that she is only up to the height of my small legs, while Brown cam reach my thight, Cony can reached my waist, and Moon can reach my chest! Why why why can't Sally reach my knees?? :((( #supersad
Ok, I admit I am too short lah.. But right, you can estimate the size of these 3D statues right?!

Free LINE Stickers for Download!

313@Somerset is launching a set 8 Carrie & Belle #BFFNoMatterWhat LINE Stickers Vol.2 from 7th June. This will be the first set of non-LINE characters launched in Singapore, available FREE and is animated!

Win 313@Somerset Shopping Vouchers!

Stand a chance to be one of the 10 luck winners to walk away with $100 313@Somerset shopping vouchers this GSS! Hey, GSS leh! Once in a year to revamp your wardrobe with least money but most worth clothing! Imagine how many clothes and shoes or bags you can buy with $100 during GSS?! Girls are forever short of clothes. I swear 100% can definitely say that I don't know what I should wear for work or lessons daily even though I am staring at 3 luggage bags of clothes in front of me when I say that. #meh #dontjudge #girlslife

Anyway, I drifted too far from this topic liao. In order to qualify for the lucky draw, join 313's "No Surcharge - Post and Win!" contest:

  1. Snap and share your joy ride moments using hashtag #313BFF on your instagram post
  2. Add friend and follow LINE: @313Somerset
  3. Answer trivia quiz on 313@Somerset LINE official account
  4. Contest ends on 3rd July 2016. Good luck!

Bound-for-Happy Moments LINE Mascots Appearance!

If the 3-dimension statues are not posing your desired poses or can't satisfied your desire to hug them (too small? too hard? omg, sounds so wrong here~), you should ask human size mascots of Brown and Cony to pose it for you / hug and squeeze them until you are satisfied! (Don't say I say one ah... Mascot very hot inside one, I tried before HAHA). Anyway, these cutepies will be available on the following dates and timings:
10 & 17 June (Fri): 5pm & 7pm
11 & 12, 18 & 19 June (Sat, Sun): 4pm & 7pm

Peak Hour Alert!

If you want to meet handsome Aloysius Pang and pretty Xu Bin, you can drop by on this Saturday 11th June, 4pm to enjoy your afternoon by playing games and winning prize with them!

Joyful Rewards (3rd June - 3rd July)

Spend $150 at 313 and redeem a $10 313 shopping voucher! CLUB313 members can receive guaranteed redemption too! Sounds like a great deal. One tip from me -- remember to break your receipt into a few $150 so that you can claim a few $10! #giamsiapgirlhere

CITI Exclusive: Charge & Redeem (3rd June - 14th Aug)

Receive $20 313 vouchers with minimum $200 spend with Citi card at any shop in 313. (T&C applied, see-attachment). Which is not very difficult if you bring your ah gong, ah mah, aunties, uncles, nieces and nephews to shop during this GSS! Win-win situation leh!

Just Rock this GSS with Mayday (3rd June - 3rd July)

If you are a fan of Mayday or simply wan to win FREE PAIR VIP concert tickets to Mayday "Just Rock It" 2016 Live in Singapore in 313 weekly and grand lucky draws. Simply spend $80 and be one of the 6 lucky fans to walk away with over $4,300 worth of merchandise and 313 vouchers. (T&C applied, see-attachment) 

See Me Enjoying the photogenic "Tourist Spots" below! 

#kissLINEfriendsat313 #myowncreationdontneedtohashtagthis

What are you waiting for?! Hop on a joy ride with Singapore local transport, feel like a patriotic Singaporean and snap some great pictures away with your phone and camera!

Note5 not bad leh!!! I didn't edit the photos below AT ALL OMG!!!! (plainly lazy but compare to previous Note2 is like WTH WHY SO DIFF?!)

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  1. eeee too bad I only read about this now. I would so love to go. Not a Line user as well, but love the characters!


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